The empowerment of knowing and speaking the truth

How we use words to communicate with others and ourselves can build us up, encouraging ourselves as well as others. We can reinforce trust, confidence, and emotional stability by the way we articulate words and how we speak.


We speak all the time to ourselves; our inner voice is powerful in navigating our decisions and our path through life. The way that we speak and use language is not only directing us it can draw ideas, inspiration and conclusions that reinforce certain behaviours in ourselves and in others.
Truth and trust are deep human drivers that enable us to share our words. We are often selective about who we share words with.  We select those we can trust, especially when we attach emotions to them. What we share and the words we choose can either present a positive picture or a negative picture and anything else in between.

The more emotionally charged and connected to experience our words are to us personally, the more care we can take in sharing and choosing our words. The same can describe an emotionally charged issue that evokes anger or tears with an impromptu emotional reaction that spills out.

Sometimes, we can be misguided and present a slightly different response to what is our deep inner sense and the truth. The way we respond could imply certain feelings or experiences that are not exactly accurate, creating an unclear understanding for the listener.
Speaking the words that connect to the truth can be a battle! We have so many influences that we can consider important and complex unveiling the actual truth about how we feel can take some unravelling.
Not speaking those words, we feel in truth can hold us back and make us “feel less than.” Snatching opportunities and ideas from growing our joy and enjoyment.

Can it really be this difficult?

When we speak in truth the truth can set us free. We hear our own words, words that describe how we are really thinking and feeling, our own personal experience, and no one else’s feelings or influence. This creates a sense of freedom and empowerment that enables us to see our circumstances the way that they are. We also hear our own interpretation which shines a light on potential for clarification of the issue. We are then able to see that there could some projection, pride or introjected ideology, or outdated behaviour that could have held us back.
There are massive health benefits, psychologically, physically, and emotionally from speaking and hearing ourselves speak in truth.

Our confidence in using the truth will also encourage others to do the same. 
Seeing things more clearly develops our resilience. We begin to engage with our inner knowing more, by trusting our own judgement. 

Even when the truth confirms our fears, we can gain closure from confronting our experiences and gain greater wisdom and understanding about ourselves and others. 

Speaking, listening and hearing the truth in a safe relational environment is empowering and healing.
The power of our words, spoken in truth is a healing power that builds relational foundations. These foundations are the basis of building relational values, such as trust and integrity.

Words used appropriately bring deeper more rewarding relational understanding bringing us to a different level of knowing and awareness of ourselves and others. 

Person-centred coaching

Person-centred coaching develops the basis for the individual client’s truth and beliefs to be recognised. I believe that this is the basis for change and solutions towards creating greater confidence balance, security, and stability.

Identifying and recognising those very individual barriers that, once realised, can release us to see our true potential can create more freedom and personal gain.
Coaching does this by working with the client’s experience and personal frame of reference. Developing the capability for open and frank conversation that develops clarity of focus into potential solutions.

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Durham, DL17
Written by Hazel Rowell-Peverley, Life Coach HR Consultancy Mentor Supervision and Mediator
Durham, DL17

Person centred interventions, moving into solutions focussed objectives. Facilitating the development of increased individual awareness and performance improvement at all entry levels. Based on knowledge and background experience of commercial and private clients. Sessions are flexible weekdays, evenings and weekends, by appointment.


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