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07834 655 171 / 07791 520388

About us

As established coaches, trainers and facilitators, Keith and Emma at Positiveways (PW) know that clients may approach us for two reasons:

1. To achieve something specific in their profession, business, career or social life. That is our 'Achiever' Program. Clients enter into their enterprise  and actively climb the 'ladder to success', with our support. We term this 'leading yourself'.

2. To explore their life in depth, clarifying meaning and purpose and the intricacies of the way life is. That is our 'Seeker Program. Clients explore the 'web of life' and find their unique pathway through, guided by us. We term this 'knowing yourself'.

As an accompaniment to active business enterprise and life seeking, we teach Resilience and Mindfulness, which form springboards for getting calm, energetically focused and staying on track, finding your positive way through.

Training, qualifications & experience

HG Dip.P
Certified Professional in EQ and Leadership
Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy & CBT,
Post Graduate Certificate in Psychotherapy
Certificate in Counselling
Masters in Business Administration (MBA)
Fellow of the Chartered Certified Accountants (FCCA)
PTTLS (Teaching)
Post Graduate Certificate in Professional Education

Professional Membership:
Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
Member of the Association of Coaching
Roche Martin Accredited
Associate of the Institute of Clinical Hypnosis
Member of Human Givens Institute
Institute of Sales and Marketing
Institute of Directors

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Our fees start at £100 per hour

Further information

Coaching is about unlocking a person’s potential by helping them to learn and develop positive ways to lead and manage themselves. To be able to model or show this, and successfully partner a client, like any good guide, the coach needs to have knowledge of the ways things work. This includes being trained in emotional intelligence and leadership.

We are widely trained, professionally accredited coaches and both experienced trainers and psychologists. This includes having a breadth of experience in leading businesses and developing managers (as a CEO and managers), with emotional health organisations (as a practitioners) and as an active participant in the ups and downs of life (and business!)

Our consulting rooms are based in Luton, London and North Hertfordshire.

Focuses of coaching?
A distinction is often made between Life and Executive Coaching. The reality is that even executives want a life and execution is about taking action, and personal life always has an impact on business. People who have a life often want to develop their careers or even their businesses. Even though there is not a huge difference in the coaching methods and techniques it is useful to distinguish between the difference circumstances and focuses that clients often approach us for:

1. Life Coaching
Is about finding a balance in your life that is using the stresses of modern day life to be successful in what is important to you. It is about:

  • Taking stock of your life and getting clarity
  • Regaining control
  • Taking positive action
  • Keeping on track and in balance

This could be around being healthy, parenting, sports or academic development or in having healthy relationships or in knowing and fulfilling a purpose. Sometimes it is simple about finding motivation and renewed health. www.positiveways.co.uk

2. Executive Coaching
Everybody should be an executive of their life. We are often engaged by renowned Coaching companies to provide consultancy and Executive Coaching, whereby We deal with confidential support in management issues. This includes those seeking (or aspiring) to be senior executives in a business. As we are promoted we often find we have skills or experience deficits to fill.

For those that are accomplished (and choose not to be coaches!) our challenge is 'who tells you when you have it wrong?'
All Executives and senior managers should have a confidant and the opportunity to explore how to improve their performance by:

  • Getting clarity
  • Changing limiting beliefs
  • Becoming productive
  • Developing the talent of their teams

So the three main reasons we are engaged are:
To develop high potential, especially through change, act as a sounding board and to sometimes address derailing behaviour.

We sometimes achieve this through the use of the Emotional Capital Report and the 360 ECR methodology, in support often for Career planning and CV development.

3. Business Coaching
Sometimes We are engaged by consulting companies to provide SME type businesses with help with in areas of their business that they have least experience; this can be as true of the growing business as it can be for the struggling business. Not only do the business owners/managers need personal support, they often come to us for advice on sales, finance, marketing and personnel issues.

Many of our clients make use of our business and management experience in supporting them with their career planning, management development or in business planning and development, including facilitating workshops, supporting customer service, sales or developing new systems and processes.

4. Depth Coaching - Personal Development
Some of our clients want to explore and understand themselves at a deeper social, emotional and sometimes spiritual level, which some call existential. Whatever the client’s agenda is or needs they have, we are able to support them to resolve unconscious mental processes and to recover innate hidden resources.

5. Life Ways Program - Interpersonal Development
The Life Ways Program recognises that we all have to transit through various stages as we grow and that today’s society does not recognise what used to be known as ‘Rites of Passage’ and as a result the support and guidance developing adults need is not in place.
Life Ways addresses this by being available not just during the transition, but also in helping for the preparation of that transition. This includes for example; leaving home, becoming a useful member of society, a partner, parent, grandparent, elder and preparation for the final transition.
The program is fully inclusive.

Moving on
Coaching is different from Counselling and Psychotherapy, which are concerned with healing past hurts. The counsellor helps bury the past. They are 'undertakers'.

Whilst this is important in order to move on (choose a coach who can identify such issues with you and help you find the right way to address them), coaching focuses on the life enrichment process. It’s about moving on and becoming even better. It is about 'birthing the future'. Coaches are 'midwives'.

Clients are unique and we have trained in numerous coaching ways and traditions in order to shape my approach to meet my client. Some need support to re-gather their resources; We act as a Sherpa and show them how to build their resources. Others seek just clarity in their lives, businesses or careers. We are their guide. Many want to find positive ways to enhance their already successful ways; We are their coach. In particular, once we have a spoken, we will ensure your find the right way for you to achieve.

We place warmth, empathy and gentle humour at the centre of my coaching process, yet we can hold our clients 'feet to the fire' whilst the make their choices and take action to meet their goals.

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Type of session

Online life coaching: Yes
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Face to face life coaching: Yes

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