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About me

  • Are you at a career crossroads or desperate for clarity around what to do with your career?
  • Do you wish you had more confidence and self-belief so you could reach your true potential?
  • Have you longed for better work life balance and to feel happier or healthier in your current job?


I provide Online Life Coaching and Career Coaching to enable clients to find happiness at work and to find balance and fulfilment in their lives. I use an intuitive and holistic approach combining practical, mindset and spiritual tools to create deep and lasting transformation.

I get to the heart of the matter to understand what makes clients tick to enable them to reveal the true essence of who they are that is lurking underneath their current job, situation or the outward appearance they present to the world. It's with this approach that I’ve seen the most dramatic and lasting transformations.

I work with clients in the following areas:

  • Life Coaching
  • Career Coaching
  • Spiritual Coaching
  • Personal Development
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Redundancy Coaching
  • Finding life purpose
  • Confidence
  • Motivation
  • Creative Business Coaching

With my one-to-one Life Coaching & Career Coaching programmes I will enable you to:

1. Discover how balanced and fulfilled you truly are so you can have total clarity and awareness about your situation and the opportunities for change

2. Identify and release the limiting beliefs and things that hold you back so you can start to let go and create the space for a new future

3. Uncover your deepest values so you can increase your motivation, re-align your life and make life or career decisions with more confidence

4. Inventory your skills, strengths and successes so you can build belief in yourself and bring clarity to what work will make you happiest

5. Pinpoint what your ideal work looks like so you can feel more focussed and more confident about changing jobs or staying where you are

6. Set some clear and achievable goals and actions steps so you can become unstuck, stop feeling overwhelmed and start moving forward

7. Reconnect with what lights you up and nurtures you so you can restore a sense of balance and sustain your new working future

8. Discover new ways to harness your own inner power to become an attracting force for your new future

Find out more about my Life Coaching & Career Coaching Packages https://rebeccakirk.co.uk/one-to-one-coaching/

I can support you if you are looking at:

  • Changing your lifestyle or career
  • Reducing stress and improving work/life balance
  • Deciding to take a leap into self-employment
  • Becoming 'unstuck' with your life or career
  • Overcoming a crisis of confidence
  • Finding your true purpose
  • Returning to work after having children
  • Planning for retirement
  • Following your dreams and greatest passions

The one common thread which unites my clients is the need for greater peace, greater self-expression, greater health, greater abundance, greater fulfilment and greater belief in themselves to create a world that, until now, they only thought was possible for other people.

My beliefs

I believe that we are all worthy of a happy life, in and out of work. I believe that we all have the strength and ability within us to find work that we love.  To live lives that are filled with balance and fulfilment instead of stress, doing what we feel we ‘should’ be doing and ignoring that inner voice that’s been telling us there is something much bigger we are meant to do.  I wouldn’t do the work I do if I didn’t believe in this.  My role as a Coach is to support you through that journey, to be your accountability partner, to keep you going when you feel like giving up, to enable you to see a vision for your life that is much bigger than what you’ve ever dared imagine, and to make you realise that it is possible. 

I also believe that we work best when we feel connected to or ‘on the same wavelength’ as those we want support from.  I trust my clients’ ability to sense this connection and judge for themselves whether I am the right person to guide them towards their new future. 

If you would like to discover more, you can request a complimentary Coaching Taster Session. For some people, even this is challenging. I get it. I know how nerve-wracking (and exciting) it can be to take this step. I promise you no judgement and no pressure. I will hold the space for you to share with me where you’re at and explore what coaching could do for you.


Experience a Coaching Taster Session

In this 30 minute consultation session you will have the time and space to:

  • Identify your most important goal
  • Uncover any hidden challenges and blindspots that are sabotaging your success
  • Create a mini action plan
  • Clarify your vision
  • Leave the session feeling enthused, inspired and re-energised for your goal

You will also discover more about coaching, whether we are a good fit to work together plus full details of my Coaching Programmes and next steps on how to get started.

More details https://rebeccakirk.co.uk/book-a-taster-session/

Training, qualifications & experience

  • Qualified Life Coach (Diploma)
  • Accredited Transpersonal Coach (supporting clients with spiritual development and enabling them to find greater meaning and connection)
  • Accredited Practitioner Coach with the International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring (which means I work professionally, ethically and to a recognised industry standard).
  • I also think it's equally important that I have the right life experience and the right attitude and approach that creates an authentic connection and makes you comfortable to work with me.
  • I have worked with a range of private and corporate clients including charities such as Oxfam, technology and creative businesses. For testimonials please visit my website.

Member organisations


International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring

The IAPC&M is an independent not-for-profit organisation, run by coaches and mentors for the benefit of coaches, mentors and training providers around the world.

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From £495.00 to £650.00
Free initial online session

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I learned that I love my job - the stress and tiredness I felt it caused was due to the lack of balance, not saying no and not structuring my day so it started and finished properly. I am maintaining the time I have created to have balance and moving forward with lots of goals that now feel very achievable. My motivation and ‘calmness’ is higher than it has been for many years.

Katie, Sheffield


I contacted Rebecca for coaching for a new project I was launching as I know the value of accountability and having a guide. Working with Rebecca has been pleasant from first meeting to last. Her warmth and person centred manner meant I felt professionally held through the entire project. Having Rebecca on my side meant I was able to define my goal, set a strategy to reach it, and then focus on the action steps. Accountability helped me focus and hit the goal I set. I cannot recommend Rebecca Kirk enough, she is outstanding.

Ken Kelly, Cheshire


I worked with Rebecca to help me overcome some of the anxiety and overwhelm I was feeling.  Her warm and empathic nature really helped me feel at ease and she was great at helping me recognise my strengths, achievements and how much progress I was making.  Rebecca helped me to challenge my perfectionist tendencies and also supported and motivated me to move out of my comfort zone.  My confidence has grown, I am more accepting of myself and I’m able to manage stress in a more effective way. I have thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions with Rebecca not only because of the fantastic transformational outcomes but also because of her compassionate nature, her deeply empathic listening skills, her ability to gently challenge and always with a dash of humour thrown in.

Mona, Nottingham

Behind Rebecca’s approachable and down to earth attitude lies a wealth of experience and expertise of the world where art meets business. She has built a bridge between the two worlds and has made me realise that the crossing isn’t as perilous as I’d first thought! Her guidance is backed up by real (often fun and creative) activities that have helped me understand what it is that I want to achieve and how to proceed, in a step by step way that has made the process not only manageable but also enjoyable. I thoroughly recommend Rebecca as an intelligent and insightful coach with a gentle knack for bringing out strengths you didn’t even know you had.

Helen Foster, Derby

Greater Manchester


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Rebecca Kirk - Holistic Life & Career Coaching (Online Coaching)

Rebecca Kirk - Holistic Life & Career Coaching (Online Coaching)