I can't get no satisfaction

According to leon Festinger people experience mental discomfort when they hold two or more conflicting thoughts, For example, If I think I want to lose weight but I also think that I love eating chocolate there is a conflict between my wanting to eat chocolate and my wanting to lose weight and this results in "Dissonance".

When you consider the number of conflicting thoughts we may have about various aspects of our lives then that dissonance or lack of satisfaction with our lives can grow leaving us feeling unhappy and disillusioned.

Life coaching can help you work out what your core values and beliefs are, what is important to you now and in the future. When you know this you can compare you behaviour to your thoughts, you can ask yourself if your behaviour is in keeping with your beliefs and values, by then bringing these two into greater alignment you can achieve dissonance reduction which may equate to greater life satisfaction.

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