The value of coaching

Contacting a coach to help make a life change or to motivate us to take steps towards specific goals can be a life changing decision. It does involve both a financial and time commitment but there really is so much to gain.

I think understanding the coaching relationship and its value is essential before booking that first appointment. Here I explain my reasons why.

From an initial enquiry to the first appointment being booked, both the client and the coach go through their own personal process. I know that I hope to manage my future clients expectations and give them an insight into a session and what to expect. We might arrange a complimentary call to see how we can work together. The enquirer will ask about time commitments perhaps and costs or what to expect.

This process is to determine that we’re both feeling good about taking the next steps. The client feeling confident of their choice of coach and the coach being sure that they can work together and that they have the skills and experience to help the potential client. Everyone wants a great outcome!

At this point the value of coaching being understood can really change the outcome.

Here’s my pre-session do list:

Do use that initial gut instinct and check out several coaches before you take the next steps.

Do ask your coach questions. There’s no need to be afraid to ask about experience, qualifications, track record or years in practice.

Do feel comfortable with the amount of money you are spending. Professional and experienced coaches aren’t cheap but they aim to get results. If you enter into coaching feeling you want to rush the steps or reduce the quantity of sessions that are recommended you often find that the desired outcome simply can’t be achieved.

Do think about any specialist areas that you need help with. Does the coach have the right and relevant experience?

Do consider a coach you can Skype with or call. A great coach might be too far to travel to but technology allows us to work worldwide!

Do understand a coach wants to build a very good relationship with you. I call this being my client’s cheerleader. Your coach is on your side, they think about you in between sessions and many will give you more access beyond a booked session to explore issues, seek advice or just to share your highs and lows. I know I often think of clients, do research on their behalf and have ideas that I note for the next time we meet.

Do want to be coached and supported. Seeing your coaching experience as something that makes sense to your future success, recovery and your whole life.

So working with the right coach can help you achieve so much. I hope you have a wonderful coaching experience and find out just how high you can fly!

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Morpeth, Northumberland, NE65
Written by Jayne Cox, Neuro-Somatic Coaching LCHDip MISMAuk
Morpeth, Northumberland, NE65

I specialise in providing therapeutic coaching for adults and young people and women who identify as neurodivergent, and this includes: ADHD HSP's (Highly Sensitive People) Dysregulation of the Nervous System  Stress and Anxiety Adults who have experienced trauma Living with a diagnosis of cP...

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