How to make lasting positive changes: 10 steps to impactful results

Changes, whether to improve health, fitness, stress, wellness, career development or anything else that life involves can be even more powerful, and impactful for longer when you look within.

At first, this may seem farfetched. On the other hand, it may seem true yet difficult, uncomfortable even, and so you avoid even trying.

What I recommend quite simply is that, whilst long-lasting change may seem challenging, trust yourself. In the deepest sense. Transformations come from within you and you without a shadow of a doubt, have what it takes.

What does this mean?

1. Take 15 minutes, take a notebook and pen and take a seat in a quiet place. Sit for one minute, quietly, doing nothing. Tell yourself that these 15 minutes are for you alone. Then, start writing about what you want to change. Start with perhaps no more than three things.

2. Secondly, with each 'change' listed, ask yourself 'how am I dealing with this now?' (this may even raise 'am I even dealing with it now or am I coasting along?' Write down what you are doing about it now. Be honest. Trust yourself.

3. Thirdly, with the mind behaving as your friend, ask yourself, 'what [else] could I do about this, for me?' Ignore others' expectations, assumptions or negative comments. Don’t worry if it sounds crazy. Get uncomfortable yet trust yourself to get through that. Explore your thoughts and write them down.

4. Now, remind yourself that the changes you seek will benefit you. (For example, 'when I take steps to achieve this, I will improve my [blood pressure][promotion chances][migraines][confidence].) Take a moment again. Quietly. Now consider what really matters to you from your writings. Take a few minutes to digest this.

5. Write down one step that you can take within a week to work towards your change. Take a moment to read that. Say it out loud three times, for example, 'I want to change my job and get through interviews. To achieve that within [three] months, I am starting by updating my CV by Monday 3rd July.'

6. Do this for each change you wrote about.

7. Consider where you want to be with your career, health, wealth, fitness, wellbeing, relationships - whatever it may be - in three to six months’ time. How will you feel when you consistently take baby steps to reach the goal(s)? Savour that thought, that feeling. This part can be quite powerful so I recommend staying with your feelings.

8. Each day, return to this notebook at a regular time. Read it over. Ask yourself if you are doing what you committed to do. Write it down and savour the feelings of taking baby steps.

9. After one week, acknowledge how the small step moved you forward. Where would you be had you not taken that step?

10. Repeat the process with other changes or developments you want in life and make it a lifelong habit. In time, it's likely to become second nature and more fruitful than (1) doing nothing or (2) waiting for something to happen.

Remember, as tough as it can be at times, as busy as life and work are, action trumps inaction.

If it matters to you, do something about it.

Trust yourself deeply. You are amazing.

For more tips on achieving optimum success and wellness for yourself – whatever else is going on – contact me for a complimentary consultation.

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