Unlocking creativity, naturally

Our creativity, once so honest and readily available, often wanes as we grow up.

The once innocent wonder at the world also seems to slip from view, as adulthood pushes us to burden ourselves with heavy responsibilities, man up and take things seriously.

Whilst it is easier said than done to simply escape the pressures of being an adult and side step responsibilities. It’s absolutely possible to unlock the more adventurous and creative you. In fact, I believe it’s very much a key part of ongoing personal development.

Whatever it is you are wanting for your life, from career development to growing a business and pretty much everything in between, creativity is central.

To begin the work of unlocking, releasing and unleashing, picture a care free child. They are perhaps just going with free flowing instinct, being playful and having fun without a care, not giving a damn (comfortably) about what others think and making a mistake and thinking it’s ok!

Your creativity has been pushed into tight shoes, strangled with a suit and tie and contained, even imprisoned through conditioning and education systems that force growing and developing children to comply and conform. On that note google Sir Ken Robinson, you’ll not be disappointed!

Creativity can be found when you break some of your own rules, or the rules that you’ve followed, just because.

It’s in nature, the sound of a record (vinyl, with it’s sleeve, tactility, sense of ceremony and associated memories), it’s away from the seriousness of the adult world and lies within you.

Your creativity doesn’t disappear with age, it lies dormant, waiting for the day.

Today could be the day, who or what is stopping you?

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Lavendon, Bucks, MK46
Written by Jayne Cox, LCHDip MISMAuk
Lavendon, Bucks, MK46

Jayne burns with a fire to help her clients be who they were meant to be. Doing what they were meant to do, if conditioning and limiting beliefs hadn't got in their way. She believes in encouraging difference, uniqueness and doesn't believe she or you should be contained. To her personal development is that, personal. Not one size fits all..

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