Size Does Matter

Clients seeking the services of a life coach need to know they are making measurable progress and great way of motivating people is to use graphs and bar charts to represent what has bee achieved.

When carrying out an initial assessment of client life satisfaction a client can be encouraged to rate their level of satisfaction with various aspects of their lives, such as finances, career, health and relationships. They can give it a percentage figure like 70% for example.

This has a number of benefits. it allows priorities to be set, areas rated at lower percentages can be given priority for action. Targets can be set for the level of satisfaction that the client sees as a sign of success in that area. Both client and coach know how they are doing as work progresses and when the desired level of satisfaction has been achieved, new areas can be worked on once this is achieved. Visual feedback can be provided by turning the percentages into graphs or charts showing levels over time and give confirmation of achievement. It provides a means by which clients can tell if they are getting value for money.

So when it comes increased life satisfaction size matters, in terms of the size of the positive shift in satisfaction ratings.

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