Four ways to ascribe positive meaning to your life

You will have horrific tragedies in your life. There will be illness, death and misery around you. How will you handle it?

As we face the suffering of life, it’s often useful to find ways we can attribute meaning to our life that gives us the way forward and paves a path of light in the darkness we can often clearly see in the world.

Your possibilities

What can you achieve? What does the future hold? The possibilities are truly endless, and capitalising on the time you have left on this planet to achieve your dreams can be one of the most fulfilling journeys in life.

There are two ways you can be fixated in life; a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. If you have a growth mindset, you will see life for the possibilities and options that are available to you, and when you conjure this frame of mind, you can become who it is you want to be.

Your family

How you live affects not only your life, but those around you. Anyone reading this with children will particularly relate to this, but it also extends to other areas of your family too – sisters, brothers, parents, grandparents, cousins, we all have those people who are close to us. To most people, family can be their most precious and sacred treasure.

Life can often become busy and if you are missing out on your family for other areas of your life; you may be feeling a lack of meaning.

Your community

If you truly got your act together and structured your life to the point that you can adequately take care of yourself, your family and you can become secure within society, then why not take the next step?

Providing money to a charity is fine, but there is no better satisfaction that volunteering your time to a cause.

Find something you are passionate about, and pursue a greater cause. How can you better the community with your actions?

Your legacy

The ultimate motivation technique.

What will you be known for when you die? Who will talk about you, and what will they say? They are important questions to anyone who seeks to have a legacy and be known for something.

Thinking about death can be uncomfortable, but taking this perspective allows us to see the bigger picture. As time elapses we will inevitably pass away.

What will you leave behind? Will you leave behind sorrow and grievance due to a life of suffering or joy as you lived out your dreams in a life of meaning and virtue?

There is always a choice, you do control your own destiny. Often it’s only the successful people that like to admit it.

What will you be known for? Life coaches work with people who strive for excellence in their every day lives. Do you want to achieve greatness? Get in touch with a coach to find out how they could help you on your journey.

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Written by Stuart Downing, Anxiety Coach
Edgbaston B15 & Kenilworth CV8

Stuart is an international professional life and business coach, working in Harley Street, London, Birmingham, Warwickshire and Lanzarote. Stuart has strong expertise in personal relationships, anxiety, self-esteem and confidence issues. Call 07825 -599340 for a no obligation 30 minute consultation

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