Making midlife unmissable!

Something seems to happen as we hit or approach 40. I know it did for me and many women email me and say they’ve reached 40 and they find themselves asking far more why and what if questions.

The over 40s period of life is a perfect time to begin to formalise self and personal development. Children are leaving home, there may be a little more time to spare OR you realise that you have those very same unanswered questions and really do want some answers.

You may start to crave knowledge without the pressures you had as a teen. You might simply want to meet yourself over 40, because you’re not quite sure who you are now and you’d like to like YOU.

Imagine increasing confidence at a time when many women feel they are losing it.

Personal development opportunities are available online and offline. You can do it one to one or in groups. Face to face with experienced coaches or using technology that crosses the world. I don’t think there has ever been a better time to be a midlife woman.

Just imagine that you are going on a trip of say, 100 miles. You travel the route directly and take no time to notice the scenery or explore the area. You don’t stop and just keep on going. You can probably imagine that although fast and direct you’ll have missed something along the way.

Now imagine taking the journey and stopping to take in your surroundings and explore the areas you travel through. Imagine taking the time to notice and how that might change your knowledge of the area?

Personal development is to some extent happening to us daily. Things are happening in ours lives that shape us. When we choose personal development routes we are adding value to ourselves and to our lives.

When we take these steps, we’re no longer leaving the learning and experiences of life to chance. We are taking back the control and that can feel so good.

What will you choose to do, to develop yourself?

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Lavendon, Bucks, MK46
Written by Jayne Cox, LCHDip MISMAuk
Lavendon, Bucks, MK46

Hello, I'm Jayne and I really appreciate you considering me as your coach and taking the time to read more about me and the work that I'm passionate about. I'm a lover of life, nature, animals and passionately believe that we all deserve to be given a voice, to be heard and treated with respect. "We...

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