Embarking on change - what is it that we’re waiting for?

So, what is it that we’re actually waiting for? There is a point in time which sits between the desire for change and the moment we decide to take action. A moment, a week, a lifetime of waiting.


Often we know, in our hearts and intuitively, that something isn't right, that we want a different direction and a new chapter for ourselves…
Yet we are waiting for the day or point in the future, when everything is exactly where it needs to be before we take the leap, initiate the change, start to say no, move away from expectations, leave the job we don’t like and put ourselves first and so on.
The risk here is that the perfect point in the future isn’t real. It doesn’t exist, for any of us. So if we keep waiting for it, our days become weeks and they become months and we say no to risks which could reveal the exact opportunity that we need, but don’t see.
We often tell ourselves that one day we'll feel ready, or we'll feel more secure or have the resources, qualifications and courage to make choices that aren't underpinned by fear. Of course, we have some healthy, reasonable fear which stops us from making crazy decisions that really aren't a great idea, but how can we replace fear with 'healthy caution' and take risks that are appropriate and will allow us to discover new opportunities?

Take a moment to reflect and consider:

  • What is one thing you would like to do but have perhaps talked yourself out of it before even exploring the possibility?
  • Where in life, if you had a little more self-belief, would you make different choices for yourself?
  • When was the last time that you really wanted to do something but didn't? (new job, new house, new relationships, new shoes!) What are the stories and reasons you gave yourself to not pursue this?

Now, consider who are you listening to when you don't feel ready to make plans and embark on change?

Is it only your own view that you are hearing or perhaps external influences stop you from exploring your options? It is so common for many of us to allow other people's expectations and opinions to interrupt our thinking, no matter how well intended they may be. Parents, friends and family can happily offer their point of view, but sometimes it isn't quite what we need to move forward. 

Or, perhaps our internal negative dialogue (that we all have) becomes a consideration, our inner critic can be very noisy!

If any of this resonates, take comfort that it is a common challenge, and that it can be worked through, so that you can make the best decisions for you, with confidence. No more waiting.

The coaching space offers the perfect place to explore all of this - a space free of judgement, free of opinion and advice. Perhaps now is the time to listen to intuition and connect to your purpose and make meaningful change? 
Maybe you're ready to start today! What is one step, conversation or thought pattern you could start exploring today, that will support you to take some risks and move on from the doubt? 

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Lytham St. Annes, Lancashire, FY8
Written by Sarah Green, Lifestyle | Wellbeing | Work
Lytham St. Annes, Lancashire, FY8

I'm Sarah and I am an experienced and qualified Career & Self Development Coach and Accredited NLP practitioner. My coaching programmes have helped my amazing clients to regain clarity and confidence, and develop self-belief ... allowing them to positively challenge themselves, their thoughts and to overcome self doubt.

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