How to stop the fear of change from keeping you stuck

I want to talk to you today about change.


Some of us love change. It excites and exhilarates us and we embrace it, and all of its possibilities with wide open arms.

But some of us simply do not. Some of us hate the thought of change and fight it with all we have. Because with change comes uncertainty and vulnerability, and sitting with those feelings is too much. We fear judgement, rejection and failure and so stick with what we know, even when what we know makes us feel awful.

I work with a lot of women through my one-to-one coaching who are terrified of change. Change petrifies them and they would do anything to avoid it, despite being unhappy and unfulfilled in certain areas of their life.

Quite often they've been dreaming about how different life could be. They talk about what they would like to be happening in their life, instead of their current reality. But getting started on making it happen is another story.

This could be going after that promotion they know deep down that they deserve, creating a better work/life balance before they end up burnt out, having the confidence to show up as their best self in their existing role or something completely different.

Maybe you’re the same? 

The massive realisation that they all have, is when they realise that there are lots of things that are scarier than change.

Here are five of them:

1. never seeing what they are truly capable of
2. regret
3. staying the same
4. living a smaller, lesser life
5. not doing themselves justice

This doesn’t stop change from feeling scary for my clients, it just puts into perspective that not making the change has far worse consequences. They realise that going through their life taking no risks, will ultimately be their biggest risk.

I’m sharing this with you because this mindset shift has helped so many women finally take that bold and brave step outside of their comfort zone. And let me tell you, these women have not looked back.

So my question for you today is this:

What feels scarier for you right now, making that change or staying exactly where you are?

If you feel like change is scary but staying where you are right now will ultimately feel much worse, then this is your sign to take the first step forwards towards the life you really want. 

I’ve made that step as easy as possible for you.  Just click the 'email me' button below to get in touch and book a no-obligation complimentary call with me, and let’s have a chat about where you are now, where you want to be instead and how I can help you to get there if we were to work together.

Whether we work together or not afterwards, you will feel much better after our call and you'll come away with a few quick wins you can implement right away. 

I look forward to meeting you,

Leanne x

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Shipley, West Yorkshire, BD17
Written by Leanne Cooper, Career Coach for Women
Shipley, West Yorkshire, BD17

I'm Leanne, a Self-development Specialist, Coach, Mentor and trainer for women and founder of You First Coaching.

I support high achieving but unfulfilled women to experience unstoppable success on their terms, without sacrificing themselves in the process.

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