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Anxiety Coach
Available for new clients
Available for new clients

This professional is available for new clients.

Edgbaston B15 & Kenilworth CV8
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Available for new clients

This professional is available for new clients.

About me

Together we'll "transform your life", not just improve it a little, but "Transform It". Thereby creating a deep and profound transformation that will serve you and everyone you connect with for the rest of your life.

If you want to just improve your life a little, then I'm not the coach for you. However. . .

- if you want true life changing transformation...

- If you want to love getting up in the morning...

- If you want to re-discover that playfulness you had as a child...

- If you want to speak aloud what's true for you and begin living that way...

- If you want to build a life that really excites you...

- If you want to contribute to something bigger than yourself...

- If you want to design a life you really really love, then you're in the right place.

Nelson Mandela said, "There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged - to find the ways in which you yourself have altered."

For some of us the transition that's necessary can appear unachievable and unattainable. It causes anxiety or paralysis through fear, without any logical reason, and therefore prevents us from achieving our life goals. Often the knock on effect also restricts our freedom to be our true selves.

So how does coaching work? Whilst psychotherapy offers help based on a medical model and is focused on understanding past forces that shape us, coaching, by contrast, focuses on what we want from our lives and the enormous resources and abilities, often unrecognised, that we have to pursue it. I will help you to free yourself from the multitude of assumptions you are probably making about yourself and others. Some of those assumptions will be limiting, holding you back from being the best you can be.

I coach people through change - it can be really scary for some. It's often easier to stay where you are, but boy can that be boring!!! You have the ability to change your life for the better and to get the life you deserve.

Brendan Behan, Irish author, said, "Many of our fears are tissue paper thin, and a single, courageous step would carry us clear of them. "

Don't stay in your job if you hate it or if you have the whole work/life balance wrong. Don't put up with feeling just "okay". Don't keep your dreams as just dreams. Make them a reality - write them down then put a date on them..

"People of mediocre ability sometimes achieve outstanding success because they don't know when to quit "

George Allen (b1952),
US senator

Do Any Of These Ring A Bell?

  • Stuck in a rut
  • Lack of confidence
  • In the wrong job
  • With the wrong partner
  • Stress
  • Difficult colleagues
  • Failure at interviews or presentations
  • Under-achievement
  • One foot on the accelerator and another on the brake
  • Lost in existential confusion
  • Perpetually treading water
  • I don't know who I am
  • Difficulty in social situations
  • Fears and Phobias restricting you
  • Anxiety?
  • Addiction or bad habit issues
  • Public presentations / speaking
  • Low mood

It's no fun, right? But help is at hand. Whatever issues you bring it’s likely I have experienced them myself. I have had a rich and varied life. You can therefore benefit from authentic empathy…rather than listening to a talking self-help manual!

After coaching I have seen clients:

  • Get promoted
  • Get back with exes
  • Create great projects
  • Start exciting new careers
  • Give sparkling presentations
  • Gain the respect of their family
  • Travel the world
  • Master new skills
  • Make mince-meat of difficult colleagues (not literally!)
  • Gain a sudden understanding of their true self and much more...

Let us get to grips with who you are and what you really want, and make achievable plans for getting you there.

Saved me from my Eating Disorder
"I struggled through the second lockdown and used food as a coping mechanism. To cut a long story short, I ended up suffering from an eating disorder, feeling anxious about the future and feeling totally lost. Finding Stuart was the best thing that could have happened at that point in my life. He taught me how to accept my eating disorder, he made have conversations with my eating disorder, give it a name and taught me coping strategies, involved my husband in some sessions(at me request.) Over the period of about 14 months I managed to space the sessions further as progress was made. Stuart was always supportive, always listened, however challenged me when it was necessary. I have learned a lot about my own inner strength, my self-esteem has grown, I am no longer lost and scared! I must also add that on many occasions, especially earlier in my treatment when I was struggling, I ran over my allotted time and Stuart never stopped me. For that I am very grateful. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Stuart to anyone suffering from an eating disorder."

Recent Client Review - 7th Feb 2022

Worth Every Penny
"Stuart was a kind and gentle, down to earth individual. He helped rid me of addictive behaviors such as gambling and sugar addictions. We also covered work around anxiety, perfectionism and self-esteem which have all been areas which have improved in my life. The sessions appear pricey, but much gets covered in the 90 mins and the results have been amazing."

Client Review - 3rd Jan 2022

"Stuart has given me great support and useful strategies to deal with my mental and physical symptoms. Thank you, so much, Stuart.
I have found Stuart's support very helpful and at times he has been a life-saver. I have been suffering from anxiety, panic attacks and painful physical symptoms; and have been given the diagnosis of IBS. On three occasions I have rung him "in a state" and he has given me the support, guidance and strategies to calm down and deal with the anxiety. In our sessions, he listens and gives positive feedback (and challenging- when needed) and we work together on relevant issues. I have learnt that I am able to transform negative self-talk related to my past and feel more confident to deal with my present situation. Well worth the investment."

Client Review - 7th Dec 2021

Confidence building
"I came to see Stuart as I became physically ill because of bullying in the work place and being manipulated to work long hours by my previous employers. I had lost a lot of weight, could not stop crying and vomiting because of fear of how I would be treated by some of my colleagues. Stuart gave me the confidence to go to my new job and move past what had happened to me. I now work for a fair employer, get paid more, have a fantastic work life balance and my new colleagues treat me with kindness and respect. Stuart taught me that my instincts were right, that I made the correct decisions about resigning and not to let my past employers bad behaviour effect or spoil my future. I now know that if faced with a with a similar situation in the future, that it is ok to remove myself from it. That you cannot change people and that I will move onto better things. Stuart made me trust people again and made sure my bad experience did not scar me or effect my personality."

Client Review - 10th Mar 2018
"A truly inspirational life coach encouraging self develop and recovery from a vast variety of life situations. Thanks Stuart you were a key player in the process to recovery.
I cannot recommend Stuart enough. Stuarts professionalism and understanding of such a wide variety of life issues that effect mental health, relationships and personal development allowed me to work a process of recovery from rock bottom. Stuart is not just a Hypnotherapist his talking therapy is also very effective depending on your requirements and what you prefer. Having struggled with mental heath including depression and anxiety, low self esteem, suicidal thoughts, alcoholism, toxic relationships and other issues that can hold you back in life Stuart offered great advise and encouragement to improve my situation. Stuart was a key part of my recovery process where I have learnt to self love, rebuild my self confidence, make life changing decisions and find myself again. It is not until you recover from the darkest of places that you realise how ill you may have been. I cannot thank Stuart enough for his support and look forward to more but less frequent sessions in the future. Thank you Stuart."

Recent Client Review - posted 10/5/21

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Training, qualifications & experience


  • DNLP           Advanced Master Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • CPNLP         Clinical Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • FDAP           Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals
  • MNACHP       Psychotherapist
  • PSY-TAP       Practitioner of Psychosensory Techniques and Principles
  • EMDR           Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Practitioner
  • DMH             Master Hypnotist


  • APCTC      The Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants
  • 24h Coach The International Coaching Network
  • CNHC        Member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council
  • FDAP         Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals
  • NACHP      National Association of Counsellors, Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists
  • IACT          International Association of Counsellor's and Therapists
  • GSMTS      Guild for Stress Management and Trauma Specialists
  • MELT         Member of the Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques
  • ACMT        Association of Complete Mind Therapists
  • IPPA          Member of International Positive Psychology Association
  • GHR         General Hypnotherapy Register
  • PSY-TAP   Practitioner of Psychosensory Techniques and Principles
  • MNCH       Member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy

      DBS Enhanced Certificate

I have considerable additional experience dealing with issues regarding :

      - Depression
      - Panic disorders
      - Stress
      - Anxiety
      - Insomnia
      - Compulsive behaviours
      - Trauma / Phobias


Other areas of coaching I deal with


Life often presents compelling reasons to create a new chapter.  Whether it's a professional career move or a lifestyle change, a transition of your working hours, a major shift on the home front or a re-evaluation of money - our lives need to be redesigned over and over again.

I will see your life through your eyes and will travel with you on your journey of transformation. I will help you to achieve the life you dream of, by discovering your passions and uncovering your genius. I will facilitate self-discovery.

Not only will you realise what a great life you already have, we will discover what you want in every area of your life and unlock your inner resources, turning knowledge into wisdom, dreams into reality.

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Stuart - 07825 599340

Further  testimonials

"I sought Stuart s help, tried lots of diets , that worked in a fashion whilst I was on them, only to find the weight piled back on the minute i stopped dieting !.
4 sessions of hypnotherapy and after 3 months I have lost 2 dress sizes and the weight stays off ! I both feel and look good and have a fantastic healthy relationship with food and exercise
I cannot believe how stress free around food and easy my eating is now .No more rewarding or over indulging with food and thankfully no more yo -yo dieting and counting calories .
Thank you , it really works ."
Georgina , Birmingham

"I am the mother of a teenage son who suffers from anxiety and OCD.

He did not sleep through the night until he was 14 and then it was only with yoga breathing and a great deal of time spent that he relaxed enough to drift off and stay asleep all night.

A disturbing incident in his primary school years compounded the problem and as he reached his mid teens, his anxiety was causing self destructive behaviour.

After a series of visits to Stuart, my son has re-gained his self confidence and his belief that he is capable of controlling what happens to him. This is a major achievement and I will be eternally grateful to Stuart for turning around the negative thoughts of fear and exposure to disaster that were in my son’s mind and affected his every waking moment. Particularly at night when he was terrified by nightmares and night terrors.

My son is now a different person. He has self control, he can calm his mind and relax in order to think clearly and positively about daily challenges. This priceless skill he has learnt from Stuart. He is changing his social behaviour and taking care of himself more.

I am so proud of the strong young man that he has grown into and I thank Stuart for helping him to turn a crucial corner.

Stuart has helped to turn my son away from a dangerous road and I am incredibly thankful for that."

A happy mother.
Dawn , Warwickshire,

"I contacted Stuart , needed to lose some weight .Two and half months later, 4 sessions and i have lost 3 stone and the weight loss continues.
Hypnotherapy installed in me the right mental approach to food, portion control and motivation to exercise . Highly recommended, great lasting results "
Steve , Warwickshire

"I also went to Stuart so that I could get help dealing with my anxiety problem which developed in my teens because of chronic blushing. I underwent keyhole surgery (endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy, or ETS) to stop the physical act of blushing but I was still left with mental scars that gave me day to day problems and prevented me from moving on with certain aspects of my life. My anxiety would go through the roof during social situations and I would constantly feel on edge. I would plan every part of my day to try and avoid certain people and situations, and I would constantly scan my surroundings for perceived threats. After a few sessions with Stuart I found that I had actually done things without even thinking about being anxious and my level of anxiety in social situations had more or less disappeared. I no longer scan my surroundings and I now feel like I have the confidence to get on with my life in the knowledge that my fight or flight response will no longer be activated in public situations. I never thought it would be possible to feel normal and anxiety free so I will always be thankful to Stuart for helping me get over these issues and I would recommend anyone with the same type of problem to please give Stuarts hypnotherapy sessions a go as the results will be life changing. "

William , Birmingham

"As I mentioned in my last email, I had a drink for the first time in over a year and things were completely different like you said they would be. It's hard to explain but I will give it a try. When I used to touch a drink before, I would always develop the same binge pattern of drinking that would last for weeks or even months in which I would drink and drink until I was extremely ill, paranoid and penniless. As soon as I would start drinking I would drink at speed with just one thought in mind, about where the next drink was coming from. Once I was drunk I would always buy more booze so that I could drink again in the morning. I always had an overwhelming urge to do this no matter what. Even if I thought about not letting one drink turn into a binge beforehand, once I was drunk all these plans would go out the window. I would always feel sorry for myself and guilty, which would make me drink even more. This would obviously spiral out of control as my anxiety would go through the roof. But this time the urge to drink more had completely gone. I was totally in control of my drinking and did not feel the compulsion to drink more. It sounds so simple but I just felt in control and at ease with it. I feel confident now that I can enjoy a drink like a normal person which is a massive thing in my life. I don't have to worry about falling into a dark hole again. Thank you again for your help."

William - Birmingham

"I had suffered with depression and anxiety for a number of years before seeing Stuart and had become accustomed and almost oblivious, to the dysfunctional behavioural patterns that this had left behind. I had initially rung Stuart to ask for help in interviews as this was where I felt my anxiety really got the better of me and was holding me back from progressing professionally.

I had developed a strategy of deflecting situations before they got to the point of inflicting anxiety. Where this was successful in some situations, it was impossible to do whilst searching for work. After a few sessions with Stuart, I began to understand that avoidance, although successful in keeping anxiety at bay 9 times out of 10, was responsible for me missing opportunities in all aspects of life; not just in terms of job prospects. To think that I had been holding myself back for so long was a sad realisation, but I was glad that I had taken the plunge to move on and progress.

It took a while for me to be able to talk more freely about my experiences that led to my current state with Stuart and for him to gain a better feel for how to deal with me during our sessions. This was by no means a reflection on him; in fact it’s a small miracle that anyone was able to coax this information out of me and that alone is praiseworthy. His patience and relaxed demeanour really helped me to feel at ease without feeling as though I was in a counselling session - which I was strongly averse to. When I felt unable to communicate my feelings to him, he would take the pressure off and help me in conveying my emotions - which was a major help.

Little by little I noticed that the positive changes we had implemented were beginning to take affect. At first these things weren’t noticeable until after I had achieved them and I would take a step back to revel in how I’d accomplished a small goal that would usually cause so much stress without a second thought. Since then the progress has snowballed and I have done so much that I never thought possible. Things that I ultimately should take for granted as normal are starting to feel that way; from making phone calls without feeling sick, to getting in a car and driving again for the first time in 6 years.

I have a new job that I had two interviews for and I successfully applied to do my teacher training which I delayed for three years, ultimately as a direct result of these sessions. I still have some work to do on building my self confidence, but it takes time and effort to overcome old habits and nurture the good that was put in place.

The liberation I have gained from Stuart is worth so much more than what he charges and no amount of thanks can cover it. You can’t put a price on the peace of mind you get knowing that you are living as your fullest self! "

Annabel  - Birmingham


£100.00 - £200.00
Free initial telephone session

Additional information

I offer a free telephone consultation session:

  • to find out about you, your situation and what you would like to get from coaching
  • to see how we could work together
  • to answer any questions
  • to discuss the next steps if we are both suited.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

In my experience, this will depend on the needs and desires of the individual. In one session you will open up to the knowledge that, beneath the experience of your thinking, lies psychological well being, peace of mind and resilience. This awareness will allow you to explore your unlimited potential to live a wonderful life no matter who you are, where you’ve come from, what you’ve been through or what you’ve done. If you choose to build on this foundation to address different areas, set goals and keep moving forwards, I am happy to support you through ongoing sessions

Initial Introductory Appointment - 60 minutes - £95.00 per appointment

Series payments available - see Fees and Payments page - 

07825 599340

In the words of John Milton, the English poet, "He who reigns within himself and rules his passions, desires and fears, is more than a King"

If so, make that first important step, contact me on 07825 599340 .

My appointment structure is flexible as I coach both during the day and in the evenings.

Corporate Clients - Proposals are prepared for groups or any number of individuals.
I see organisational clients at their place of work, by Skype, phone or on-line. Please enquire about this service.


When I work

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

9.00 am - 9.00 pm Monday -Saturday

Further information

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When would you need a Life Coach?


You can expect:

  • To THINK very differently and be able to see the world through a shift in YOUR perspective.
  • To EXPERIENCE an intense and intimate coaching relationship.
  • To SEE yourself and others through new lenses.
  • To SHIFT beliefs that have held you hostage.
  • To WITNESS yourself taking action towards your goals and desires.
  • To begin FEELING that you, your business and your lifestyle are in ALIGNMENT.

The list is endless but the top reasons why people come for coaching are:

  •   Motivation
  •   Anxiety
  •   Removing fears and old beliefs
  •   Identity
  •   Changing Limiting Beliefs
  •   Improving Social Anxiety
  •   Willpower
  •   Personal development
  •   Better work/life balance
  •   A change in career
  •   Confidence building
  •   Health and fitness
  •   Feeling stuck, directionless, flat
  •   Feeling lonely, isolated
  •   Going through executive burnout
  •   Just retired
  •   If they want an exciting life!

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Suite 9, Quadrant Court, 51-52 Calthorpe Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 1TH

The Cottage Therapy Centre, 12 New Street, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2EZ

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In person

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