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Available for new clients

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WA16 0BF, Cheshire, WA16
Available for new clients
Available for new clients

This professional is available for new clients.

About me

The reason why I am a Life Coach with over 11 years experience, is that I have always had a deep interest in people.

Since changing my belief systems many years ago my life has taken on tremendous change.

So it is with that vitality and passion that I wish to help others to look within. I have strengths of optimism, energy, problem solving, a great sense of humour, persistence and developing solid relationships with my clients.

I help my clients to see situations and opportunities with new eyes and look at the endless ways in which happiness can come about.

I am a confident listener, encouraging you to break everything down into easy steps that will be helpful , empowering you to achieve your goals.

My Professional development is ongoing, I continually study and listen to those, whom have reached extraordinary personal success and levels of happiness that some would not dream were possible. I also work with a Coach to continue my professional development, investing in myself is imperative to my success in my life and business.

My main goal with my clients is for them to:-

Live a happy and fulfilling life, by changing thought patterns that have not served them well in the past.

Help them realise solutions to problems and decisions that have remained unresolved over time.

Understand it as a process used to create changes that they want to make in your life.

Understand your thoughts and beliefs do become our reality.

Know that they have the power to create the life that they want, rather than simply letting life happen to them.

If you have any further questions about how I might be able to help you, please get in touch. Why wait another moment?


Before I met Siân , I wasn’t sure if coaching was for me or therapy would be better. However, I am so grateful I chose to go on my coaching journey with Siân. Over the last six months I’ve been fitter, healthier, happier, more confident, more relaxed. Ran the fastest 10 K I ever have, and the furthest distance I’ve ever ran. I’ve lost 10 kg in weight, stop drinking, going on trips I’ve always wanted to go on, and turned my relationship around. It could be said I got here on my own, but without a doubt Siân has been the catalyst for almost every change in my life since I’ve been with her, and is 100% worth every penny of the investment.

I love our sessions, there are perfect mix of light, funny and serious and deep, She challenges me and holds me to account while also feeling like someone I could be totally honest with and face no judgement. If you’re questioning whether to go with Siân , do it! You will thank yourself I have no doubt.

JT - Cheshire


Sian is a fantastic coach and truly wonderful human being - a great listener, she is empathetic, personable, never judgemental and full of positive but compassionate advice. She’s helped me process experiences I felt overwhelmed by, improve my communication and turn my jumble of thoughts into clearer directions and choices.
I’d highly recommend her. Thank you Sian for what you do!

CH - Hale


I initially approached Sian to help me with some of my procrastination challenges. I found Sian vey easy to chat with and the sessions very helpful. Over the last 12 weeks Sian has helped me not only with procrastination but also in other areas of my life, especially around gratitude and being grateful for the things I already have.

Sian is friendly, approachable and no nonsense when it comes to advice, but first and foremost great at pushing a conversation where it needs to go.

I’d highly recommend working with Sian if you want to improve your mindset or work on your inner self.

LT- Cheshire


Sian had been guiding me through what is a very difficult life decision that I need to make and her coaching has been incredibly helpful. Sian challenges my thoughts and helps me to break down limiting beliefs, see the good in my life and be grateful for what I have. I now realise how powerful gratitude and practicing gratitude really is in my journey to finding fullfillment. Sian is very professional in her Coaching but also very warm, outgoing and real! We don't sugar coat stuff in our sessions, I love it.

Thank you, Sian xx

HD- Bedford


Siân is such a great person. From the very beginning we connected and I felt at ease sharing with her my thoughts and worries. I always feel like I’m speaking to a friend who has my back and encourages me to find and choose what’s best for me. She’s very approachable, kind and super easy to talk to. Siân will always make me laugh no matter how bad the day was. She’s passionate and cares about her clients. It’s definitely more than just a job for her. She supported me during difficult times and celebrated with me my wins.

Thanks Siân

KK - Manchester


Sian is an unbelievably talented coach. Unpacking aspects of your life to the root. If you are searching for clarity, purpose and fulfilment in a personal or professional manner - she is the coach for you. Her approach and experience ensures you will have nothing but in-depth, personable and supportive sessions. Follow up notes (so helpful for reflection), resources and communication throughout creates a really strong bond. I honestly couldn’t recommend her enough. She’s unmatched, a true inspiration and I’m grateful to be working with someone I truly resonate with

JW -Derby


It’s a lifetime bond that I have created with Sian. She puts in all the effort to get you rethinking in a different way. I have been doing this for 5 months and the significant change she has made to me in my life, has seen me change things in a monumental way. It’s not your standard sessions, there is more heart into her time for you. She makes the effort to understand you, to send you books to read or podcasts. She has the wisdom to navigate you to a better thought process. I have achieved a lot in this short period of time. The work she puts in and the experience of speaking to her, it’s an enlightenment for yourself. The realisation that life is not one dimensional. How she inspires you, it’s incredible. I couldn’t have done half of the work I have done, in this time without her. She has an exuberant personality and it’s calming speaking to her. She’s just awesome and its comfort knowing you have a session with her after a difficult time. It’s more than just the money aspect for her. She cares a lot about the people she speaks with. Once again thank you.

PV- Cheshire


I started working with Sian in January 2023 with issues to my heavy drinking and what triggers it. Having previously been drinking over 100 units a week- within a couple this has been reduced to around 40units. Sian’s skill to identify and let me ope up about my triggers has allowed me to carry on drinking without having to stop. Another huge bonus of working with Sian is that it helped me deal with issues to do with my sexuality and since working with her I have come to terms with this.

JB- Manchester


I can’t recommend working with Sian enough! I honestly don’t know how she does it because her coaching was so personalised that it made me feel like I was her only client. As well as the weekly coaching sessions you get super detailed notes which I found really helpful with sticking to my goals and she sends podcasts and resources personalised to what you’re working on throughout the week. Sian is super supportive, she never made me feel like any goal was too big or small and is great with celebrating small wins to help keep you motivated. She was also super understanding of my LGBTQ+ identity and always made me feel comfortable! If you’re wanting to invest in setting good habits and working on your mental health Sian is the best person to help ❤️

CB- Manchester


Working with Siân has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. She is an amazing coach, very personable a great listener and an expert and what she does. Mentally I was in a place that I hated and I have put up with for years before finally building myself up to speak to someone. From the Discovery Call to the first session and all the sessions after, Sian has always made me feel very comfortable in opening up about everything.

My previous mindset and outlook feels like a distant memory. The structure of the sessions, the follow-ups and all of the resources in between work very well. It was enjoyable throughout and extremely grateful that I met Sian.She’s made me feel empowered to live the life I want, reach my goals and most importantly, take control of all aspects of my life.

I now have complete clarity and feel sharp and focused and I’m back to my normal self. A paragraph I am living in the present and appreciating everything in life a lot more. Friends and family have noticed a huge difference in me. The coaching from Sian has been absolutely invaluable, I would 100% recommend her and couldn’t speak highly enough of her.

She is quite literally changed my life thank you Sian !

PB- Manchester


Since June I’ve been working closely with Sian as my life/mindset coach. I haven’t once looked back. Before working with Sian I felt unmotivated, and short and anxious about a few areas of my life.I wanted to take a practical, forward thinking approach which would give me a new structure to my life and permanent change.

Siân now knows more than anyone about every aspect of my life…… And by the way I’m totally comfortable with that!! Lovely Sian has an incredible approach to the work she does. Each phone call we have lots of laughs and put in place practical things to work on over the next week. Sian has helped me unpack and deal with past emotions/grief and to put in place and healthy boundaries.

I can be true to myself and I’m enjoying adding new elements to my life I never thought I would! After just eight weeks I feel so much more content, relaxed and excited about whats to come, I only have Sian thanks for that.

I still have work I want to do but I’m genuinely so chuffed with what the process has given me. I wish others knew how valuable it can be! Sian , I’m incredibly grateful for the advice and guidance you give me so far I’m so looking forward to the next few months of progress. If you need structure, good boundaries and an understanding on how to be the most authentic and best version you can be, seriously look look no further!

PS just off to do my journalling!

HS -Devon


I was referred to Siân. In a bit of a mental fuzz and emotional pickle.
I have been though 15 years of therapy and medication. To have only been back to the start. I have PTSD and BPD. I have never felt so equip to deal with my brain and emotions since I have had my sessions with this gem.
I have to say the time I’ve spent with Sian has clarified so many things in my Fuzzy brain. The best recommendation I have ever had. Friends, family & loved ones which I have hurt with my behaviour have seen a drastic difference in myself. I am calm I can deal with things differently and I feel like myself again.
I had lost my love of life and this woman made me find it!!

After being told I was too complex to deal with from the NHS, I now know, I am pretty awesome and not to bad.
Please don’t all book at once!! She is my Siân. 

RD- Manchester

I have been working with Siân for over three months and I cannot recommend her enough. Her coaching style is personable and she never makes you feel stupid for being concerned about certain events or things.

I contacted Sian on New Year’s Day 2022, which I had been dreading. I was very overwhelmed with everything around me and felt as though I was treading water; the worry surrounding the following months had reaching boiling point. This stress and anxiety had spilled into my personal life, affecting my relationships with friends, family and partner, as well as my work.

Through these three months, Siân has coached me to better understand the situations which carry worry and develop my resilience towards them. I have had compliments from the people closest to me about how I have developed as a person. Events which would have previously caused me to spiral are now controllable situations. I am able to sleep better and the quality of my work has improved dramatically. The little changes that were suggested by Siân have made a massive difference to my life.

Siân has taught me its normal to be stressed, it's normal to be nervous and its normal to feel overwhelmed, but how we handle and move forward from a trigger is what defines that moment and our emotions towards it. She has coached me so calmly through a very high-emotion few months, to the point where I question if they were as stressful as I thought they were.

Thank you for your continued support, Siân and I look forward to evolving more a person under your guidance!

JS- Cheshire


Sian has been absolutely incredible. She has given me so much insight into my life and all the different ways the various areas of my life interplay and interact. She has provided me with practical tactics and strategies, coaching me through each one along the way. She coached me in person at Cheshire Wellness Centre.

Her write ups between sessions means I have a really comprehensive resource to refer back to you and her methodical approach insures that I’m able to make meaningful and measurable progress.

If you’re looking to take ownership over your life or are in need of some insight and strategies, and I couldn’t recommend Sian enough! Here is to a happier and more fulfilling journey in this wonderful world! 

HS- Manchester


I can’t recommend Sian enough. From the moment I started my first session I found her to be friendly, honest and most of all genuine. I believe Sian was made for this job and has an effortless ability to connect with people on a personal level.

My time with Sian was spent on a number of different areas in my life that she helped de-clutter and organise, often introducing me to concepts and ideas that allowed me to gain a deeper perspective of myself. Sometimes all you need is direction and Sian’s discussions helped put me on the right track. If you need coaching then I would definitely reach out because I’ve benefitted hugely from my sessions.

WL - Birmingham


I was looking for a life/ mindset and Sian’s profile jumped out at me straight away.

And my goodness, don’t I now know why.

Over the past 10 weeks or so we have been on the most incredible journey that words simply cannot do justice. Because of Sian I have achieved some incredible things in such a short space of time. And the journey is to continue!

If it wasn’t for Sian, I would have continued to feel lost and most likely ended up on a mental downward spiral. Sian has helped me get back to my usual self and push for more!

I could speak with Sian everyday, its just magical.

Highly highly highly recommend. THANK YOU Sian!

AB- Manchester


Siân is one of the most incredible people I have ever met. She has transformed my life by supporting me with my mindset and given me the tools to live a more positive, happy and fulfilled life.

Speaking to Siân over a period of 10 weeks or so has changed my life forever and I will continue to have twice monthly sessions with her. Over the 10 week period, we developed a lovely friendship and I felt that I was able to open up to Siân about anything and everything.

She never judged and always had my best interests at heart. Outside of the sessions, she has always been there for a phone call or text if I needed her support or advice. I no longer need any form of medication because I have learnt to process and deal with my emotions authentically. I will forever be grateful to Siân and all she has done to transform my life.

Thank you

HB- Manchester


I am so thankful to have found Sian, and contrary to what I expected (I expected to kind of dread being “coached” and “working on stuff”), I eagerly anticipate my coaching call each week! I chose Sian because she coaches from the background/knowledge of Law of Attraction, a topic of which I am a student. I knew that with this background in common, Sian and I would speak the same language and I would be able to progress in my growth as swiftly as I was ready to allow.

Sian knows how to listen, and she gently provides new perspective and guidance in a non-judgemental way. From our first call I really felt at ease, right away she felt like someone I could trust, who genuinely wanted to help me succeed. The loving, positive atmosphere Sian has created for our calls has allowed me to feel safe and heard while I think out loud, be vulnerable, have aha! moments, and more.

My most favourite things about having her for a coach is her sense of humour, and that I can truly feel her excitement and passion for my progress. I would recommend Sian to anyone looking to expand their joy, their success, and their freedom.

DM - Florida


Sian was my coach for over six months. She has literally saved my life. I was in a long term relationship of over 20 years with 3 children. I was desperately unhappy and turned to Sian to help me find the confidence to leave my relationship. We discussed many options and looked at my low self esteem was keeping me stuck. She asked me some tough questions and I had to face some difficult truths. I had no way of seeing a way out. Sian has had a ton of life experience including two divorces so knew the pain that I would face and the guilt of splitting up my family. She is an example of what is possible. She sets her standards high as she wants her clients to receive the best outcomes possible. She often reminded me that to achieve a different/ better life there would always be challenges along the way. I am now in a wonderful supportive relationship, have just moved into my new home and am working in a part time job whilst I train to be a counsellor. Without Sian’s support I would not even have considered this path. I highly recommend her if you are unsure of what to do with your life next, or you simply feel stuck.

PJ - Cheshire


Training, qualifications & experience

MA ( Merit) in Coaching and Mentoring

Neuro Linguistic Practitioner ( NLP) Certification

GHSC accredited training in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

Bed (Hons ) degree

Life Coaching Diploma

Corporate Wellness Coaching Diploma

Positive Psychology Diploma

Mindfulness Diploma

Life Purpose Coach Diploma

Teacher for 27 years in private, state and special education. My last position was working with children with emotional, social and behavioural problems. A very challenging role but one that added to my knowledge of human behaviours, self esteem, motivation and setbacks.

Student mentor for the past 24 years.

Lecturer in SEND ( Special Educational Needs and Disabilities)

In-house trainer in schools.


£75.00 - £100.00
Free initial telephone session

Health Insurance/EAP

  • Vitality

Additional information

My face to face coaching is available at the Cheshire Wellness Centre at Lymm Marina as well as in Central Knutsford.

Simple Steps Programme


This course gives you three 1-1 sessions with me plus a follow-up email after each session, with a breakdown and goal setting. This is available on zoom and telephone only.

Pay As You Go sessions 


These are 1-1 sessions with me, a detailed email after each session AND text support in between sessions.

 8-Week Programme

£720 10% saving

This course gives you eight  1-1 sessions with me, a detailed email after each session AND text support in between sessions.

Further details of exactly what each programme provides can be found on my website. The link is above.

Once we have initially connected, we will schedule a complimentary call which will be around half an hour where we can discuss the type of coaching programme best suited for your needs. This will be on the phone. The initial discovery call allows us to see if we are good fit for one another and also to see how committed you are to making significant change. 

If you want to have our first session together as a face to face and you live in the Greater Manchester/ Cheshire area I am happy to do this.

Sessions are conducted mainly via phone but also ,Zoom,  or Face to Face in my Knutsford space or Lymm in Cheshire, depending on the client’s personal preference.

When I work

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Monday- Thursday - 8 am- 7pm

Friday 8am-2pm

Further information

Areas I deal with

Mindset / Confidence and Self Belief


Relationships / Friendships

Home Organisation/ Life Management

Significant life changes

Time Management

Mental health

Work/Life Balance

Stress management



Knutsford, WA16 0BF, Cheshire, WA16

Type of session

In person
Home visits

Types of client

Young people (13-17)
Adults (25-64)
Older Adults (65+)

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