What are you doing today, tomorrow, next week or next month? The answer in a lot of cases will be; "I'm not sure"... Well, you're not on your own. Lots of people haven't set aside the time to think about what it is they really want to be doing this year (and we're in April already!).


Well, other than coming up with a New Years resolution (in most cases under the influence of alcohol), people don't tend to stop and think about what it is they want to achieve each Year. Lots of people join a gym or commit to losing weight or say they'll visit friends and family more. The reality is that in most cases these things don't last.

Good intentions only come to fruition when you sit down and set some goals. Goals that will shape your year and determine what you focus your time and effort on. Goal setting seems to have become an underrated and underused tool of late. Are people really too busy to focus on what they want out of this year?

You don't have to accept the same old, same old anymore. Here's my simple to follow steps to setting your goals;

1. Set aside some time to think about your goals.

2. Write them down, put them on a board or tell your friends at your yoga class. Each of these actions will take you a step closer to those goals.

3. Come up with a plan to achieve your goals and put some milestones in along the way. Believe it or not they won't be achieved on their own!

4. Celebrate along the way (as you achieve each milestone towards your goals)

When you start achieving your goals, you'll start to find that 'purpose 'in your life.

Remember; if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got...

Enjoy finding your 'purpose'

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