Staff coaching

Do you find your staff unmotivated, perhaps finding it a chore coming to work? Are sickness levels high? Do you feel your employees don’t truly believe in who and what they’re working for?

What is staff coaching?

Staff coaching is a branch of business coaching that can help motivate staff, resulting in a more pleasant and productive working atmosphere, bringing benefits for both employees and employers.

Instead of the typical often ineffective ‘team-building’ activities many businesses partake in, life coaching offers practical solutions to get to the heart of the business and improve morale and motivation.

In these difficult times when many people are being made redundant, employees feel they are under increasing pressure to work harder to hang onto their jobs. This can cause burn-out, illness, and other stress related problems which can lead to time off.

Business coaching, until recent years, was something that generally only applied to those high up in a company – executives, managing directors, etc. However, it is now widely available to all as a professional development tool.

There are many issues that can arise within a business, small or large which it is worth seeking professional business advice or help for:

  • poor staff morale 
  • conflicts between staff members
  • staff lacking focus
  • stress due to fear of redundancy
  • work/life balance
  • employees not realising their full potential, feeling undervalued
  • increase staff commitment.

How can staff coaching help?

Staff coaching works in a similar way to individual coaching - providing motivation, helping to set business goals, and helping staff reach their potentials. Life coaching address all areas, such as relationship, stress, and career. This can all be applied in a business environment, motivating staff to achieve their best for a company they believe in.

Coaching can be done in-house, providing a situation for all the staff to be on a level playing field in a group situation, or one-on-one sessions to address individual staff development/training needs. It can provide helpful and useful suggestions for business goals and action plans that reap more rewards, as opposed to ineffectual or unachievable plans that are never put into action.

Advice for successful businesses

If your business is already successful then great, congratulations! However, there are often personal and professional costs that come with successful businesses which you may need help addressing if you are experiencing any of them. Running or managing things within an established business can bring challenges such as:

  • losing the big picture and struggling with company direction
  • diminishing passion or love for your business
  • feeling tied to the business, all work and no play
  • addressing a lack of work life balance
  • wanting bigger profits for your current efforts
  • neglecting your own development and training needs.

All of these things can be addressed with some professional business advice from a qualified business/life coach. A coach does not necessarily need to be employed when things are going wrong, but are actually a massive help to those running very large and successful businesses.

Everyone needs a little encouragement and help from time to time to perform at their best. Famous sportsmen and women would struggle to do well at any stage without the help and direction of a coach, and it’s the same in business. You train and develop your staff well and provide encouragement to them, which has made your business successful, but think how amazing it could be if there was someone to support and encourage you too!

New business help and small business coaching

There has been an explosion of new business start ups in recent years. The internet has been instrumental in enabling people with ambitions of starting a new business to get one going from nothing and often without significant investment. Many of these businesses are doing fantastically well and are changing the way other professions operate for the better. However some are struggling with the stresses and challenges that running a new business demands.

Life coaches who specialise in business coaching can be particularly effective aids for a new business or start-up whether they are struggling or flying ahead. As with established businesses small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can suffer with pressure from new challenges such as:

  • work overload on fewer staff
  • taking on too much responsibility
  • growing so fast it’s hard to keep on top of things
  • employee disputes and morale
  • staff training/development needs
  • HR regulation and issues
  • employing new staff and losing others
  • dealing with larger corporations.

These issues are in addition to any challenges faced by the work that the new business is doing, and while larger companies will face the same issues at some point, they have probably done that already and come through it with help and perhaps business advice.

SMEs and new businesses tend to be more agile and can cope with a lot of challenges, but some come with added pressure and taking business advice from an experienced and qualified life or business coach can be really helpful.

Staff training and development

Well qualified staff who are happy in their job are one of the most valuable assets that any company has. When staff are well trained to do the job they do, they have been proven to be be happier and much more productive employees. So for any business, staff development and training should be very high up your list.

Staff training does not have to be done by an outside agency or company, depending on the job they are doing staff can often be trained very effectively in house. This could help most businesses make significant cost savings and also ensure that employees are trained to the standard and using the techniques favoured by the company.

Life and business coaches can help you organise a plan for your staff training needs, setting business goals and carrying out your objectives for staff development. In the same way as you want your staff to be well trained, they will often want to develop their skills and ensure that they stay motivated in their roles and perhaps progress to roles higher up the chain. Business advice from a life coach can assist individual employees with their development and this is a service that many companies are now starting to adopt.

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