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CPCC PCC CPQC, Mental and Emotional Fitness Coach
Available for new clients
Available for new clients

This professional is available for new clients.

Weybridge KT13 & Kensington W8
Available for new clients
Available for new clients

This professional is available for new clients.

About me

I work with people who are ready to change - but don't know how. Is that you?

My clients are creative, but not creating, busy, but not fulfilled. Does that sound familiar?

You may have the trappings of a successful life, but not the essence. Everyone else thinks you're lucky, and you feel ungrateful for wanting more. But this emptiness isn't a joke. Is there more?

You may need more confidence, more clarity, or more courage to reach for your dreams. Or maybe you have that in spades, but you seem to lack the motivation to use them. What's getting in the way?

If you would like more meaning or more joy in your life, if you want to make a difference in the world but you’re not sure what you have to offer that’s unique and compelling – let’s talk.

" ...  I’ve learnt so much, changed those habits and without doubt have turned a corner. Had I not have spent time with Sonia I would still be living the same old routine. This has been some of the best money I’ve ever spent. For me, this has been an investment that has paid off. I’m so glad I did it."   Sarah

LIFE COACHING :  whether you want:

  • more of something - career prospects, challenge, confidence, fun, fulfilment, health and fitness, passion, purpose, self-belief, spontaneity, success, work/life balance, or
  • less of something - boredom, depression, lack of direction, loneliness, pressure, procrastination, stress, stuckness, or
  • a totally different something that you haven't figured out yet

... I can help you to design the life you want to lead.

Together we will identify what is really important for you in life – your core values – and we’ll create a future that inspires you. I will support you as you decide on goals you want to achieve and create accountability for the actions that will get you there.

Does it really work? Here's what some clients have said:

"My time with Sonia was short and sweet but from our many calls and meets, I managed to find a new job (with a salary I wanted), sell my house (which had been on the market for 12 months), complete the next stage of my marketing course (which I had put off for over 18 months) and put some foundations in place to better myself going forward. I do hope we get to work together again in the future."   R Gibson

"Sonia is a deeply insightful coach, who actively listens, empathises and challenges your thinking. My approach to life has changed and I am hugely thankful to Sonia for allowing me to see what is possible. I am lighter, more positive and at last I’ve got my sense of humour back. Thank you Sonia!"                A Pritchard

"Being coached by Sonia was a fabulous experience. She is a wonderfully insightful coach and helped me to look closely at areas of my life that have been affecting my decision-making and ability to move forward which I’d previously left unchallenged. Highly recommend."   Angela R

"Having had life coaching in the past, I thought I knew what to expect, but with Sonia that assumption goes out of the window.... It was so wonderful to be listened to and acknowledged, and her ability to get to the root of a problem is outstanding. ... I had forgotten how wonderful life can be when you embrace change and I wake up every morning smiling. ... Do we all need a Sonia in our lives? The answer to that is a resounding YES!"   M Cross

EXECUTIVE AND LEADERSHIP COACHING :  everyone looks to you for answers, certainty, direction... But where do you go to talk things through, figure things out, bathe your wounds and celebrate your successes?

  • How do you combine a successful career with a happy homelife?
  • How do you remain human even while you're being strong and decisive?
  • How can you show vulnerability and still inspire confidence?
  • Who will listen to you without judgement, criticism or a well-intentioned "I've been telling you that, but did you listen?"
  • Who will challenge you to take bold action or tell you hard truths if necessary?
  • Who do you trust enough to share your doubts and insecurities with, and through that process emerge stronger, more resilient, and more able to see your way ahead clearly?
  • With whom do you celebrate your successes - the small ones you feel silly sharing, and the big ones you feel too modest to draw attention to? Or maybe you never stop to celebrate because you're already feeling under pressure to meet the next challenge?

If you'd like a compassionate, confidential and trustworthy partner by your side who will support you and hold you accountable as you negotiate your unique and individual way up the ladder and through life, contact me.

"Working with Sonia has allowed me to explore who I am and who I want to be, as well as what I want to do – which is a refreshing and constructive way to improve in both your personal and working life. Before working with Sonia I didn’t really acknowledge the way who you want to be, and how you are in your personal life, impacts on your work and decisions about your future. ... overall provided me with a personal and tailored way to explore my own personal approach to work, and improve and build on my hopes for the future."   Campaign Project Manager, Oxfam

"Thank you so much for the time you spent with me – it was immensely valuable (and life changing)! I felt and still feel very much on top of the world. I felt I learned a lot about how to look at myself and realise what was in and out of control … and have a methodology to ease into that control. Lots of listening, but also throwing in challenges."   Global Lead for IT Business Relationship Management

"I have just experienced a wonderful coaching session with Sonia. Leading a very busy life, clients are used to listening to me – I felt very heard by Sonia and was able to explore some of the challenges I am facing with my business and the session helped me to focus on shifting forward."    C Hughes

"I was at a crossroads in my life and wasn’t sure about my future. ... (Sonia) has helped me both personally and professionally. In a personal way, I have started to feel much more myself, I have broken away from being the person people expect me to be and am now the person who I WANT to be. In a professional way, she has been a great help to my motivation and progress ..."    D Templeton

PARENT COACHING :  would you like the job of bringing up children to be easier? Would you like to raise your children’s self-esteem, improve their behaviour, deepen your relationships with them and make family life more enjoyable? Guess what - it all starts with you!

Who you are as a human being and as a parent will have more influence on how your children respond to you than memorising any textbook advice on what to say when. What kind of parent do you really, really want to be? What kind of human being do you want your child(ren) to become? Individual coaching can help you to identify your values for yourself and your family, who you want to be as a parent and how you’re going to get there. Alternatively, my parenting classes can help you and provide a support group with other parents at the same time.

"The session was a good reminder for me about what good parenting is all about. We all want to do the best for our children but life’s everyday stresses intervene and we develop bad habits. This workshop gave me the kick start I need to re-evaluate my (and my husband’s) parenting style and make some positive changes. ..."    S Cox

"Sonia is a warm and intuitive coach who creates a really safe space for her clients, which allowed me to truly explore just what was really keeping me stuck in my perspective. Her curiosity combined with her gentle, yet courageous ‘prodding’ enabled me to look at my relationship with my daughter in a different light: we now have a greater understanding of each other and have a solid structure to build our ongoing relationship on … thank you Sonia!"    A Westgate

COACHING CREATIVES : As a coach, I believe we're all naturally creative, resourceful and whole. But it can sometimes be a challenge to make a living through your creativity. If you're a writer, musician, artist or other creative professional, I can help you to overcome self-doubt, step over, around or through blocks, create a goal to work towards and believe in yourself and your craft when things don't seem to be going your way

"... at the end of our half hour, I felt something I hadn’t felt for a long time – that little flutter of excitement in my tummy at the prospect of writing something new!"   Melissa, Novelist

"I had such a positive experience with Sonia seven years ago, that when life threw far too many curved balls my way, I enlisted Sonia’s help again. With personal problems getting in the way of my creativity and locking up my emotions, my writing had lost its heart. Over the course of four months, Sonia’s compassionate and honest advice on all I shared with her gave me the confidence to enjoy not just my writing again, but life and relationships too. I wholeheartedly recommend investing in yourself and your happiness with Sonia’s help!"  R Thomas, Novelist

"... I would highly recommend Sonia to anyone who is feeling a little lost or confused or even stuck in a rut. If you know there is more and you want more - she can help you search it out."    G Aston, Artistic Director

" ... The result was akin to having a really good mind-massage. With her help I could step back – or step forward – and see what I needed to change. I felt that I could rebalance and get back a bit of control. It was time very well spent. ... My only regret is that I did not talk to Sonia years ago – I can highly recommend her as a coach."   A Dines

"... I felt stuck when I first met Sonia and with the power of artful questioning, I worked through the blockages in my life. I came out the other side a fresher, lighter and more determined creative person. Everyone needs a Sonia!!!!!"           H Bodenham-Chilton

" ... Within the safety of our face-to-face and skype sessions, we identified my destructive thought processes and I learned how to view situations from different perspectives. Through this, I formed complete self awareness of my negative thought patterns, which enabled me to break out of my rut and progress forward as a creative being with a more positive outlook. ... Sonia genuinely cares about her clients and helping to transform lives."   N Murphy, London

Some of the things my coaching sessions include:

  • Belief in you – we are all naturally creative, resourceful and whole, capable of finding our own answers and achieving the goals we agree on
  • Challenge - what would be a stretch for you so that you gradually expand your comfort zone and become the person you’re longing to be?
  • Change - whether it just happens, or you choose it, change is inevitable. Let's get comfortable with it!
  • Commitment - I commit to working side by side with you to achieve your dreams or goals. And you need to commit to doing whatever it takes to get there.
  • Compassion - we are all doing the best we can, we all have difficult times in our lives, and we all make mistakes. Let's let go of judgement, blame and criticism.
  • Courage - yours to go into the hard-to-be-with areas of your life, mine to say what I see and believe to be in your best interests, even if I think you will fire me
  • Creativity - yours and mine. How can we co-create your ideal life?
  • Curiosity - what do you really want? What's getting in the way?
  • Discovery - who are you really? Who could you become if only you believed it was possible?
  • Honesty - we all tell ourselves stories, and then we believe them. But are they true??
  • Integrity - we need to live in alignment with our values. But are we? And what are they anyway?
  • Laughter - even depressed clients laugh with me
  • Mindset - a positive mindset will help us to overcome Life's challenges
  • Passion - I’m passionate about helping my clients to live life to the full and be all they can be
  • Resilience - develop the core muscles we need for mental and emotional fitness
  • and, of course, some Inspiration!


Are you struggling with stress, procrastination or overwhelm?

Life doesn’t have to be like that!

My 7-week mental and emotional fitness bootcamp will help you to handle life’s challenges with a more positive mindset and less stress - so you can boost performance, improve wellbeing and strengthen relationships.

Swap self-sabotaging self-talk for clear-headed creativity with the Unlimited Creativity Course. See more at

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Complimentary, no-obligation 60-minute consultation

To discover if coaching is right for you, and if we are a good fit for each other, I offer a one hour confidential, complimentary telephone, Zoom or Skype taster session during which we can identify your challenges and goals, and actually experience some coaching that can help you move closer to them.

Training, qualifications & experience

My interest in personal development and relationships started when I trained as a parenting group facilitator with the Parent Network in 1996 and has become a passion over the years. In 2008 I trained as a coach with the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), one of the most prestigious coach training organisations, and I have the following accreditations: CPCC from CTI, PCC from the International Coach Federation (ICF) and CPQC from Positive Intelligence. I have also trained as a Writer’s Coach on a course accredited by Performance Coach Training Ltd.

My interest in coaching has deepened and widened to encompass career coaching and development, and executive and leadership coaching, helping clients to develop their self-esteem, self-belief, confidence and motivation. I have taken advanced coach training courses in Neuroscience, Consciousness and Transformational Coaching, the Neuroscience of Learning, the Fundamentals of Organisational and Relationship Systems Coaching, and I'm one of the first coaches in the world to have certified with Positive Intelligence to offer their six-week app-based programme in mental fitness.

In the past, I have worked as a secondary school maths teacher, a marketing manager and a writer. I understand the stresses of being a teacher, the corporate environment that managers have to work within, the creative and commercial challenges that marketeers have to juggle, and the resilience that writers need in order to create in the face of rejection. I've brought up two children and cared for my parents through sickness and old age.

Member organisations

UK International Coach Federation (ICF)

The International Coach Federation is the professional association for personal and business coaches worldwide.

Coaches can become accredited by the ICF, who have three grades of membership: Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Master Certified Coach (MCC), with the different categories standing for different levels of training and experience. Master Certified Coach's have achieved a substantial level of training and experience.

Members of ICF are accountable to a professional code of ethics.

Other areas of coaching I deal with

Success Without the Stress - A seven-week programme in collaboration with Positive Intelligence to develop Mental and Emotional Fitness coaching for professional and personal fulfilment, leading to increased resilience, happiness and success

Creative writers


Stress / overwhelm


Mid-life Midwife (try saying that quickly five times!) for adults changing direction or starting a new phase in their life


Free initial in-person, telephone or online session

Additional information

Coaching packages

I offer face to face appointments in Weybridge, Surrey and Kensington, London

“Walking my talk” appointments are available in the Surrey countryside or Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park

Most coaching takes place by telephone, or virtually on Skype / Zoom / Facetime / WhatsApp for international clients


I offer three-month packages at £2,550 and six-month packages at £4,000. 

Both packages start with a two-hour, in-depth discovery session, continue with two hours of coaching per month (usually taken as two x 1hr sessions) with email support between sessions, and incorporate the seven-week Positive Intelligence mental and emotional fitness programme  (valued at US$995 - with additional weekly Zoom check-in during the programme.

In-person coaching by special arrangement depending on distance  – please ask for details.     

Mental and Emotional Fitness programme

Would you like less stress, greater well being, clearer thinking, better relationships?

Your mind is your best friend. But it can also be your worst enemy, sabotaging your potential for both performance and happiness. 

Mental fitness enables you to handle life’s challenges with a more positive mindset and less stress. This boosts performance, improves wellbeing and strengthens relationships.

I offer a seven-week app-based Mental Fitness group coaching programme that radically changes lives. See more:

Maximum 8 people

The next public programme starts on January 2024. Private groups can be offered throughout the year by arrangement for a minimum of two people.

Usual price £1,250. Special price for tough times: £800. Still a struggle? Enquire about payment plans or a scholarship place (I offer one per course).

5% of profits go to MCKS Charitable foundation, where it provides School Pantry Cupboards and Breakfast Clubs in schools across the UK and a Pantry in Basingstoke which provides affordable food, clothing and other supplies to low income or vulnerable families. (Find out more:

When I work

11:00 - 18:00 Monday to Friday

Weekend and evening appointments by special arrangement where possible

Further information

Some more things my clients have said about our coaching:

"... I feel a more confident person, more like the person I’ve always wanted to be. I’m able to cope with new challenges as they appear by drawing on all we discussed over the three months. I would most certainly recommend Sonia, especially if someone required distance coaching."    R Thomas

"... Sonia was able to help me find an imbalance that affected my entire life without me even knowing it. Once I recognised this and started doing something about it, I watched a new path unfold that has led me to a much more fulfilled and enjoyable place.  I feel much more comfortable with myself and where I’m going. Thank you."   G Coleman

"If I think about what has changed as a result of our coaching relationship, I guess it is me being braver in articulating my own needs and giving myself more time. And that means a lot! ... "    H Taylor

"Thank you again for our session. Your sensitivity and intuition helped me greatly with what was a dilemma, I feel much happier about it now – have gained a different perspective."   J Davis

"sonia’s calm, gentle approach gave me full permission to really explore what was going on for me in a safe, non-judgemental space. she was always beautifully supportive, and wasn’t afraid to call me forth and take a stand for me when i faltered in my courage. she is a committed, dedicated coach who genuinely cares about her clients. lovely!"   N Moskovici

"Do you remember coaching me on how to laugh again? Well I must say that I now laugh more and sometimes from the belly. It is so good to feel this freedom. What made the difference? I think I simply am able to “be in the moment” with whatever is going on and enjoy the ride. Life is getting bigger and brighter. THANK YOU!!!"  E Gricuk

See these testimonials (and others) in full at

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In person
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Young people
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Sonia Duggan
Sonia Duggan