Steps towards your most successful career

Developing your own sense of success – and being happy for it!

Authentic personal development in the field of work and your career can be misguided by well-meaning employers or not considered at all. You, yourself, may be confused about where to begin, lack confidence or feel held back.

However, there can be great satisfaction and personal success when you reflect and delve into your definition of success and its link to your well-being. I invite you to spend a few minutes here and see what unfolds.

After several years of working with people, exploring their ambitions and career development, I have come to conclude that energy invested in contemplation is essential. Many of us would be embarrassed to admit that as it may seem self-indulgent or even too “hippie”.

Yet, many of us are living on auto-pilot, saying life and work are just too busy. Some mask their stress by pretending the busy-ness of life is exciting and “just part of the job”. Indeed, being busy can be positive as can stress but, when excessive, we can sense and experience a struggle. Time taken weekly to look at oneself and where we are in our life can provide benefits that no external training programme or employer can. Why? Because the more you understand about your own life, values, motivations, successes and needs, the more you are in control. As you start to think differently and take different action towards the outcome you really want, then things may start to change - be it in your current role or in a new job you apply for.

You know what you want with your career and your life, you care about your future more than anyone. Yet, time taken to contemplate that life, work and the future is seen as unnecessary and time consuming – if seen at all. But if you are the one who cares more than any person, employer, boss or partner about your existence, isn’t an hour a week of contemplation and reflection a small price to pay for development, success and well-being?

Thoughts for developing your most successful career - it starts with you

First on all, understand that this is an over-used, generalised word to the extent that people rarely give it true meaning based on what it means to them.

I invite you to take some “me-time,” pick up a real or online journal and openly and honestly consider the following so that you are living in the here and now towards what success looks like to you:

  • What does success really mean to you?
  • How will you know that you are successful?
  • What are your influences or drivers?
  • Has your vision of success changed over the years? If so, how and why?
  • How is your view of “success” affected by comparison, society, culture or conditioning?
  • How happy are you with your understanding of success?
  • How aware are you about the success you are reaching for?
  • What is this success going to look like to you – what is your vision?
  • Who or what comes to mind as you think about success?
  • What can you do to get closer to your success?
  • When can you do what you need to do?
  • What may get in the way? What might you do about it?
  • How will you do what you need to do – what or who do you need to help?
  • What will you do when you reach your success?
  • How will you keep succeeding in your life and work?

What do you notice as you go through these questions openly and honestly?

As you will note, this is all about you – your ideas, your values, your definition of success so that you are also happy and well. Isn’t that the balance we all strive for?

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Written by Anita Gohil-Thorp, Promoting self-leadership to career goals & life confidence
Stanmore HA7 & London W1A

Anita is a passionate advocate of coaching, success and well-being. Clients say she is “focused, extremely effective, professional, insightful, aspiring and supportive”. Her extensive experience enables her to deliver transformative coaching with focus on sustaining growth. You can contact her on 07961 111 255 or at

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