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A little about me

I spent over 15 years working in my private practice as a specialist eating disorder therapist and with the causes, that were complex. This became the foundation and inspiration for my work as a life, stress, trauma coach and advisor.

I’m also the co-founder of the mind, body, technology consultancy, Fusion Spaces.

I'm a lover of life, animals and delving into our basic human needs and have an entrepreneurial spirit that I share with my husband and business partner, Michael.

My personal trauma 'history’ has gifted me with compassion, resilience, passion and deep understanding for how we can improve human welfare.

I am here to support you using science based knowledge, neuroscience and intuitive  and 'holistic' understanding. 

All about you

Our coaching relationship and your journey is all about you, and it's important to have a complimentary chat to see if we gel and I 'feel' like the right coach to work with you.

My clients are often:* Working in a health or human focussed position

*Creative and full of ideas!

*Introverted or sensitive

* Giving to others and not themselves

Personal growth, development and healing has often been associated with a 'no pain, no gain approach' and this is something I don't agree with.

I believe and regularly see personal development, healing and growth happen from a place of comfort, self-compassion and understanding.

My philosophy is simple:

Why would we want to invest in change if we believe change hurts more?

Your client journey

Each of my clients has a unique story to tell and I offer a safe and confidential space for you to be heard.

My clients are varied and generally have one thing in common, they are ready to move forward in their life. This might be involve things like their career, starting their dream business, or working towards feeling well and discovering inner resilience after challenging times in life.  

Some of my clients share that they are deeply sensitive, perhaps introverted, yet imaginative and often feel that they are the creative ‘misfit’ who’s spent much of their life feeling overwhelmed, stressed and anxious.

If you feel ready to take your next steps, I look forward to working with you.

Before we begin, we will discuss your needs and plan how we work together so that we can achieve the best results for you. 


In simple terms, I hold space for my clients and their personal 'human' life stories are at the very heart of my coaching practice.

As your coach, everything I do comes from a deep respect, and understanding of our complex human condition, and how your story has shaped your life.

For this reason, it’s important for you to know that I’m trauma informed.

If you are at a crossroads and thinking there’s more to life, you are right.

Personal development, innovative self care practices and sharing years of my life lessons are central to what I do, and I offer specialised coaching pathways and life tools to support you

These include:

  •  The SSP sound therapy programmes and coaching using skills/tools and  technology to reset and reduce stress, anxiety, and overwhelming sensitivities. The SSP is also a foundation for life, improving the way we communicate, feel and learn.
  • Free Range coaching, helping you transform an unhealthy relationship with technology, social media, addictive and dependant behaviours and distractions, reconnecting to what truly matters
  • Compassionate and results driven personal development coaching

Clients don't often appreciate their natural gifts and underestimate themselves and their abilities, so I simply help to provide the capes for superheroes.

Safe and Sound Coaching

An innovative scientific music/sound therapy working in tune with the human nervous system. The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) is also integral to my own wellbeing.

The SSP is a non-invasive application of polyvagal theory, the science of safety, based on decades of research and developed by Dr Stephen Porges. Please take the time to watch the videos I've attached to my profile to understand the theory.

The SSP innovative intervention is quite remarkable and acts like a human reset button for the body and mind. Over the course of the programme, the scientifically filtered music and training help to calm the autonomic/automatic nervous system.

The mind and body are inextricably linked and the SSP works from the bottom up, passively, allowing you to sit back and experience positive physical and mental changes.

Why choose SSP with me?

I have a unique approach to supporting your mental/physical wellness, personal growth and development and I understand the need to feel safe and calm in these uncertain times.

As one of the first practitioners in the UK, I personally experienced the benefits of the SSP. I now share this with you.

The benefits of the SSP are many and include:

  • Increased wellbeing and resilience
  • Feeling safer, calmer and more grounded
  • Feeling less irritable, anxious, and overwhelmed
  • Increased sense of focus, motivation and creativity
  • Feeling more open to change
  • Increased sense of social connection
  • More ‘connected’ and less guarded and distant
  • A foundation for an improved experience, including learning and therapy
  • Discover a springboard to change, including the foundation for healing from addictive behaviours

Discover more

It's important to book our complimentary discovery call to see if we are a good fit and discuss how we can take coaching sessions forward or discuss coaching packages and the SSP pathways.

It’s always such a privilege to be able to work with amazing humans.

I’ve limited availability to work with you from Jan 2022. If you’d like to discover more, let’s talk soon. You can email, text or call me.

Jayne 😊

PS:  From January 2022 our sessions will support indigenous tree planting in the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲

Training, qualifications & experience

I continue my training and professional development, researching the very latest innovations and effective approaches to personal development and anxiety/stress and trauma management. Discovering interesting and creative 'tools' to add to my tool kit and share with you.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy ( ACT) 2021

Unyte-iLs - Remote deliver of SSP Connect, SSP Core, SSP Balance Pathways - 2020

Unyte-iLs - Dr Stephen Porges SSP - When discomfort arises - Using SSP with adolescents and adults with a trauma background - Jan 2020

Unyte-iLS -Dr Stephen Porges Qualifued Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) Practitioner- Sept 2019

Digital wellbeing - University of York Feb 2019

Human Givens - Understanding and Managing Anxiety Oct 2016 - April 2017

MISMAuk (member of the international stress management association) October 2015

PODS Training Day. Trauma, Dissociation and Recovery June 2015 (6CPD Hrs)

Qualified Stress Management Consultant Alice Muir Training (ISMA Accredited) Feb-Sept 2014

Delivering 1 day workshops as a volunteer ‘creating emotional comfort’ for patients and carers as part of the 12 week palliative care course at Cynthia Spencer Hospice, Northants. From 2010-2014

Certified ABH Hypnotherapist - Live it Ventures May 2010

Part 1 'Understanding your Eating', a programme for emotional eaters, developed by Professor Julia Buckroyd. 2009

Qualified Life Coach with Achievement Specialists, LCHDip- March 2007

EPB How to manage anger and conflict with Barry Winbolt 2004

EPB (CPD) How to develop assertiveness and self - confidence with Heather Adlam March 2003

SDS seminar - How to build clients self esteem with Paul Grantham 2002

Eating Disorder Therapy - private practice (also provision of therapy within the NHS) 2000-2014

Achieved CTI Counselling Training programme (5 credits at level 3) 1998

CTI/OCN Foundation certificate in counselling stage 2 Pembrokeshire

Certificate in counselling skills stage 1 Pembrokeshire College 1996

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From £95.00 to £110.00
Free initial telephone or online session

Additional information

Please contact me for details of fee structures for the SSP pathways.

Coaching packages available upon request.

I offer a complimentary call to discuss coaching and the SSP.

I am a qualified Practitioner of Dr Stephen Porges Safe and Sound Protocol pathways and deliver this remotely, via zoom, subject to an assessment. Please contact me for more information and please click on my SSP video links.

Complex trauma history requires adequate professional support to be in place to undertake the SSP and the pathways can act as a foundation for ongoing therapies.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

I will be taking on a limited number of new clients in January 2022. Please contact me to discuss your situation and how I can support you. 

Further information

Member of ISMA (MISMAuk)

Fully Insured through Towergate

Your confidentiality is respected at all times.

Sessions last for an hour or 90 minutes by Zoom (other VC platforms) with phone sometimes suitable.

I offer a 20 minute complimentary discovery call.

I provide post session takeaways and manageable homework activities.

Email/Text support is available to all clients on working weekdays.

Walking and outdoor sessions are sometimes possible, harnessing the power of nature.

Please contact me for further details and to discuss your individual needs.

A selection of Testimonials


If you're at all in two minds whether this is for you I implore you to take the chance & go for it.

I think the beauty of this protocol is its simplicity, but I also understand thinking that it might be too simple & that it might be too left-field to do a thing because it's exactly what I thought before giving it ago, but you know what? It's changed my life and noticeable differences were instant.

The feeling I've been carrying for some years now, a constant nervous anxious hyper-alert state from the minute I woke up that came with me through every minute of every day dissipated as the week went on. The time & space I gave to the process made me know that fundamentally I was safe & secure.

I feel like I don't have to worry about whether I can face the day, I can roll better with whatever the day holds and I feel like time isn't waiting on me. I feel I am lead by my emotions not overwhelmed by them anymore. Rachael Nov 2019 ( I am happy to speak to prospective clients about it too!)


I found the whole process of doing the SSP easy and felt very well supported by you throughout. The hardest part was actually being open-minded enough to give it a try, even though I knew the science made sense.

I don’t really know what I was expecting to change as a result of doing the SSP but I have noticed many positive effects. I feel calmer now in a way that’s hard to describe and seem able to think more clearly. I have noticed that my thoughts aren’t so negative and I feel less tired.

I feel it’s been hugely valuable in my ongoing work of taking care of mental health and managing my responses to triggers and stress. Charlotte Nov 2019


In all honesty, I was a little sceptical about the SSP but willing to complete the programme and see what happened.

The trickiest part on days one and two was doing nothing and noticing how strange the filtered music sounded. Being so quiet is certainly odd but by day 3 I was keen to complete the challenge.

Whilst I didn’t notice an instant calmness, over the course of the following weeks since its completion I found I could focus more and remain calm in challenging situations.

In short, it’s easier to not sweat the small stuff now, so the benefits are positively affecting me directly, my relationships and my business. Michael Oct 2019

"Creeping up behind me was a wave that would overwhelm my state of mind, I knew I would lose control over my own life - an eating disorder was one manifestation - and depression would follow. With Jayne's help, I have learned what it was - the underlying problem. For me it was largely loneliness, starting from the distance from family and from being largely alone when raising young children. The patterns remained – many self-perpetuated - and I didn't realise how much it was hurting me. It was truly wonderful talking to Jayne whom I found to be a gifted, mature and very experienced guide out of the wilderness. I feel blessed our paths met. Clarity has been so empowering for me and I am now in control and every day I feel stronger. And when life happens, and storms brew, I know what to do to protect myself." KR

"I wanted to say a massive thank you for everything you did and have helped me to achieve. Through your help and support, I have managed things I would never have dreamt of doing and my life is totally different and I am so much happier! The main reason for my email was to tell you the girl who was too scared to ever go for a coffee on her own is going travelling on her own, halfway around the world!!!!! I would be lying if I said I was not scared, I am terrified and excited but also so proud of myself and feel I owe so much to you and the amazing work you do.

"Thank you again for everything Jayne words cannot express how grateful I am to you.  You have enabled me to turn my life around!!!" R

"I honestly don't believe I'd be here if it weren't for you! 'Thank you' is not nearly enough" KN

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work that you did with Susan. She is now so much more confident and able to cope with so much more than she did a year to 18 months ago. I wish you all the best with the work that you're doing with everyone else. There are many professionals out there who could benefit a lot from listening to you. I wish you success and happiness and again, thank you so very much." P B

"Your help, kindness and support has been vital in helping me begin the road to a brighter future. The advice and life coaching has given me the tools and confidence to explore difficult issues and made me look to the future rather than live in a past of regrets. Thank you." C.S

"Jayne naturally made me feel comfortable, enabling me to successfully remove barriers that were holding me back. She is very professional and offers that extra special element of holistic support that I have not found elsewhere. I highly recommend Jayne as a coach to you. Thank you Jayne. :-)" K.C.

"You have been a tower of strength to me on many occasions and keep me going on my way to recovery" B

"Just wanted to thank you for the Coaching that you have given me over the past six months. I've come a long way, with your motivation and strategies!" A P

I just wanted to let you know what a difference coaching has made to my life and to my career. I’ll be back to explore my next steps. Thank You. JP

I’m not sure where I’d be if I hadn’t asked for your professional coaching. It’s empowering to not surrender yourself to someone but to be part of the process of change. I now know how capable I am, I have my own mind fit kit and I am using it. My new business is about to launch, thank you! EW

You were there when I felt so very lost. You patiently helped me see my possibilities. If anyone wanted to make a small or large life change, I’d suggest they speak to you first. JS

Jayne brought clarity and focus back to my life and I enjoyed working with her in a very peaceful environment; she is very perceptive and calming and very creative. My time spent with Jayne gave me the chance to stop and think about my values and what is important to me, what really matters and to make a positive change to my life. PJ

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