Life coaching and resolving low self-esteem problems

The lack of self-love and self-esteem is the start of many issues people face in their lives. Many do not realise how this lack can hurt them until they experience feelings of anxiety, stress, low self-worth, and depression – along with the inability to build genuine relationships.


Learning to love yourself is crucial in anyone's journey towards peace of mind. Whether you have suffered from severe illness, have been the victim of an emotionally abusive situation, or have experienced a troublesome childhood (to name a few), you can move past these circumstances and turn from your own worst enemy into your best friend.

Here's how life coaching can help you overcome self-esteem issues:

Life coaching can help you identify and change self-deprecating thought patterns

Low self-esteem can make us feel like we're not good at anything, even if we have many accomplishments. It can keep us from taking on a job or project that might otherwise challenge and help us grow. It can prevent us from having healthy relationships, with people who genuinely love us. It can undermine even the most successful people in their minds, making it hard to enjoy the fruits of their labour. 

Life coaching can help you recognise how these thought patterns perpetuate a cycle of negativity and lead to feelings of hopelessness and despair. As a life coach begins to understand your innermost feelings, they are able to help you develop a more positive perspective on yourself and your capabilities. 

When you start to see yourself as someone who deserves happiness and success, you'll find that you naturally begin to move away from habits that hold you back from your goals.

Life coaching can help you develop self-compassion

Self-compassion is defined as "being kind and understanding toward oneself in instances of pain or failure." That definition doesn't seem too hard to follow... until, of course, we start trying to put the concept into practice. Self-criticism appears like a natural response to pain or failure: after all, you must be doing something wrong if you're in pain or experiencing failures, right? So perhaps it's not surprising that self-criticism shows up as such a typical response for so many people, but this kind of thinking keeps us from developing self-compassion.

A life coach can help you develop self-compassion by helping you understand how it works, giving you tools for cultivating it and reminding you to use these tools when you need them most.

Life coaching can help you build self-confidence and the ability to celebrate your successes

People with low self-esteem tend to downplay their successes and exacerbate their failures. Your life coach will help you find out what you want and then support you on your journey toward achieving it. They will also help you acknowledge past achievements, even if they're small or may not seem like much of an accomplishment at first glance. 

By celebrating these wins, your coach will show you that you have what it takes to take action and build momentum so that you will start seeing bigger changes in your life and build up a positive feedback loop that leads to higher self-confidence over time and a starvation of negative, intrusive thoughts. 

The bottom line

Many people find it difficult to believe they can overcome their low self-esteem issues. Coupled with stellar coaching and a strong desire to change, there really is no reason why you cannot develop solid self-confidence. Your journey towards self-love may be difficult, but it's well worth it when you're able to feel that you are worthy of happiness.

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