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MAC | Professional Coach | 20 Years Experience
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Available for new clients

This professional is available for new clients.

Sedbergh, Cumbria, LA10
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Available for new clients

This professional is available for new clients.

About me

Hello, I'm James, a professional coach with over 20 years of coaching experience. This includes executive coaching, career management, business development and life, confidence and spiritual coaching.

I offer a free 30 minute discovery coaching conversation which you can easily book here. or use this Calendly link that will offer a wider selection of times: 


Do you feel your career is at a crossroads, in a trap, stuck, or is in a place you don't like; you want help to escape, to explore 'new horizons', what's out there and find a job you can enjoy. Perhaps you are a Leader; you have stress, with a broken team; you want to bring the best out of them and yourself with excellent performance. Maybe you are stuck in a rut with no visibility; you are seeking personal development to glide and ride success with a smile?

Are you feeling overwhelmed, maybe with anxiety; instead you want to feel calm in your purpose. Are you lost in a fog of confusion, misdirection, lost opportunity and you want to chart a clear course or make best use of your openings? Perhaps your relationships at work, at home feel fragile or broken and you want to repair or strengthen them.

Would you like to tell me your story?

For the past 20 years, I have been using hybrid coaching to successfully help my clients (ages 21 through to 65) to achieve the results they want. I will listen with the ear of my heart and help navigate you through your situation to your destination safely.

I am offering a 30-minute discovery coaching conversation which you can easily book here.   OR you use this Calendly link that will offer a wider selection: https://calendly.com/james-leeper/30-minute-meeting-zoom

The purpose: we can talk about what's going on for you, what is concerning you; what you are seeking from Career Coaching, or Life Coaching or Executive Coaching, including some elements of Business Coaching, or maybe something of all. We will explore what you would like to achieve from me working with you as your potential coach.

  • If you have that "get me out of here!" feeling, or you have 'the manager from hell' or worse; you need a survival strategy to help you move on to a better working or cultural environment.
  • You are concerned about how you will cope with the unknown; you need help and support to explore your "undiscovered country".
  • You feel you are fitted into an ill-suited, straitjacket job; you are seeking the job that is the bespoke fitting suit, right for you.
  • Imposter syndrome lurks within; you want to build your confidence and self-belief whilst still being true to yourself.
  • Your ability to interview is letting you down; you need to nail this to get the job offer or even the other way round and do better in hiring.
  • You feel demotivated, lacking energy; you want to re-energise your motivation to achieve your ambitions.
  • Your life is feeling unfulfilled, unhappy and discontented, or uncelebrated; you want to turn this around on a path to recognition, leading and living a full life successfully.
  • You are experiencing stress and/or frustration; you want to feel cooler and calmer.
  • Delivering presentations feels like "melt down"; you want to improve your confidence in your communication with others.
  • Your authority and leadership is suffering; you are seeking to develop your Executive
  • Presence to the full, regaining trust, respect and integrity.
  • You are constantly fretful or in a state of near exhaustion; you are seeking to be relaxed with energy.
  • You feel your performance is lagging and uncertain as to why? You want to release your potential and become a confident and effective [high] performer.
  • You are struggling to overcome negative habits; you want to develop positive ones.
  • You are beginning to feel resentful or bitter and don't like it; you are looking to be happy and content.
  • You feel you are failing; you want to live, lead and live a full life successfully.
  • Perhaps there is something else you would like to mention that is impacting upon your work/life balance?

The FREE discovery call is your opportunity for me to help you clarify your thoughts; to review, reflect and reconcile yourself in the moment of "The Now"; to start navigating you on your unique journey.

My coaching will allow you to discover where your true underlying strengths lie, using them to your best ability with a clear, meaningful sense of purpose and direction; for you to regain control in "The Career in your Life".

Have a look at the reviews my clients are giving me because they are relevant and helpful to your situation. Here is an example: TW - a CEO of a Charity.

"Through working with James, I improved my self-awareness, and was able to pinpoint my stress points, and identified potential development areas. I was able to work with James to develop strategies for how I could deliver my priorities, in the most efficient way, using my strengths, and deployment of my team. I would definitely recommend working with James' as he's personable, and his approach of using PRISM is helpful, particularly if you're at a crossroads in your career, and attempting to figure which direction you may want to consider in your career progression."

The next step: You can either email me or give me a call on 07803 904754 with your initial enquiry. We will arrange a video call to have that all important coaching conversation for you.

If you would prefer to schedule a convenient time online, you can book this directly here.  Or use this Calendly link that will give you more time options: https://calendly.com/james-leeper/30-minute-meeting-zoom

James Leeper

Training, qualifications & experience

  • Charles Bentley Associates - Personal & Professional Development Coaching Foundation 16/03/2003.  (Unitive™ Approach Coaching programme and now Unitive® Coaching.)
  • PRISM Brain Mapping®  Certified Practitioners' Programme 06/06/2007
  • Extraordinary Minister of Eucharist in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Southwark and Lancaster.

Take a listen to this exclusive interview, here, I had with BBC Radio Cumbria in January 2021, where the producer had found me on the Life Coach Directory. 

Member organisations

Association for Coaching (AC)

The Association for Coaching is one of the leading professional bodies for Coaches and Organisations.

The Association is made up of a number of different membership categories, e.g. Associate Member (AMAC), Member (MAC), Accredited Member (AC Accred), with the different categories standing for different levels of training and experience. Accredited Members have achieved a substantial level of training and experience approved by the Association.

The Association has a Code of Ethics & Good Practice and a Complaints Procedure.

Other areas of coaching I deal with

Personal development

I often coach people who are encountering a change in their private or professional lives. They may be facing anxious or turbulent times and need a helping hand to regain balance.

Working with me will provide these core benefits:

  • Taking time-out to download, allowing you to Review, Reflect & Reconcile in the Now, that will also help boost your energy. 
  • I will provide objectivity that will enable you to 'up your game', empowering you to reveal your true self, charisma and confidence. 
  • As your Coach, I will be like a "Navigator", you the Captain of your boat and helping you set a course so you arrive safely at your destination.

My aim is to help you to unlock your potential and find calm amidst chaos... bring a better balance into your whole life in work, rest and play, not just work/life balance.

Sessions can either be in person or online face-to-face.

Career coaching

This incorporates executive coaching and career management. It may be you want to focus on and build the career and job you currently have or perhaps you are looking for a new direction. Here are some of the issues I can help with.

  • Imposters syndrome
  • Leadership development
  • Handling and coping with change (job loss, promotion or need to
  • Working from home (isolation may be sapping or impairing your focus)
  • Better performance
  • Managing colleague communications & relationships (upwards,
    downwards, sideways)
  • Upcoming retirement (not ready to retire and wanting help in
    exploring options and direction)

Executive coaching & Business Coaching

I also work with organisations who recognise a need to develop their employees and improve performance for all their stakeholders. This may include:

  • Interviewing for the right role that best fits the right person
  • Managing teams
  • Improving relationships
  • Managing change
  • Meeting expectations in performance in a changing and different world
  • Culture & Environment - enhancing or inhibiting performance.

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Free initial telephone or online session

Additional information

Call me on 07803904754 or to arrange a video discovery call for your free coaching conversation please use this Calendly link stating clearly that you are Life Coach Directory enquiry: https://calendly.com/james-leeper/30-minute-meeting-zoom

When I work

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Use this Calendly Link: https://calendly.com/james-leeper/30-minute-meeting-zoom

Free 30 minute conversations from 10:00am to 13:15 and 14:30 and 15:30 subject to availability.

Further information

I offer my Unitive trained coaching embedded in my Tri-unitive style to help solve your problems through using my 'Door Openers', reflective questions in an insightful way to “Open the Listening Channels” for discerning observation, effective communication and developing relationships of enduring value or healing them [particularly useful in couples coaching]. I combine this with PRISM Brain Mapping®, a neuroscience-based assessment instrument that enables me to provide a holistic, uniquely hybrid approach that my clients have found so illuminatingly empowering. 

More about PRISM Brain Mapping®

The Why we are, How we are, Who we are

As a PRISM Brain Mapping® Practitioner, I offer the very best in a neuroscience-based assessment instrument that deliberately steps back and looks at the bigger picture.

The Career Match application is so helpful in identifying that sense of direction in what career might be suitable, building the CV and for confirming competencies and great preparation for interviews.

The PRISM Brain Mapping® Professional is enlightening for Leaders, bringing insight to their leadership and in developing and improving personal and business relationships.

The PRISM Brain Mapping® assessment report helps to reveal the 'Real You' in your Life and what is happening when we are adapting, or even over-adapting, ourselves to the environment, culture and change we find ourselves encountering.

The PRISM Brain Mapping® proven methodology is innovative in approach and is powerful in its coaching application for individuals and teams.


Alex L   18 April 2024

“I’ve had an incredible relationship with James which has helped my career and personal life considerably. 

I initially contacted James through the CII Connect mentoring platform to find someone who would be able to guide me through my career, help me to understand what I want to achieve, and support the development of my work relationships. 

This naturally evolved into a coaching relationship, leveraging the PRISM approach to understanding my behavioural preferences, helping me to truly understand my strengths and how I can be most effective. I use the understanding of my behavioural preferences gained out of PRISM and my relationship with James daily, whether it is for work or personally. 

James is a fantastic listener and offers up unique advice, blending his business experiences with a holistic appreciation of what is important in life. This has helped me to grow in my current organisation, expand into new roles and develop my own approach to career & personal development. 

I’d highly recommend James to anyone looking to grow in an existing role, progress into new roles or make a career change.”

Andreas Hadjisofocleous  27 October 2023

I connected with James for mentoring through the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) Connect Mentoring Platform. My goal was to find an experienced Insurance Professional to guide me to better understand the global insurance industry as a small yet growing insurance broker in Cyprus. 

James listened carefully to understand my questions and was very helpful by providing valuable guidance based on his experience. He encouraged me to set clear objectives with high goals and boosted me to work towards them. 

Setting up my objectives enabled me to attend an international conference and meet with key industry professionals, which later opened new doors and created useful connections for my business that has led me already to achieving my goals. I definitely recommend James as a Mentor [and Executive Coach].

Mathew S    02 October 2023    

I count myself lucky to have had James as a career coach during a very challenging and enlightening year. 

Initially, I reached out to James as I was feeling quite frustrated within my professional and personal life. Generally, I felt as though I was missing a burning motivation that I had previously held.  

What really struck me about our initial conversation was James' analogy of his role as a coach - acting as the navigator while I captained the ship of my life. 

Over the course of the coaching, James acted as a sounding board and offered extremely useful insight.  As the year progressed, life would throw some difficult challenges my way however, with James’ help, I was able to create and execute an action plan that included a total CV revamp, an improved approach to networking and a methodology for breaking down job descriptions. 

During our coaching, James used the PRISM Brain Mapping behavioural assessment tool that proved to be a window into the inner workings of 'Me'. This visual report cannot be understated in its ability to visually show you how your brain works - The magic, however, comes as James uses the data in the report to discuss and advise the best way to navigate your life by focussing on your strongest behavioural preferences.

James' coaching process is extremely comprehensive. He is extremely personable and thorough, with a knack of unearthing the root cause of things that bubble up. 

I wholeheartedly recommend his services to anyone who is looking to work on themselves and shift to a higher gear. 

Tony Wong, CEO    27 October 2022

I sought the services of James as I was struggling with public speaking. Following an internal promotion into a CEO position within my organisation, I found myself feeling more and more anxious at the prospect of public speaking. Out of practice following a long period of remote working meant I had lost my confidence, and a few bad experiences meant I was finding myself with crippling nerves, and anxiety. Day to day, even speaking in big meetings was presenting as an issue, which was compounded by imposter syndrome, and was draining my energy levels.

Public speaking was something I struggled with in my past, but over the years I had found a way to manage and built up a level of confidence. So, when I had a few bad experiences, out of nowhere, it came as a bit of surprise and unnerved me. The frustration was that I knew I had the capability to do it, as I’d done it before, but somehow had lost my confidence and didn’t know why or how to get it back.

When seeking a coach, I spoke to a total of three, and decided to work with James as liked the sound PRISM, which would assess my behaviour patterns, and help me understand what were my natural behaviour preferences, verses those which were not to help me understand my target areas.

I completed a PRISM brain mapping questionnaire, and then through two, two-hour sessions, James talked me through my results, which helped me to understand why I was experiencing challenges related to public speaking. It helped me make sense of why I was struggling, and that whilst I was able to do this, as it wasn’t my natural behavioural preference, I needed to find the right balance as I was taking on too many tasks outside of my behaviour preferences which were leading to burn out and an inability to function effectively. Through of discussions with James, I was able to develop strategies for me managing my workload according to my behavioural preferences, including the timing of such activities, and how I delegated tasks within my team.

Through working with James, I improved my self-awareness, and was able to pinpoint my stress points, and identified potential development areas. I was able to work with James to develop strategies for how I could deliver my priorities, in the most efficient way, using my strengths, and deployment of my team. I would definitely recommend working with James’ as he’s personable, and his approach of using PRISM is helpful, particularly if you’re at a crossroads in your career, and attempting to figure which direction you may want to consider in your career progression.

Casper Gorniok MBA CMktr    October 2, 2022, 

James is unique. He makes change happen - fast.

I had been job-hunting for a long time, due significantly to my late-in-life diagnosis of Autism. But before this, the painful awareness that interviewer body language would change suddenly and you couldn't win them over.

Purely by asking the questions, and listening intently. James had an understanding that no-one else has of me. 

He made a number of recommendations, which I put into practise immediately - one being to work so hard on listening skills.

First company I met, I made it to a final stage interview. The second company, I secured my new role within 10 days of first meeting them. To me, this is transformational after years.

James, you unlocked my potential & "superpowers" in interviews.

Lulu Prutton                6 September 2022  

Life Coaching:  Really useful experience, very pleased he got in touch. He offered an hour session for free to see if he and I and my needs were a match and then I went on to hire him for a further session and I will be using him again in the future.

John OR         08 May 2022

Starting over is hard, but you will be there sooner than you think if you get the right kind of help.

As a Hong Kong film and event maker who came to the UK a while back and hit every brick wall looking for a new job, James helped me out in my time of need.

I was out of ideas of what went wrong on my job hunt, so I took a blind shot on the Bark enlisting help. James happens to be the first and the most proactive to answer the call of help. Within 15 minutes after I posted it on Bark, he called me over on the phone and offered to take a look at my case.

James helped dig me out of the hole I got in and showed me the ropes of how the job market works here and what company culture is suitable for a person like me.

I found out more about myself, what I am suited to do and most importantly, what to avoid.

It turns out I am already in a position I am suitable for. And James helped me overcome the anxiety to make the first move, putting myself out there.

I wholeheartedly recommend James Leeper as your Career Coach.

Michael Peck 16 Mar 2022

I was in a situation where I was unhappy in my job and I was lost. It made me struggle to realise my strengths and lose my confidence. Through a bad turn of events with my employers I sought help from a careers advisor. After brief chats with a couple of advisors, James stood out from the outset. His professionalism and honesty made an immediate impact. He has been incredibly helpful in making me realise that my unique situation and career history, was not actually a weakness for me. It was my strength.

This is not an overnight process, and it does take time. Being open and honest with James only made the process easier and helped him fulfil his role. I was having many interviews, all with positive feedback, however none were landing me a role. This made my outlook and confidence worse. James gave a well thought out view from the other side of the fence as to why this was potentially the case and how we can avoid this happening again. It worked. As I had a couple of more interviews, my research, preparation, and confidence grew. It even gave me the confidence to decline interviews if the role did not seem right for me.

James did not do the leg work for me yet he helped me realise a different outlook was required. For example, my CV is now completely different due to this. Yet it has essentially all the same information on it as it did before. It just reads so much better and is able to show my extensive career history, while not being too exhaustive. He helped me evaluate Job specs that recruiters had sent me, thus making me work out what they require, and how I met these.

The Prism instrument that James uses can be used on everyone and I highly recommend it. It really made me have that “penny drops” moment where it all makes sense. Depending on your situation, it is hard to see the simplest things. Yet a process like this can make you realise the answers are in front of you the whole time. In one area, it made me realise how I was doing too much of one thing and doing too less in another. Thus, making me focus on these, rather than anything and everything.

Improved focusing did make me successfully reach my goal. With James’ teachings, and using Prism, I was able to secure a new role. A role that was in a different sector to where I was at, which was one of the main reasons I had not secured roles previously. Because of my new outlook, I was able to successfully convey why I would be a perfect asset to this new team and why I met all their requirements. This would not have happened otherwise, and I am grateful for James’ time and knowledge. It has been a pleasure getting to know James and it is pleasing to know he will be turning peoples lives round for the better, just like he did for me.

Jeremy Norman         28 Sep 2021

I sought help from James after I was made redundant and had floundered badly in an aggressive competency based interview with a Big 4 accountancy firm.  I had held my previous job for many years and had no idea what this new (to me) 'competency' based approach involved. 

By working with James we identified the areas in which I felt most comfortable and performed best and those in which I didn't. This enabled me to target only potential jobs which played to my strengths and to avoid those which didn't. 

CV building and interview technique were also covered. With this new awareness of what was the real 'me', I performed with confidence in every interview since and have been successful in obtaining a very good job against stiff competition. 

What you will learn from James is not only valuable in a work-context but will give you a better understanding about yourself.  

If you ask for James' help be prepared to put the effort in - it is a two way dialogue, which is exactly the formula for successful interviewing.

Olateju Alayande        10 September 2021

I was at a point where I was stuck on the career path suitable for me. I have an accounting background but I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue down that path so I decided to use the services of a career coach.

James contacted me through Bark and my experience with him has exceed my expectations. James is really helpful, patient and really does listen to my concerns, providing some helpful advice along the way.

I started with PRISM Career match upgraded to Career professional and so far, I have been able to get a sense of direction on the career path that is suitable for me. As a result of that, it is my plan to embark on continued coaching with James and I am now excited for what the future holds.  Thank you very much James. You've been very helpful 🙂

Helen   02 Sep 2021

I reached a point in my career and on some level my personal life that had left me feeling exhausted, anxious and often quite unhappy, I decided to seek the help of a coach.

Initially I wanted to focus on my career this was the area that required the most support.

James introduced me to PRISM, where I gained a deeper understanding of my behaviours and why I had not been functioning at my best. I was also really impressed by the results of the career match; it opened my eyes to a broad range of roles that I had not ever considered.

This has really changed my outlook and given me hope for the future. I have positive energy that helps me to tackle situations which previously caused anxiety.

I highly recommend James, his ability to help you understand yourself, listen and make tangible improvements, even after a couple of sessions is pretty life changing!

Olly Robakova            5 April 2021

James was excellent in helping me to identify my strengths and weaknesses based on the behavioural profiling assessment tool. I was unhappy and uncomfortable in my career and wanted a change not knowing which direction to take. James helped to enhance my self-awareness and to gain insight into career options that match my circumstance, mainly my behavioural preferences and personality. This gave me confidence to look into new professional areas and start exploring new industry. What's more, this coaching provided me with fundamental tools for exploring new jobs in a smart way, knowledge on how to use my strengths to their best potential and reassurance to make a change. Thank you James!

Siuzana Dernulc        16 July 2020

PRISM assessment was excellent, couldn't recommend it enough. It helped to understand what career path is right for me.  James is very thorough and conscientious therefore I felt I made a right work decision at the end of my coaching.  Highly recommend!

Velma Lee   31 May, 2020

After I left several jobs in quick succession I was finding it difficult to settle on which direction to take my career. I had previously worked in schools and completed a Masters in special educational needs and psychology. I did not know whether to go down the route of social work, mental health support or psychology.

James Leeper advised me to use PRISM to help me understand my behaviour and work preferences. The questionnaire was easy to complete, but the follow up was excellent.

I found discussions with James Leeper and the use of PRISM tremendously useful when I was feeling anxious about what jobs to apply for and the direction to take my career.

I also liked the vocabulary that PRISM provided, it helped me put words to my actions and the ways I preferred working. It helped me get a better understanding of what I was looking for from an employer as well as what I was looking for in a job.

A Family Testimonial

Julian Hartley             3 June 2020

The tools and questions which James uses to help you better understand yourself and your values, goals and capabilities, are insightful and powerful. It is impossible to finish one of his coaching sessions without discovering or teasing out some new insight into oneself, and each such insight is gradually pieced together into a jigsaw of who one is which is not just accurate and practical but also strikingly humane.

Nick Hartley               29 May 2020

I found James through a referral from another client. James used PRISM, a neuroscience-based tool, as a focus for the initial discussions. The PRISM process, the results, and what James was able to help me discern from them were very useful for setting the context of our ongoing discussions. We met for 6 sessions of 2 hours, during which we explored my aspirations and worked on my goals. There was also some valuable feedback on my CV. I left each session feeling energised and inspired, with a new perspective on my career and some clear ideas on how to progress. By the end I felt I had made considerable progress in understanding where my strengths lie, what to look for in my next role, and how to pitch myself for the opportunities I find.

Helen Hartley             29 May 2020

James helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses better using a neuroscience-based tool and assisted me through a career-switch. In nudging me to take my cognitive preferences into account, James highlighted and advised where I could be bolder in playing to my strengths. I have benefited and expect to continue benefiting from long-lasting changes in my mindset following James' assistance. On a personal level, he is a person of great integrity and generosity who makes the experience as comfortable as possible, even though it is always challenging to identify and confront one's capabilities and natural preferences, given that we often spend much of our lives trying to conform to societal- and self-imposed ideals.

Sedbergh, Cumbria, LA10

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