About me

Where are you in your career or life right now? Do you dream for things to be different? Better for you? What do you feel? Or do feelings make you run? Do you want to be more creative, motivated or better interact with others? Could some simple steps to instil better habits help?

As an experienced professional coach, using tools that may include my trademarked (AGT) PRIME process and proven motivating techniques such as visualisation and mindfulness, I help you to find greater success in your career coupled with resilience and happiness; sessions take place via Zoom or Phone with face to face meetings resuming July 2021. I know it is not easy to find time when you have a busy life and so I offer weekend and evening sessions too -  6 days a week.

The current coronavirus pandemic has affected us to the extent that nearly 80% of working adults have reported stress to the point of overwhelm, hindering progress and happiness. Your career and personal life may seem fine but several years of coaching shows me that you undoubtedly have more to offer, to uncover and to be.

I am working with people who are stressed, worried, seek change and want more from their career and life; and they want to take action now. It is so important to ensure you look after yourself during this period. I know how easy it is to put other things, or other people, ahead of yourself but the research tells us that if you look after yourself you will be more effective and happier - for you, your loved ones and your work.

Coaching can take place over zoom or phone - I have been helping clients over such platforms for many years but appreciate that you may not have had as much exposure to Zoom as I have. Therefore,  if you mention LCD when you make contact, we can have a 15 minutes free call or zoom session to discover if coaching with me is right for you and then your first 55 minute session is currently half price (Until July 9th 2021).

Where could coaching take you?

Stress and anxiety are on the rise and, without knowing it, it an impact relationships, clarity, decision making, mood, performance and health. I support people just like you in all of these areas. Work and/or family life have to continue; you’re still adjusting to a new normal and we don’t yet know how life will look in 6 months time or beyond.

It's important to stay in control where you can; to manage any stress, anxiety or other emotions that are heightened. It is also important to have hope, and to have dreams for the future – career goals, leadership objectives, health goals, ambitions of all kinds. The value of wellbeing through this period cannot be underestimated. To accomplish what you want, take care of you.

This is where I can support you - actively facilitating your progress to accomplish what really matters to you. I’ll support you in getting there as swiftly as is appropriate and, as coaching research shows, people progress quicker with coaching than without. You can look at these testimonials to learn more. https://www.anitagohilthorp.com/testimonials

If you want to talk to me right now, message me at anita@anitagohilthorp.com but below you'll find more about what I do and who I am.

Training, qualifications & experience

Understanding why you do what you do is essential for everyone, including myself. I came to finally accept what I wanted to accomplish and fulfil as a career about 10 years ago when I embarked on my first coaching Diploma. I’ve never looked back. This led me to ongoing research and professional development and, as I have collated a wealth of information, knowledge, tools and techniques including the trademarked methodology (AGT) PRIME, I want you to leave coaching with tools that you can apply beyond our coaching sessions. This is one of my biggest aims for you – that you have your own tool-kit to take away as support for your development. Once I share them with you, you have them – for life.

My purpose, the thing that gets me excited every day, is to help people; to help them to build resilience, to thrive towards their aspirations, to unblock all that is holding them back and thereby expose the very best of themselves in their life and at work. It is powerful to accomplish what really matters to you and that is where coaching is magical.

I help people to be who or what they really want to be. This can include helping them to discover new ways of thinking that open up the doors to attaining their goals. This translates into greater self motivation, esteem, action, direction and happiness. The knock on effects of this are tremendous – they include better focus, decision making that matters, more creativity and greater sense of happiness, to name a few.

I'll help you to get to where you want to be. If you want a change but do not necessarily recognise what specific change "it" is, it doesn’t matter – you will discover that in each and every session with clarity through coaching.

My training also includes mentor coaching - this means that I mentor other aspiring and professional coaches in our skills. If you are in this group, and would like mentoring, please get in touch.

If you'd like to discuss the magic of coaching for you, there's no pressure, just email me at anita@anitagohilthorp.com

Here’s what some clients have shared:

"I honestly could not have imagined that I could come out of a 60 minute session with such a greater understanding of my objectives and how to obtain them in a simple way."

“I’m growing and learning and changing as we speak.”

“I am exceptionally grateful for your continued support…thank you so much.”

"Thank you so much. You played a huge part in my success. I am really grateful to have had you as my coach. Thank you again."

"Anita's support has really helped me get my life back on track. I was struggling for over 2 years and had tried so much on my own but was getting nowhere. It was with her objectivity, the ability to challenge me and offer tools that really helped me change my life for the better. Thank you Anita I will always be grateful for your support!"

Contact me now for your free coaching experiences. anita@anitagohilthorp.com

As a professionally accredited coach, an ex-lawyer and your full time cheerleader, it's my job to give you the tools and insights - bespoke to you - to get you operating at your optimum. I look forward to working with you.

Please do contact me on 07961 111 255 or at anita@anitagohilthorp.com

Other areas of coaching I deal with

Resilience, transformational mind-set development and sustained motivation are key areas brought to coaching by clients albeit in varying styles.

To gain a deeper understanding of topics that have arisen with coaching clients, individuals and businesses can see these below (alphabetical order)

I look forward to supporting you.

·         BAME & the workplace– starting work, careers, leadership

·         Business development and networking coaching

·         Career development including executive CV review and interview                          preparation

·         Career Review

·         Client relationship/partnership development

·         Communication Skills

·         Confidence

·         Conflict management

·         Employability skills

·         Impactful presentation

·         Leadership skills

·         Motivation, not Procrastination

·         Obstacle and conflict management

·         Optimising peak performance

·         Resilience

·         Return to work

·         Staff retention

·         Stress management

·         Time management

·         Women & the workplace – starting work, changing careers, leadership,                  entrepreneurs

·         Work/life balances

(non-exhaustive list)

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Additional information

Let's start with your free 20 minute telephone consultation. This will determine if coaching with me is right for you - if it is, then we'll discuss the process further.

Up until May 31st 2020 at least, your first 60 minute session is also free. This will enable you to get even greater value from coaching and decide if the investment is right for you.

Individuals: please contact me at anita@anitagohilthorp.com to discuss whether  pay as you go individual sessions or one of  my packages is right for you. Bespoke coaching start at £120 per session starting at just £1100 for your 10 session Kick-start programme (10 x 60 minute sessions, 11th review session complimentary after one - three further months, reasonable telephone, text or email contact between sessions). Prefer pay as you go or fewer sessions? That's fine too although the real value is in the Kick-start programme.

Please note that, up until May 31st 2020, if you wish to invest in coaching but want to discuss the commitment, flexible options are available. Please contact me to discuss.


Business Clients: please contact me to discuss your requirements, and rates, for coaching, training or mentoring for leaders or employees.

Mindfulness: My in-depth and personalised 4 week programme for individuals (1:1) and organisations starts at just £147 and includes a take home workbook, meditations, audio recordings and reasonable contact between sessions. What do people say? Clients love the privacy to really be themselves and ask questions freely.

Radio/Media: please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Schools/Universities: As a governor, and parent, passionate abut the education sector, please contact me to discuss your requirements, and rates, for coaching or training  for leaders, staff or career/employability training for students.



8:00am to 8:00pm weekdays 9:30am to 2:00pm Saturdays (limited availability) currently online and telephone coaching

Further information

More About Me & How You Can Choose What's Right for You

Connection is vital to any successful relationship and that is as important for you and for me.

I provide professional, thought provoking and outcomes orientated coaching style whilst facilitating your progress with what is important to you, and at a pace suitable for you. I will encourage you though, and may even get you thinking in ways you have not explored before but this is where coaching provides the magic.

Highly effective performance at work, or in life generally, is inter-connected with resilience and well-being. This is something I myself have experienced which is why I know what works.

My vision has been ,and continues to be to support individuals directly, and through their organisations, to enhance their experiences for fulfilment, motivation and performance.

If you would like to know even more, read on.

It was through my own career transitions, including a break, and pretty extreme health challenges that I decided to make what was a natural move to helping others to achieve the success and wellness they so often described they wanted. I was also doing more in my former recruitment role than just recruiter – I was helping professionals to prepare the best CV possible, coaching them for the different stages of interview and the processes (which were more complicated the more senior my candidates were), negotiation, client relationship management, business planning, strategic team planning and so much more. I was going over and above with clients and candidates because I’m passionate about people thriving in their chosen path.

For me, this includes sharing with lifelong tools that leave you independent in a mind-set for success and wellness. We can explore this at your complimentary consultation. If you're ready for that now, contact me at anita@anitagohilthorp.com

I offer packages as well as bespoke coaching and mindfulness.

Life MOT:

1)"LifeStarter" (30 days)

2)Mindfulness (4 week programme)

3)"Reaching Your Life Goals"

4)"Happiness Here"

5) Bullet Coaching (15 minutes bursts)

5) Individual sessions tailored for you over 6-12 months - best seller

Career Development Coaching

1) 30 Day Kickstarter

2) Reaching Your Career Goals

3) Career Strategy Review

4) Conscious Leadership and Management

5) Individual sessions tailored for you over 6-12 months - best seller

Content includes Career MOTs / Strategic Career Development, Transition or Change / Board Level Confidence/ CVs / Interview, Communication and Presentation Skills /  Strengths  / Networking / Removing blocks/ Confidence Boosting / Re-directing Fears and Obstacles / Magical Mind-set Development / Well-being for Career and Life Success

Life and careers are intertwined. If you want to explore both, as many of my clients do, I’m here to help and leave you with the tools that’ll support you lifelong.

Corporate Start Ups and SMEs

I offer various packages of coaching and training for start-ups and organisations with a free consultation. Get in touch today and I'll be delighted to discuss your needs.  anita@anitagohilthorp.com

Want to know even more about me? If you've read enough and are ready to change your life, contact me now at anita@anitagohilthorp.com

I’m an accredited coach with qualifications from the International Coach Federation and hold a further Diploma in Life Coaching. I’m also a certified trainer and have trained trainees on their path to become qualified coaches as well as training organisations on topics to support well-being and coaching skills for effective performance. I am a Mental Health First Aider. I have founded a women's business network and Elevate, a platform where coaches come together monthly.

After law, I moved to professional recruitment services for many years and I gathered comprehensive understanding of what organisations seek from individuals in the workplace and what makes individuals tick.

I'm driven by my purpose to support all people to uncover what is within them to be their very best and happy with it. For me, it’s about helping you to reach the goals that mean so much to you.

If you’d like to talk about how you can change your life today, connect with me now. In our call, you decide if you want to take it further. There’s no catch.

Here are some areas I’ve helped people with:

stress management and mental resilience, clarity, motivation, CV, interview and career development, talent development,  overcoming procrastination, barriers or blocks, confidence, conflict, presentation, business development, personal challenges and much more (see below).

I have also trained coach trainees, promote a coaching culture for organisations and speak on matters to improve resilience, balance, career development and efficiency.

Overall benefits of coaching can include:
- improved morale, confidence and self esteem
- heightened self awareness, emotional intelligence and ownership of personal development
- greater confidence and resilience
- reduced stress and stress management
- awareness of time management
- optimal performance, results and revenue
- greater success
- clarity of decision making
- improved communication and relationships

- Greater attendance at work

- advantageous personal and/or career development

What clients say

“Anita is a highly professional, confident and approachable person. She has a very driven and positive attitude… and has the ability to bring the best out of people.”

“Coaching with Anita was a new experience for me…. Anita listened to me and understood what I was going through. She encouraged me and helped me to deal with my situation in a positive way. She is very professional and understands the problems and gives you the tools to deal with them. I am glad I had coaching sessions with her and I would definitely recommend her.”

“Anita is an exceptional coach who has assisted me…Her professionalism is of the highest standard and her style is geared towards her client’s needs and therefore the coaching is bespoke.”

“I would thoroughly recommend Anita to anyone that wants to achieve success, personal goals or change personal circumstances for the positive.”

"Anita is extremely professional, ensures she understands the brief that she is provided and produces excellent results within deadlines set and is alive to budgetary constraints. I would recommend her as one of the best in the business."

" I first worked with Anita in 2000 and again in 2006 when she was at EJ Legal as a recruitment consultant. She is a fantastic listener, and has a great depth of understanding. She has given me valuable career advice over the years and I would have no hesitation in turning to her for career coaching"

Complimentary Consultation: anita@anitagohilthorp.com

Individuals: 15 minute complimentary consultation via phone or zoom

Organisations – 60 minute complimentary consultation face to face, zoom or phone.

Why the “free” consultation? It’s important to me, as it will be to you, that we “gel”. You’ll want to know this is for you. We’ll discover that in our consultation.

Finer Points:

All coaching sessions are confidential and impartial.

Everyone is unique and so my coaching sessions are never the same. The number of sessions will vary with each client although I offer Packages such as the Career MOT of 6 sessions.

I come to coaching with an impartial, clear and focused mind-set. The coaching session is a professional, safe, confidential place to clear your mind, to address your needs, obstacles, dreams and goals. With business led employee coaching, there may be shared goals.

My aim is to support you, inspire you, guide you, encourage you and even challenge you to be the best that you can be, to maximize your fullest potential and live your authentic life.

This is how it might work albeit more in depth, with occasional exercises between sessions:

- identify your current situation and the areas for coaching

- define your inspirational and meaningful goal for coaching together

- designing impactful actions to attain the steps towards your goal

- ongoing support, motivation and  encouragement

- unblocking obstacles or roadblocks

- observing the options and alternatives with more insight, clarity and direction

- reviewing progress

- actions to sustain progress: my aim is that you take away tools that can be adapted to the whole of life.

- an optional 3-6 month discounted review once coaching reaches a natural cessation.


Having come from a “City” background, my coaching and training style is authentic, professional and courteous. I’m friendly, motivating and relaxed in approach yet challenging enough to help you have the best life you can.

Getting past challenges and comfort zones leads to growth and coaching with me is about growth, it’s about evolution.

Other Coaching/Mentoring

Coaching is my purpose and my passion.

Outside of my professional work, mentoring is extremely important to me. I have significant experience of volunteering within schools and I am a school governor. I also provide interview and coaching services to Key stage 3 students at secondary schools. I have also supported other groups as a mentor. Fundraising through charity events is also close to my heart.

I offer voluntary and concessionary rate coaching to sections of society including charities and their service users and school leaders and staff. Interested organisations or individuals may contact anita@anitagohilthorp.com


As a certified coach and member of the International Coach Federation, I’m dedicated to providing an ethical and professional coaching service.


I am fully insured.

Final word

There's a lot to take in but it'll be worth it.

I sincerely hope you enjoy coaching with me - it will be thought provoking, developmental, it may be challenging at times and it will require an investment of your time, BUT it will be worth it. Do feel free to contact me for a free consultation.

Best wishes,


T:  00 44 203 086 9186 overseas clients
T:  0203 086 9186  UK clients
E:  anita@anitagohilthorp.com

W:  www.anitagohilthorp.com

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