Being busy is wasting your time

A common problem today is being busy for the sake of being busy. I’ve previously written about the badge of honour that seems to have become attached to our need to be busier than ever but this trend needs addressing as it’s simply unsustainable.

The culture of being busy seems to have sprung up and taken hold for several reasons, including:

  • Being busy is associated with hard work, reliability and leadership.
  • It’s an avoidance habit.
  • Saying no isn’t easy.
  • Poor or no boundaries.

So being too busy is wasting your time. It’s ineffective and it’s stress-inducing. It’s robbing you of quality time at work and at home. It’s actually getting in the way of work-life balance, as leisure and fun activities get shelved. With your personal well-being and development put on standby until you find time.

The truth is that most people feel like this at some point in their lives and it’s really important to accept it. The secret to accepting this is to stop and just take a moment.

It’s going to be down to you to manage everyone’s expectations from now on, it’s going to begin with you accepting that the new and improved you doesn’t do too busy, has boundaries and understands that no is OK. Even finding creative ways of saying no without saying no!

Imagine a balanced life, living and working more efficiently and in balance.

If being too busy sounds just like you, personal coaching can be a brilliant way of overcoming this once and for all. Just the commitment to book and show up, face to face or on the call, encourages you to address the too busy habit.

A good coach will work on this from day one. It’s like breaking any habit, you do well if you understand what it is you do, why you do it and how to change it. You need to have a compassionate listening ear and some solid conversations that help to bring about positive change.

Ask yourself a question right now, “am I too busy?”  Be honest and don't make excuses, it's OK, you're not alone. 

Being too busy is holding you back and you can change that. Remember, time is not found and we only have 24 hours each day, so lets use it wisely. 

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Lavendon, Bucks, MK46
Written by Jayne Cox, LCHDip MISMAuk
Lavendon, Bucks, MK46

Jayne is a professional human centred coach, well-being and stress management consultant. She loves the opportunity to help unlock potential. Whatever your goal, stress reduction, personal development, increasing confidence, she's a great believer in mind fitness practice. Energetic, compassionate and creative, she helps you achieves great results.

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