5 Methods for Improving Your Self Image

It is not uncommon to feel unhappy with the way you look for feel. Life events can cause you to be disappointed in your own appearance, or disappointing in the way you are experiencing emotions, as though you are without some positive quality that others have. There are even psychology disorders, such as body dysmorphic disorder, that cause you to see yourself with problems that are not really there, making you feel sad, unconfident, and worthless.

These feelings can make it difficult to see yourself in a positive light, and impact the way you socialize and interact with others. If you have a low self image, you can employ the following methods in order to improve the way you see yourself:

1. Exercise – Often a low self image is exacerbated by things like aging, gaining weight, and ill health. Exercising regularly can help yourself look and feel more fit, this improving your own self image.
2. Focus on Positives – By forcing yourself to look at your body, skills and activities in a positive light, it will help you become happier with yourself as a person and less focused on your so called “faults.”
3. Identify Triggers and Remove Them – if there are things or people around you that are triggering these feelings of low self image, you should remove them from your life.
4. Set Realistic Goals – When people try to break out of their low self image, they often set unrealistic goals that they will have a hard time achieving. When they fail, they use that as reinforcement of their worthlessness, even though they chose goals that few people could even hope to achieve.
5. Find What Caused These Feelings and Explore Them – Feelings that you are not attractive enough or skilled enough are often due to underlying thoughts buried deep within your psyche. If you can find those thoughts you can reduce the effect they have on you, and improve your self image.

It is important for both your self esteem and your self confidence that you are able to see yourself in a positive light. By exploring what caused you to feel such low self image in the first place and changing the way you look at yourself, you can overcome those problems and have a more enjoyable future.

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