Why choose Life Coach Directory?

Verified Professional BadgeWhen working with a coach, we understand the importance of knowing the person you're working with is trained and able to support you. This is why we have an approvals policy in place that must be met by every coach before we list their service.

We stamp our Life Coach Directory policy badge on the profile pages of all coaches who meet our professional criteria for membership.

What do we verify?

For a coach to be listed on our directory, they must provide us with proof of the following:

Individual profiles

  • A relevant qualification AND insurance cover; or
  • Proof of registration with a professional body.

Organisation profiles

  • A relevant qualification AND insurance cover from at least one member of the organisation; or
  • Proof of registration with a professional body from at least one member of the organisation or the organisation itself.

Are coaches regulated?

There are no laws in the UK currently that stipulate the level of training required to practice as a coach. With this in mind, we have created our verification process to provide you with the assurance that any coach you contact on our site has had relevant training.

We encourage coaches to share more about their training and experience on their profile to help you make a more informed decision about the coach you work with.

Content on coach's profiles

All content found on a coach's profile is supplied by the coach. For this reason, Life Coach Directory cannot take responsibility for content written on members' profiles, although we always check content before initial publication.

Professional bodies

While, legally, coaching is an unregulated profession, there are a number of professional bodies that look to self-regulate. This means that those registered with a professional body has met their criteria in terms of qualifications, have pledged to abide by the organisation's code of ethics/conduct and are accountable to their complaints procedure.

Coaches do not have to register with a professional body to practice, but it can be reassuring to know your coach has these assurances. Learn more about coaching professional bodies.

Questions to ask when searching for a coach

Our proof policy should give you peace of mind when searching for a coach, but we do recommend asking further questions.

Coaches are responsible for warning us of any changes to their qualifications, professional body memberships or insurance cover. As a client, it is important to check the credentials of a coach before agreeing to work with them.

Before you book your appointment, you may ask to see:

  • evidence of qualifications
  • registration details with a recognised professional body
  • evidence of insurance cover

Remember that professional body membership and insurance cover usually expire after a year so it is important to ensure all of the details on a coach's profile are up-to-date. 

As a client, we also ask that you accept full responsibility for correspondence between you and any coach you contact through our site. Life Coach Directory shall in no event be liable to you or to anyone for any decision made or action taken by you on the reliance of information provided on Life Coach Directory.

Life Coach Directory intentions

Whilst we use all reasonable endeavours to ensure our policy is adhered to, Life Coach Directory is not intended as a website for verifying the qualifications, abilities, credentials or professionalism of any coaches listed and is not responsible for any member listed in the directory. Although we see a relevant qualification for those not registered with a professional body, an approved listing does not mean that Life Coach Directory endorses or accredits that qualification.

Life Coach Directory does not warrant or represent that the directory or any part thereof is accurate or complete. Life Coach Directory disclaims all warranties, either express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose. Please read our terms and conditions for more information.

We list basic listings for some organisations for informational purposes. We do not monitor basic listings and they will not have the Life Coach Directory policy badge.

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All coaches are verified professionals

All coaches are verified professionals