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Manchester M21 & London N17
07833774775 07833774775

About me

My clients are creative, ambitious leaders with a great track record, ready to reach the next level in their lives. My clients are ready to shift their perspective, question their ingrained behaviours and patterns. They are prepared to face their demons, and their magnificence, be ready to take action and create real change. Together we discover the beliefs and decisions that you have made, probably years ago, that are holding you back.

Everyone sets their own glass ceiling about what they believe is possible. Being able to understand that, and process that is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself, to really understanding the limitations that you've set for yourself. Together we work on knowing that they are there, what they are and then moving beyond them.

Let's talk: http://bethcreedon.co.uk/

Watch my short (3mins) video at the bottom of this page, to get a feel of me.

I hold a strong space in which my clients explore what they need to hit the next level.

I provide a loving, yet challenging support, skilfully guiding my clients with both humour and creativity.

My style is open, honest and I am not afraid to ask the difficult questions.

My clients find that they discover an awareness and a freedom of mindset.

I am an enabler.

I have helped hundreds of individuals transition and grow over my 11 years as a professional coach.

On a personal level I have identified and moved beyond my ever moving glass ceiling many times! I have a black belt, I've created and sold businesses, moved countries twice, to name but a few.

Training, qualifications & experience

ICF Accredited Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice.

I have been a full time professional coach since 2009.

I have been on my own coaching journey since 2001.

Coaching has inspired me to enrich my life along the way; finding peace, success and fulfilment in my career, and satisfaction and joy in my heart.

I run my coaching consultancy full time, I run workshops and international retreats.

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I firstly invite you to have chat on the phone with me to see if we're a good match.

The first two coaching sessions are then both 2 hours long.

In these first two sessions together we build a strong understanding, rapport and plan.

After that sessions are 90 mins long, we will create strong insights and you will then take action between sessions from those insights and the plan built in the first sessions. The coaching sessions will be between 2-4 weeks apart.

I take on clients for either 6 or 12 months.

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“I love the way you can ask the question that leads me to deep self awareness. You quietly listen and watch…it’s the watching my body language and reading what’s going on with me that has really blown me away in a few of our most recent sessions. Naming that lack of Freedom I was feeling was powerful for me. So when I’ve had my biggest growth personally it’s when you’ve helped me to identify what the feelings are that I am sub consciously holding on to that are holding me in place, keeping me  from taking risks.” HB, California

“Beth is an incredibly skilled and intuitive coach. The way she reflects your own thoughts back to you is scarily to the point and the truth you knew and really didn't want to hear. She is the best for accountability and kicking you into action when all you want to do is hide under the analysis paralysis blanket. No chance with Beth. I love working with Beth and do so on an ongoing basis, because she is one of the best in this industry!” JH, Portland

“You’ve helped me to step back and at the same time, you’ve made me dive in to my emotions. I have dealt with my emotions, rather than ignoring them. I now connect with myself in a way that I did not believe was possible.” AP, Switzerland

“She’s an outstanding professional and a kind, understanding and genuine person. I can’t imagine a better person at doing what she does. It was such a wonderful thing knowing that there are people like her around, and she made me believe that the ‘magic’ I sought, can be found.” JJ, London

“I felt like I discovered what I really knew I’d cared about all along and how I could really be me without letting all the self-limiting stuff getting in the way. I really got back in touch with feeling fully alive and the joy that that brings for me and all those around me. Beth is truly wonderful. A bright, shiny person who just radiates warmth, generosity and understanding. She is an extraordinary coach.” RS, Devon

The results were truly amazing and life changing. In less than 12 months I turned my life around. I found Beth's approach, manner and skill invaluable.”
CP, Cumbria

"Beth has a seemingly instinctive ability to see beyond the words and read the whole energy of your being. She is incredibly astute at picking up on body language, energetic signals and breaking through the barriers we can erect. Working with Beth has without doubt changed the course of my life already." SM, Somerset

"Challenging. Enlightening. I have made decisions that I didn't realise were possible when I first started. It has given me confidence and I have further discovered myself and realised my journey in life is my responsibility and that I have full control over it. A very pleasurable and worthwhile experience that I have learned from enormously. Her use of tools, language and communication were exceptional. She is a very talented coach." AMT, Manchester

“The coaching from Beth was an amazing and enjoyable experience, it has completely changed how I think and live my life. Beth is a natural coach and has a fantastic ability to read peoples energy and help you work out what you want to get out of life as well as how you're going to get it. It scares me to think how I would still be living now if I hadn't opened my eyes.” BB, Cheshire.

“I had the good fortune to work with Beth for one year. The work I undertook with Beth outshone any other aid to self improvement by miles. I found her also to be easy to laugh with, which I take to be a very good indicator of peoples nature. We had a lot of fun, I learnt a great deal about myself and the results were astounding. One of my primary reasons for contacting Beth was to help me overcome my "stuckness" in creating in me the willingness to have a serious committed relationship, within 2 months of finishing working together I'd met my future wife. there is really no better testament to our work together than that. Thank you Beth. Yours in gratitude."
SS, London

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Beth Creedon CPCP

Beth Creedon CPCP

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