Robin Goldsbro - Level Seven Coaching

Robin Goldsbro - Level Seven Coaching

About us

Let's get real.

You are here because there is something missing in your life or something holding you back.   You might not know what is yet or perhaps you do. Perhaps its a big dream about the future and it's something you can no longer ignore.

Often we reflect on our life so far. We look back over time and wonder at just how we have arrived here and how we’ll ever become the person or have the life we aspire to.

Those dreams about the future might be about changing our career, leaving our partner, building our confidence, never having another panic attack, removing that phobia.   Perhaps it’s something else you imagine that will lead you to a more fulfilling life.

As you sit there and wonder, you might acknowledge that you have a choice. To do what you’ve always done or to decide that today is the day and to begin to change something.

What would that new life be like?   A new job? A new relationship? Free from fear and greater confidence and self belief? A new level of freedom? You may be asking yourself how you silence the voice that creeps in to tell you you’re not good enough. The voice that brings you back to the bills you have to pay or how you’ll give your children the life you hope for.

When you think about making a change, perhaps it feels overwhelming or even impossible to begin. You could decide the challenge is too hard and to distract yourself until next time. You could also realise that you don’t need to have all the answers right here and now to make a decision to do something different.

Change doesn’t have to be a long and arduous process. Change happens in just a moment, when you decide to do something different. Only you can decide if now is that time to follow your dream of being true to yourself.

It’s scary not knowing all the steps, but it's not that which matters right now. What matters is making the decision to take that first step. As we work together your life and path will begin to unfold in front of you. You’ll learn more about yourself and begin to see that you can lead a full, rewarding life, full of joy, happiness and success.

Hi - I'm Robin

My story goes back a long way and I struggled at school.   I didn’t feel stupid but the lessons didn’t seem to go in like these appeared to for others. I felt self-conscious and didn’t want to ask for help because I knew it would draw attention to myself. I put on a smile and some false bravado, but inside I hated it and as soon as I got home I wanted to be outside, to forget about school. I was getting by with my smile and working hard, until one day my maths teacher shouted that I was a stupid boy. In that moment all my internal fears were confirmed. I then had a label of 'stupid boy' and my confidence was shot.

I left school and went to college and it was there that I met Eileen, my English teacher. Eileen was different, she didn’t have just one way to explain, but many ways. She was approachable and asking for support didn’t feel like an acknowledgement of my own inadequacy. I spent 4 years at college and passed top of my class. I learnt that I wasn’t stupid, and I learnt new ways that made sense to me. I’d realised, at least cognitively, that I was only a stupid boy if I believed I was. Feeling like I’d lost time, I dedicated myself to self-improvement.

In the business world I was driven, dedicated and relentless. I pushed myself and ‘managed my career’. I consumed books, attended courses and got great mentors.   I was committed to being successful in every way possible - financially, spiritually and through helping people less able. I had capacity - I said yes when I meant no.   I was successful - externally I had a very comfortable life, but on the inside I felt differently.

With all that I did, I went all in and played for keeps - all because deep in the basement of my unconscious mind was that stupid boy. If I slowed down, I could hear him shouting that I wasn’t good enough, that I was still less than my peers. He’d shout ‘imposter’ and no matter the feedback I got on the outside, I’d be certain I would be found out.

The constant drive to quieten that inner voice, to out run the feeling of not been good enough was exhausting and I was burnt out, lost and suffering from existential angst.

I’d been held back for most of my life because of a secret fear of being stupid and doing everything I could to prove I wasn’t, to people who didn’t think any such thing. It took NLP and my first real coach to change that.

Today it’s no longer about achieving others’ version of accomplishment. It's not that I've reached a stage of enlightenment or I have a perfect life but that I know and believe something. I believe that following my path is the only way to achieve fulfilment. I’m still a life-long learner and always looking for ways to improve and I still play 'all in’, but I’m not using someone else's version of success and I’m not looking to prove anything to anyone. ok - maybe only to myself and only sometimes.

Most people think that those who exude confidence and have everything they need have it made but I know you can show up that way and be deeply insecure and need something at a deeper level on the inside.

Today I’m a coach and I work with people just like I was.

If you are committed to being successful in ways that you don’t yet know…if you‘ve been conventionally successful….but underneath it all, have the sense that you’re an imposter, you’re not being your authentic self or that you’ll be found out. If you're asking the question 'what next?' and 'what’s the point?' then you and I should have a conversation.

An invitation

This is an invitation to allow me to serve you in a powerful way, to help set you free to become the authentic you. To guide you with compassion and integrity. To show you how to trust your own inner wisdom, to answer and to live into more powerful questions.

It doesn't matter at this stage of you're looking for life coaching , career coaching / business coaching or personal development, together we'll find the path you're truly looking for.

How we'll work:

Perhaps you’ll want to look at my website before dropping me an email or giving me a call to say you’d like to have a conversation about coaching.

I'll ask how can I best serve you and our initial conversation will begin.

Our coaching could start in many places but I know we'll define what’s truly important to you and with the upmost clarity. We'll work together to define the steps to get there, removing negative self-beliefs and behaviours that hold you back.

We'll introduce new resources and capabilities that help you go further than you thought possible.
You'll build a whole new level of inner confidence and energy so that you can live your life on purpose.

Wether you decide to work with me right now or not, I want you to know that you are more powerful than you know, you have a reservoir of potential within you and when you tap into it you’ll surprise yourself at just what you can achieve.

Remember there is only now and the best day is always the one you're in.

Training, qualifications & experience

  • NLP Master Practitioner (Qualified ABNLP)
  • NLP Master Coach (Qualified ABNLP)
  • EQ-i 2.0 / EQ 360 - Certified (MHS)
  • Qualified Master Hypnotherapist (Qualified ABNLP)
  • Management Consulting - Course at Techniques for Change leading to post graduate certificate
  • Managing Change - Certificate
  • Developing individual performance -Certificate
  • Developing high performance teams - Certificate
  • Coaching and Development -Certificate
  • Managing & Selecting Talent -Course
  • Situational Leadership II -Course
  • ITIL Expert - Certificate
  • Developing Business Strategies - Course
  • Financial Management - Course

Photos & videos

  • Introduction
  • Adventure Coaching 1:1
  • Change your Life in 3 Days
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  • The Lodge (1)
  • The Lodge (2)


I'm being transparent and sharing my prices below. I'm not the cheapest coach you'll find because the barrier to becoming a coaching is low. I don't do low end coaching.

Coaching with me is an investment in your future, its high end, transformational coaching and It's not about returning to a state of 'Ok' but about living into our potential and living an authentic life. Whether you choose to work with me or not, I want you to know right now that you are worth it.

I know few people have a budget for coaching and it can be hard to imagine the deep transformational changes you’ll make. I want you to be confident in your investment and It's for this reason that I'm offering a M&S level guarantee.   When we have our first coaching conversation, If you don't feel differently and get value out of it, I'll give you your money back. No questions asked.

I want you to know that at this stage you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You’ll get to experience a deep, transformational coaching conversation and the possibilities with no risk.

At the end, perhaps you’ll choose to continue working with me to create something extraordinary. When you're ready, we’ll build a coaching programme around you and your objectives. My coaching is tailor-made and no programme is exactly the same because no two clients are the same.

Sessions are delivered at my dedicated workspace in Leeds or online. The prices are based on a a regular fortnightly meeting schedule but we can discuss what's right for you.

Phobia fix: £1000

  • Fixed Fee for 4 sessions
  • Face to face only
  • Sessions last 90 minutes.
  • Smoking, Anxiety, Irrational Fears

3 Day Intensive: £2500

  • Fee based on using my dedicated workspace in Leeds.
  • Sessions usually from 10:00 - 16:00
  • The programmes includes any supporting material fees from external providers (e.g. EQ assessment)

3 Months of Coaching: £1350

  • Online calls and/or use of my dedicated workspace in Leeds.
  • Fortnightly coaching sessions lasting 90 minutes.
  • Includes access to direct personal coaching with me online, over the phone and by email outside of the core sessions. The programmes includes any supporting material fees from external providers (e.g. EQ assessment)

6 Months of Coaching: £2700

  • Online calls and/or use of my dedicated workspace in Leeds.
  • Fortnightly coaching sessions lasting 90 minutes. Includes access to direct personal coaching with me online, over the phone and by email outside of the core sessions.
  • The programmes includes any supporting material fees from external providers (e.g. EQ assessment)

4 Day Intensive Adventure Coaching in Sweden: £4000 (see website for more information)

  • Includes flights, train, food and accommodation
  • Includes pre-adventure coaching session to design programme objectives
  • The programmes includes any supporting material fees from external providers (e.g. EQ assessment)

Leadership EQ assessment and coaching session: £400

  • Includes pre-session Emotional Intelligence 2.0 questionnaire
  • 2 hour feedback and coaching session
  • Session delivered online or at my dedicated workspace in Leeds

Leadership 360 EQ assessment and coaching session: £700

  • Includes pre-session Emotional Intelligence 2.0 questionnaire
  • 2 hour feedback and coaching session
  • Session delivered online or at my dedicated workspace in Leeds
  • Structured and supported 360 feedback using feedback from up to 12 people

Further information

65% of my clients are women. I specialise in helping women make changes in their life, especially their career.

My female clients choose me because I understand the unique challenges women face.
I offer my clients support managing the inner turmoil and guilt associated with balancing a career and being with their family. I help them overcome the inner challenges of being a people pleaser, a perfectionist and feeling like an imposter.
I help my clients own their space, celebrate their accomplishments and increase their presence.

Client Appreciation


“In just a short period of time, Robin has opened doors and avenues for me I hadn’t even considered exploring. His encouragement, questioning and support has made me challenge some long held assumptions which have prevented me from moving forward with my business. Speaking with Robin has been incredibly valuable to me and I’d like to say a huge thank you for his help so far”

— Entrepreneur

“Our conversation truly was life changing, I am looking at life in a much better light, and today I actually started my new job. I haven’t stopped singing your praises, our chat was revolutionary.

— Product Manager

“Robin was a revelation for my mind and my mental health, my way of thinking and approaching others has changed dramatically.

He helped me to pause before I spoke, consider my response and the effect it could have on others, my emotional intelligence has levelled up due to his coaching.

It wasn’t always easy, I learnt some things about myself I didn’t particularly like but the first part of change is knowing yourself and Robin helped that happen.

Due to his coaching I have started my own business, it’s early days but things are off to a good start and I can attribute this to the soft skills Robin has helped me nurture.

— Business Owner

“Through Robins coaching, I feel a better person, he’s made me think differently. By helping me think in a different way, has resulted in better and quicker results, not just for me, but others too.

— Senior Manager

“My sessions with Robin allowed me to gain a different perspective and enabled me to come up with solutions to my issues myself. The sessions were invaluable in increasing my confidence in my ability to handle things, I discovered that I had the tools all along, I just needed to believe in my ability to use them effectively. Which I now know I can do!

— Senior Project Manager

“Robin is a great mentor who helps to go beyond diagrams and look for new solutions that build not only a strategy but a trust-based relationship with people.

— Senior Operations Manager

“Robin helped me to take control of my anxiety and understand I have the power to change how I feel about things.

— Project Manager

“Robin has helped me realise my full potential and would make me question any doubt I have had, he helped me gain confidence in a very busy and fast paced work environment which has led to great determination in future roles’

— Operations Manager

“Robin has a fantastic way of bringing out the best in people. His coaching sessions leave you feeling positive and energised.

He uses his considerable knowledge and experience to gently challenge the way you think. He does this using several techniques that help you to ask the right questions, find answers to these questions and ultimately progress your career. He equally works well in a team setting, teaching new techniques and helping keep the meeting/workshop focused and on track.

If you’re looking for help developing your team, or for personal one to one coaching then I wholeheartedly recommend his services.”


Leeds, LS25

Type of session

Online life coaching: Yes
Telephone life coaching: Yes
Face to face life coaching: Yes
Home visits: Yes

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: None


Accessibility information
Wheelchair access: Unspecified

I have a dedicated consultation room separate from my house. It has wheelchair access although I have no suitable bathroom for wheelchair users.


I have a few slots open for clients. I don't operate fixed hours which means I can offer support at the times that make sense to you.