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5 New Steps 4 You to Create the Success You Always Wanted

You will be able to start planning your business after reading this short report on how to succeed by working through the material and doing simple exercises as you go along.

If you are looking for new and different ways to build up successful businesses then read on?

These days the internet is playing an important part in achieving success, but BEFORE you can succeed, I believe, you need to have some knowledge of the basics of the traditional planning and marketing tools which I am about to spell out in a very simplified way. So, here we go! You should work your way through the questions below to help you see where you are now and what you need to do to be able to start and succeed.

1. Exploration: in this section you must think about what and why do you want to have your business. Some questions you may ask are:

1. What are my goals for having my own business?
2. How will I know when I achieved it?
3. What do I know already?
4. Have I done anything towards my business success already?
5. What have I got to start with?
6. What kind of business do I really want to have?
7. Why can’t I start now?
8. Am I ready now?

2. Motivation: If you worked out your goals in the ‘Exploration’ section it will help you to define your reason to be motivated. Apart from the blindingly obvious of ‘making money’, you will need to dig deeper to find your ‘real’ reasons for having your own business instead of keeping working for the boss. Money, I am afraid, will only motivate you short term, after that you need something extra to keep going.

1. Are you easily distracted?
2. Disorientated from what you are doing?
3. Are you lacking focus, because you don’t know where you are going?
4. Do not have the patience to follow through your ideas with actions?
5. Do you have a ‘can do’ or a can’t do attitude?
6. Are you always running out of time?

3. Information: depending on your business plan, you will need to have a lot of information. This can be very time consuming, so time management planning is crucial.

You will need to know:

1. Your strength and weaknesses so you can start gathering the necessary help
2. Structure of your business: self employed, partnership, limited company
3. Depending on your strategic plan you need to decide upon on your Marketing Mix
4. Make a list of on the:’12 most important thing to make a start’

4. Preparation: take the 12 most important things to do list and see what you need to farm out and what you can do yourself. This section’s success depends very much on the previous three you have already worked through. This implementation section should be quite straight forward as there should be no surprises here. We call them the 4 Ps.

1. List your products and services - Product
2. List your prices- Price
3. List your promotions- Promotions
4. List how you are going to make the sales- Place

5. Action Plan: this need to be broken down from 12 months to a daily routine. At this stage you will know what sort of marketing plan you want and like, so you will need to follow that. The traditional formula is a mix of several components, and even though the ‘web guys’ are telling you that you do not need to know about how to network, speaking in public, do any promotional events, and you can rely on squeeze’ pages to make you a millionaire, I believe, you still need to know about the traditional ways of doing things so you can make the decisions for yourself, what suits you and what does not. Your marketing action plan may look like this:

1. Getting the initial enquiries – list of ways (phone calls, personal, automated
emails, email messages, sign-ups from your website(s).

2. Follow the enquiries up – list of ways (phone calls, personal contacts,
meetings, letter writing, emails, automated answers).

3. Presenting your prospects with your proposition – list of ways (meeting, by
letter, by email, phone call, automated offers on web).

4. Make the sale – list of ways (person, letter, emails, automated shopping)

The above four may not be separated these days with the automated systems, but could be performed immediately all at once! Hence this is why it’s called the quickest way to make money. Depending on your abilities, beliefs, products, personal preferences, you are the only person, who can make the decision about which are the best and most suitable ways to achieve sales for your business.

The ‘Secret’, what they keep telling you is not really a ‘Secret’ if you follow through this process I gave you it will almost become automatic! There is no magic wand in this world, what ever you do you will need to learn and apply the techniques to succeed.

Good luck and Get Stuck in!

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