How life coaching can help you find your motivation

Your energy, enthusiasm, and motivation are the strongest tools for maximising your time and reaching your goals. But let’s face it, it can be tough to find the motivation to stick to a routine that you know will benefit you. 


Whether it’s getting up early each day, following a healthy diet, doing 100 squats, or exploring new business opportunities, some days you’ll simply not be in the right headspace to do it. Even though we all know, in theory, that motivation and success are not straight lines and there are some bumps to be expected along the way, it is still challenging to fight the guilt that comes with feeling like you failed to master the art of self-discipline. 

If this is you, don’t worry! Motivation and self-discipline are not something you must gain overnight. There are ways to get started and move forward with your goals — like hiring a life coach to help set the right mindset and help you channel the self-discipline needed to stay motivated.

Here is how working with a life coach can be of help:

1. Life coaching can help you develop laser focus

If you’re not sure what your true motivation is, it’s going to be hard to push yourself when you need it most. Working with a life coach means being guided through a series of questions: What do you love? What excites you? What makes you feel alive? Where do your passions lie? When you take the time to answer these questions honestly, it gives your brain some direction and allows you to set goals that really matter to you. Now that you know what drives your decisions, it’s easier to stay on track when opportunities appear.

2. It can help you with accountability

A life coach holds you accountable for your goals and helps you overcome obstacles by giving you new perspectives and encouraging better habits. Often, when we are confronted with a problem, we tend to give up because it seems too hard. We don’t realise that we’ve never really tried before or never been taught how to deal with these situations productively. Life coaches are trained to help guide people through this process so that they can make progress toward their goals every day. 

It’s crucial that this plan is individualised for you. A qualified life coach does not simply tell you what to do— they work with you so that the solutions make sense for where you are in your life right now.

For example, some people need accountability partners who will check in with them often and ask about their progress on their goals. Others have no problem staying motivated by themselves and just need someone to listen to them when they start feeling frustrated with their current situation.

3. It can help you develop a growth mindset

A life coach can help you see past the cloud of self-doubt that so often stands in the way of your goals. Many of us find it challenging to keep up the motivation for our long-term goals. We get stuck believing that we don’t have what it takes or aren’t cut out for what we want to achieve, especially if we experience failure along the way.

Self-doubt is just a limiting belief that’s holding you back. A life coach can help you recognise when you’re falling prey to those thoughts and teach you how to stay motivated in spite of them. A good coach can help you develop a growth mindset to see your potential more clearly and move forward with confidence, perceiving failure as a lesson that you can learn from. How can you gather the energy or resolve to take action without that spark?

The bottom line

As a life coach myself, I often see my clients struggling to find motivation and keep self-discipline when it comes to working towards their goals. Whether you’re hoping to start a business or finally cut back on your sugar intake, there are steps you can take today to get started. And as with any other journey, it will likely be a bit bumpy along the way. But one day, you’ll look back at this time as the best time in your life.

If you are ready to take the plunge, contact me anytime using the details below.

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