Living alone for the first time

How much thought have you given to living alone, because it isn’t always something you have decided upon, it can happen due to divorce, break down of a relationship bereavement and many other reasons.

So many big changes will happen as you go through this transitional period.

A time of discovery and understanding of what you want from your life.

I was asked this question only on Saturday, 'How do you fill the gap in your life when are you are finally on your own?'

I do know that I didn’t want any negativity in my home let alone any bad feelings I had lived with for so many years, treading on eggshells not to rock the boat.

So when you are on your own for the first time, there will be more responsibility and challenges. It will give you a new found confidence.

So what does living solo mean?

You make your solo home a very positive space.

Time to get to know yourself warts and all.

Time to hang out with friends; don’t use this to much that it could become a distraction from your deeper feelings of unrest.

Spend some time to reflect on who and what you really want. One of the perks of living on your own is that you will be forced to wrestle with your inner demons. Find a way to balance these, learn to pinpoint and recognise any shortcomings. You can balance this out by using a journal to write your thoughts down, learn to meditate. Join some new groups that will interest you. Create a piece of artwork. Read self-help books.

Making all your own decisions and trusting yourself with them.

Moving on and making a new and different life can be very cathartic and gives you the opportunity to rediscover who you really are and what you want from your life.

Obviously we don’t set out when we meet our partners for it to end and to live on our own.

For you it will be a journey of self discovery, to achieve so much more than you think possible as a single person and become happy in your own skin. You will learn so much.

For me personally I love the life I have made for myself, I am so grateful for all the amazing people, friends and family I have in my life.

Who would have thought after all this time that I would be very grateful for this journey I have had, with all the lessons and understandings I now have about who I am.

My message to you is don’t be afraid to go it alone.

Don’t let your former relationship dictate your life today.

This is a new era in your life and it will only be as good as you make it reach out to friends and family.  Surround yourself with positive thoughts and get to know who you really are.

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