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Hitchin, Redbourn & Harpenden. Online appointments also available

Transformational programmes for those who want to experience growth and personal development in themselves or within their relationships. All programmes are bespoke and designed to meet your individual set of needs. I utilise my background in Psychology, Cognitive Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching to help you see the unconscious narrative that is holding you back. Learn the triggers that keep you stuck and learn about our Psychology so that you can free yourself from your unconscious mind.

Packages available for all ages and backgrounds in Hitchin, Redbourn and Harpenden. Zoom sessions available also.

Free, no obligation initial consultation. A telephone call is the best way to decide if we are a good fit.

I have worked in Coaching and Therapy for over 18 years and run a successful business in Hertfordshire. My experience and training allow me to work with a wide range of people , of different ages and backgrounds.

Would you would you love to feel more self confident? Do you suffer from anxiety and feel unable to play full out in your life? Maybe you're feeling stuck and need a safe space to explore what it is that you really want to create? Sometimes we know the thing that we want to do but don't know how to go about doing it. I work closely with individuals to help them unlock their true potential. We all have everything that we need to live truly inspiring lives - but most of us need guidance, support, mentors and coaching to guide us along the way.

My approach combines an evolution of my academic background in Psychology and further study in Cognitive Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, EMI and a powerful paradigmatic understanding about the mind and our innate capacity to thrive. I work closely with individuals and teams to develop a bespoke package which will support you in the way that you need. I only work with a small number of clients at any one time so I can focus on you and provide a safe and supportive environment for you to thrive.

I use the initial free consultation as an opportunity to make sure that we are the right match for each other. This means that we can get straight down to business and make sure the time that we work together can be deeply transformative. You can expect to experience an increase in clarity, resourcefulness, creativeness, wellbeing, resilience and success. This shift can help you to work through any issues that they are facing and take steps towards creating the life that they would be happiest living.

Whether you are struggling personally, at work, have a major life decision to reach, are unhappy in a relationship, negotiating work/life/family balance - coaching can provide the extra support you need to get back on track and feel in control again.

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Powerful Partnership

Would you like to navigate the relationships in your life with confidence and ease? Maybe you have a difficult relationship with a work colleague, family member or romantic relationship? Relationships can be difficult if we don't understand the mechanics that are at play in the background.

'In every marriage over a week old, there are grounds for divorce. The trick is to find, and continue to find, grounds for marriage'. Sir Robert Anderson

Do you and your partner feel like you've drifted apart? Do you feel like you don't understand each other? Do you feel disconnected and unloved? Do you feel insignificant and not listened to?

Maybe you're looking to get back the love that you once had? Rekindle love and nurture communication? Or maybe you're looking to find more clarity on whether you can stay together. You've probably explored the conventional route and tried Relate already, and you're now looking for a new option.

Coaching with me means undertaking a different approach to your relationship, it requires stripping back our tried and tested methods of understanding each other. It requires seeing each other through a new lens.

A partner acts as a mirror, they bring up our insecurities, fears, worries - they know how to push our buttons. And everything they trigger in us, gives us work to do on ourselves. They help us grow and evolve. We are brought together to help heal each other.

Building a secure bond that is needed for a relationship to thrive takes time to build. The trick is to do the work so that It makes the relationship simpler

Lasting love is made from the concerted effort of two people crafting their own unique relationship from the sweat and toil of everyday life and from all the difficulties, conflicts and hardships that arise in sharing a life together.

There is a constant energy shift present in every relationship, understanding it, its dynamic, its affect, is crucial to every successful relationship.

I work in a unique way with couples or individuals to help them understand their relationships. Helping them see the stories that are keeping them stuck and get back to love and connection.

Although each and every relationship is different they all come across similar challenges, the details are always different but the route causes are often the same. If you're looking for a new and progressive way of looking at your relationship, a way which isn't interested in shaming or blaming. A perspective which is refreshing and looking to understand, learn and evolve as a couple.

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"In hindsight, when I started seeing Sarah, I think I was having an emotional breakdown.  On paper, my life was great, but it was a struggle for me, both emotionally and physically just getting through most days.......She helped me to think more clearly and to understand why I felt so anxious. She taught me practical thinking mechanisms, so now I look at problems and challenges in a different way; a more positive and effective way; I would not have got through the last year without her support, and what she taught me has enabled me now to move on and face the world as the happy person I always used to me.  Sarah was a ray of sunshine in my life when I needed it most; I cannot recommend her highly enough." Karen

When I first met Sarah I was in a very low dark place, I had tried the ‘conventional’ counselling/therapy route and didn’t feel that was the answer. I was very distressed and depressed when I first met Sarah yet after I came away from our first session I had this relaxed feeling. For the first time in my life I am not needing to run away from my feelings." Michael

"Sarah is calm, friendly and very approachable a great listener with a lovely manner. She is non judgemental and completely professional.Her sessions are engaging and exceeded my expectations. Sarah has helped me see things from a fresh perspective.  I was very lucky to choose Sarah as my coach as I always feel in tune with her during the sessions. “ Alison!

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Training, qualifications & experience

  • BSC Degree in Psychology
  • Dip Chyp - Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy
  • HPD - Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma
  • NLP M.Prac - Practitioner and Master Practitioner Level - NLP Certificate
  • EMI Plus - Trauma Resolution Training, Nigel Hetherinton
  • Certified Clarity Coach with World Renowned Trainer and Author Jamie Smart
  • Baby Calm and Toddler Calm Training with Sarah Ockwell-Smith
  • Project you - Personal Coaching Certificate
  • Project you 2 - Couples Coaching Certificate
  • Slim for Life - Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Certificate
  • Baby Quest - Hypnosis for Fertility Certificate
  • The Simmons Method - Quit Smoking with Hypnotherapy Certificate
  • Confident Childbirth - Hypnobirthing Certificate

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From £75.00 to £1,200.00
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For as long as I can remember I've enjoyed studying the human mind. Its a life long journey that continues to change as new developments are found, developments which often back up and point to ancient traditions and philosophers. I believe that we are all on a journey of becoming and we all need different things at different stages. Generally something taps us on the shoulder and comes to our attention long before we need it and when we are ready its shouting at us so that we can't ignore it any longer!

I truly love exploring the true nature of ourselves and seeing individuals bloom and feel unburdened by life as they have realisations of their own. A coaching relationship is a therapeutic one and a whole hearted one.

Your free discovery session will open up the opportunities and costs available to you.


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Also registered with Hypnotherapy Directory.

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