Picture your problems

The popularity of mindfulness practice means that we are becoming far more aware of hovering above and beyond life’s difficulties. Mindfulness can give greater perspective and a sense that we’re not in the problem but we are aware of it, noticing what is happening with interest.

If you are finding yourself repeatedly caught up in worries and stressful thoughts, this is a mindful practice that’s creative and easy to add to your mind fit toolkit. Your personal tool kit that considers your mind and keeping it fit and well, as you would your body.

You will need:

  • a large sheet of paper (art paper is thick and absorbent)
  • a selection of Sharpies or similar colouring pens
  • your mind.

That’s it, this is your portable problem solving and stress relieving kit.

Problems, worries and ruminating thoughts are stuck. These thoughts are playing on a loop, over and over again. They have nowhere to go.  

We want to be able to give them space to be seen and considered. We're not needing to dwell, which is what tends to happen when they are left in the mind.

Imagine this. You remember something that’s really important, it’s going over and over in your mind. You’ll probably find yourself reaching for your technology or pen and paper to make a note. Once the note has been made you can relax in the knowledge it’s been placed somewhere and no longer needs so much of your attention. It feels as if you’ve created space in your mind, as you let go.


  • Draw a line down the middle of the large sheet of paper.
  • On one side write problems and the other solutions.
  • Release the things that are on your mind so you are looking at them now, in colour, on your paper.
  • Explore one problem at a time and notice the problems that have a solution involving just you. Then problems that require the help of other people. Finally look at any problems that at present are not in your control.

You’ll often find at this point you’ll feel more in control, less anxious and aware that there is less to be worried about than you first thought.

So picture your problems and use creativity to bring a sense of calm to day to day living, at home or work.

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Morpeth, Northumberland, NE65
Written by Jayne Cox, Neurodivergent Sensitive & Trauma Informed Coaching LCH Dip
Morpeth, Northumberland, NE65

Jayne is a Professional Coach & Stress Management Consultant. Specialist areas include Coaching for Women, Midlife Coaching, Coaching for Entrepreneurs & Stress Management. She loves the opportunity to help unlock potential. A great believer in looking after mental fitness she created MindFit. Energetic & compassionate she achieves great results.

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