Setting New Year intentions

Intentions are simply aims and plans underpinned by purpose and drive. Setting intentions for the coming year works best when you understand a bit about how you tick and when you take some much needed breathing space and time to explore how you have been successful in the past.

This period of reflection can help you to put the foundations in place to help you to achieve the desired outcome more easily. It’s your tried and tested, sure-fire way to know that it can work.

So if you want to skip resolutions this year and go about things in a slightly different way here’s my step-by-step guide.

Step 1

Preparation is really important. Consider your what and the why of your intentions. I’d highly recommend saying these out loud and recording them and or writing them down. Using colour and imagery really helps, as our minds love creativity.

Step 2

Categorise your intentions. At this point be careful of setting too many because the more difficult and challenging you make these, the less likely you are to succeed. Work on one at a time until you have made it stick.

Here's an example:

A. Career/business

What: Get to know new people in creative ways – alternative to networking.
Why: I want to get to know new people creatively for me and my business.

B. Relationship 

What: Make time to listen each day.
Why: I feel as if I'm always too busy to really hear him/her.

C. Personal

What: Increase my step count – working up to 10,000 per day.
Why: It's a simple way to increase fitness and help my mood.

Step 3

Being over ambitious with your intentions is another stumbling block, so keep it steady and focussed.

Whatever you want to achieve, make it bite sized and be patient. Change happens over nights not over night. It will take time and each day is a step closer to achieving your intention and making it stick.

Step 4

Set a time-frame and be realistic. Finding the the right professional coach can help you pave the way to your own success and or have a buddy by your side. Remember two heads are better than one.  

Enjoy your holidays and make 2016 the year you did it differently and enjoy the sweet smell of success. 

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Morpeth, Northumberland, NE65
Written by Jayne Cox, Trauma and Neurodivergent Sensitive Coaching LCHDip MISMAuk
Morpeth, Northumberland, NE65

Jayne Cox is a Professional Coach & Stress Management Consultant. Her specialist areas include Stress & Abuse/Trauma recovery, Confidence Coaching & CPD for Entrepreneurs. She wants her clients to feel truly fulfilled. A great believer in looking after mental fitness she created MindFit. Energetic and compassionate she achieves great results.

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