How can coaching help you improve your leadership skills

Being a leader isn’t just about being a person with authority. It’s about guiding, inspiring, and motivating others. And when times are tough, and your workload is high, these responsibilities can be downright impossible to handle. If you’re struggling with your leadership skills and need help improving them, maybe it’s time to turn to life coaching.


Three ways life coaching can build leadership skills

Let’s dive into three main ways how life coaching can help you improve your leadership abilities:

Life coaching can help you elevate your emotional intelligence

Life coaching can be a great way to boost your emotional intelligence, which is a crucial component of successful leadership. The most effective leaders are able to excel at this role not thanks to their stack of diplomas, but because they’ve mastered their own emotions and have developed a high level of self-awareness. 

When you’re able to read and understand the feelings of others, you’ll be better equipped to understand the people in your organisation and figure out how to approach them to achieve the results you target. You’ll also find it easier to empathise with them, communicate with them, and inspire them—all being essential qualities of a leader people would gladly follow.

A professional life coach can help you nurture your emotional intelligence by asking questions that prompt self-reflection and encouraging you to be honest with yourself about how you’re feeling at any given moment.

Life coaching can help you create a sustainable growth plan

Sometimes, it can be tough to focus on your development, especially if you’re already busy with all of the responsibilities that come with your role at work, your family and friends, and other commitments. However, leaders’ main quality is their appetite for learning and improving constantly. 

A life coach can help keep you on track and create a plan for self-growth that fits in with the rest of your schedule. In addition to offering motivation and accountability, a coach can also provide an objective perspective. 

A coach doesn’t know you personally and therefore is able to provide a new perspective on situations that may be stifling your career progress. They may be able to help you think more creatively about how to approach work problems or suggest new ways of looking at issues in your life. A coach could be the fresh pair of eyes you need as you face challenges in your work and personal life.

Life coaching can help you identify your weaknesses

Science says that great leaders are born, not made – as their brains tend to be wired differently. However, if interpreted literally, this concept is quite limiting. If you are born the perfect leader, why should you put any kind of effort into improving yourself? Genuine leaders are aware that what truly sets them apart is their burning desire for self-growth – which is a lifelong process.

A skilled coach will help you address the aspects of yourself that might be holding you back from being a more effective leader. Whether it’s self-esteem issues, a lack of confidence, or some other internal barriers, a coaching programme can help you overcome these obstacles and gain greater control of how you conduct yourself.

In time, you’ll find that your leadership ability extends beyond work into your personal relationships, making you a more confident and successful person in all areas of your life.

The bottom line

Life coaching can be a powerful tool in the arsenal of any busy professional. Whether you're looking for structure or a clear direction to advance in your career, life coaching can greatly enhance your abilities as a leader and help you achieve new heights of success. 

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Written by Stuart Downing, Anxiety Coach
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Stuart is an International Professional Life and Business coach, working in Harley Street, London, Birmingham, Warwickshire and Lanzarote. Stuart has strong expertise in personal relationships, business /executive coach anxiety, self-esteem and confidence issues. Call
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