About me

The reason why I am a Life Coach with over 8 years experience, is that I have always had a deep interest in people.

Since changing my belief systems many years ago my life has taken on tremendous change.

So it is with that vitality and passion that I wish to help others to look within. I have strengths of optimism, energy, problem solving, a great sense of humour, persistence and developing solid relationships with my clients.

I help my clients to see situations and opportunities with new eyes and look at the endless ways in which happiness can come about.

I am a confident listener, encouraging you to break everything down into easy steps that will be helpful , empowering you to achieve your goals.

My Professional development is ongoing, I continually study and listen to those, whom have reached extraordinary personal success and levels of happiness that some would not dream were possible. I also work with a Coach to continue my professional development, investing in myself is imperative to my success in my life and business.

My main goal with my clients is for them to:-

Live a happy and fulfilling life, by changing thought patterns that have not served them well in the past.

Help them realise solutions to problems and decisions that have remained unresolved over time.

Understand it as a process used to create changes that they want to make in your life.

Understand your thoughts and beliefs do become our reality.

Know that they have the power to create the life that they want, rather than simply letting life happen to them.

If you have any further questions about how I might be able to help you, please get in touch. Why wait another moment?


I am so thankful to have found Sian, and contrary to what I expected (I expected to kind of dread being “coached” and “working on stuff”), I eagerly anticipate my coaching call each week! I chose Sian because she coaches from the background/knowledge of Law of Attraction, a topic of which I am a student. I knew that with this background in common, Sian and I would speak the same language and I would be able to progress in my growth as swiftly as I was ready to allow.

Sian knows how to listen, and she gently provides new perspective and guidance in a non-judgemental way. From our first call I really felt at ease, right away she felt like someone I could trust, who genuinely wanted to help me succeed. The loving, positive atmosphere Sian has created for our calls has allowed me to feel safe and heard while I think out loud, be vulnerable, have aha! moments, and more.

My most favourite things about having her for a coach is her sense of humour, and that I can truly feel her excitement and passion for my progress. I would recommend Sian to anyone looking to expand their joy, their success, and their freedom.

DM - Florida

Sian is so approachable and a fantastic listener. After only a few sessions in the beginning I could see my situation in a completely different light. She has given me  the courage over the last 4 months to address issues and made me realise what life is really all about. I loved our sessions. I cannot believe the progress that I have made in myself and life in general. She has provided me new skills to create different successful habits that I have now put in place. She is an absolutely lovely, talented and knowledgeable individual.  A very inspirational lady and I would recommend Sian to anyone that is trying to get their life in order.

LS - Edinburgh

Sian was my coach for over six months. She has literally saved my life. I was in a long term relationship of over 20 years with 3 children. I was desperately unhappy and turned to Sian to help me find the confidence to leave my relationship. We discussed many options and looked at my low self esteem was keeping me stuck. She asked me some tough questions and I had to face some difficult truths. I had no way of seeing a way out. Sian has had a ton of life experience including two divorces so knew the pain that I would face and the guilt of splitting up my family. She is an example of what is possible. She sets her standards high as she wants her clients to receive the best outcomes possible. She often reminded me that to achieve a different/ better life there would always be challenges along the way. I am now in a wonderful supportive relationship, have just moved into my new home and am working in a part time job whilst I train to be a counsellor. Without Sian’s support I would not even have considered this path. I highly recommend her if you are unsure of what to do with your life next, or you simply feel stuck.

PJ - Cheshire

Training, qualifications & experience

MA ( Merit) in Coaching and Mentoring

Neuro Linguistic Practitioner Certification

GHSC accredited training in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

Bed (Hons ) degree

Life Coaching Diploma

Teacher for 25 years in private, state and special education. My last position was working with children with emotional, social and behavioural problems. A very challenging role but one that added to my knowledge of human behaviours, self esteem, motivation and setbacks.

Student mentor for the past 22 years.

Lecturer in SEND ( Special Educational Needs and Disabilities)

In-house trainer in schools.

Professional Organiser / Declutterer

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From £50.00 to £100.00
Free initial telephone or online session

Additional information

Simple Steps Programme


This course gives you three 1-1 sessions with me plus a follow-up email after each session, with a breakdown and goal setting.

Pay As You Go sessions 


These are 1-1 sessions with me, a detailed email after each session AND text support in between sessions.

 8-Week Programme

£720 10% saving

This course gives you eight  1-1 sessions with me, a detailed email after each session AND text support in between sessions.

12 Week Programme. 

£1020 15% saving

This course gives you twelve 1-1 sessions with me, a detailed email after each session AND text support in between sessions.

16 Week Programme

£1360 20% saving

This course gives you sixteen 1-1 sessions with me, a detailed email after each session AND text support in between sessions.

Further details of exactly what each programme provides can be found on my website. http://www.sianwinslade.com. The link is above.

Once we have initially connected, we will schedule a complimentary call which will be around an hour where we can discuss the type of coaching programme best suited for your needs. This can be done online or on the phone. The initial discovery call allows us to see if we are good fit for one another and also to see how committed you are to making significant change. 

If you want to have our first session together as a face to face and you live in the Greater Manchester/ Cheshire area I am happy to do this.

Sessions are conducted via Skype/Zoom, Face to Face, depending on the client’s personal preference.

 Monthly payment option is available for the 8 /12 /16 week programmes.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Monday- Friday - 8 am- 7pm

Weekend sessions are available on request.

Further information

Areas I deal with

Mindset / Confidence and Self Belief

Relationships / Friendships

Home Organisation/ Life Management

Significant life changes

Time Management

Mental health

Work/Life Balance

Stress management



Type of session

In person
Home visits


Sian Winslade

Sian Winslade