The energised entrepreneur

Entrepreneurial people require stamina, resilience and the ability to bounce back after difficult periods with their personal or professional lives. They need to be flexible and agile because fundamentally they are business athletes and a coaching relationship can be a valuable business asset.

What kind of coach is good for you?

Consider the skills and the story you’d like your coach to have.

When I say story, I mean the life and experience of your coach can make all the difference. A coach experienced solely within a corporate setting may be on your radar but what about the coach who's experience of corporate life is solely through the eyes of his or her clients. They've seen the problems, the trials and challenges from afar and with a varied client base, could this bring a fresh perspective?

It's great to be open to your options.

Explore what you already have and you'll notice the gaps. For example do you have any strategies to manage stress or do you just accept you're stressed because that's how it is?

Make a note of the qualities you want your coach to have. This might be things like shared values and interests. You may like a very enquiring mind that will think about you between sessions and make contact with you to pass on ideas, blogs and articles they believe will inspire or support you. 

Energising an entrepreneur requires an energetic coach, speak to your coach before you meet and gain an insight, use your gut and ask questions. How does this person make you feel, does the conversation feel well paced and excite you?

Investing in yourself is something that may be the last thing on your list when you are busy rising to the challenges of life and business. Without you the business doesn't function, it's as simple as that. You are the energy and the driving force behind it. You are the visionary and the creator.

Energise and develop yourself, increasing your physical and mental stamina and you'll be able to get on with doing what you love. Driving your business or businesses forward. 

Enjoy choosing your coach, see them as a business asset and notice how good it feels to have this unconditional support and motivation as part of your business team.


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Morpeth, Northumberland, NE65
Written by Jayne Cox, Trauma and Neurodivergent Sensitive Coaching LCHDip MISMAuk
Morpeth, Northumberland, NE65

Jayne is a Professional Coach & Stress Management Consultant. Specialist areas include Coaching for Women, Midlife Coaching, Coaching for Entrepreneurs & Stress Management. She loves the opportunity to help unlock potential. A great believer in looking after mental fitness she created MindFit. Energetic & compassionate she achieves great results.

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