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About me

Hello, I'm James

I am an Executive, Career Management & Change Coach (Life & Spiritual).  Simply put, I'm offering career and personal development coaching that also encompasses our spiritual wellbeing.  This means I work with a wide variety of people in all walks of life, navigating them across a wide range of issues and concerns.

Personal development

I often coach people who are encountering a change in their private or professional lives. They may be facing anxious or turbulent times and need a helping hand to regain balance.

Working with me will give you the opportunity to:

  • take time-out/download
  • review and re-energise
  • reveal your true self, charisma and confidence

My aim is to help you to unlock your potential and find calm amidst chaos...

Sessions can either be in person or online face-to-face.

Career coaching

This incorporates executive coaching and career management. It may be you want to focus on and build the career and job you currently have or perhaps you are looking for a new direction. Here are some of the issues I can help with.

  • Imposter’s syndrome
  • Leadership development
  • Handling and coping with change (job loss, promotion or need to change)
  • Working from home (isolation may be sapping or impairing your focus)
  • Better performance
  • Managing colleague communications & relationships (upwards, downwards, sideways)
  • Upcoming retirement (not ready to retire and wanting help in exploring options and direction)

Business coaching

I also work with organisations who recognise a need to develop their employees and improve performance for all their stakeholders. This may include:

  • Interviewing for the right role that best fits the right person
  • Managing teams
  • Improving relationships
  • Managing change
  • Meeting expectations in performance in a changing and different world
  • Culture & Environment - enhancing or inhibiting performance.

As a PRISM Brain Mapping Practitioner, I offer the very best in a neuroscience-based assessment instrument that deliberately steps back and looks at the bigger picture. The PRISM proven methodology is innovative in approach and is powerful in its coaching application for individuals and teams.

The next step

Call me on 03330 064219 (standard rate) or send an e-mail and let’s arrange a video call. We can have a conversation about what’s going on with you or your organisation’s life and let’s get you moving in the direction that’s right for you.

Training, qualifications & experience

Charles Bentley Associates - Personal & Professional Development Coaching Foundation  16/03/2003.  [This evolved into the Unitive™ Approach Coaching programme and now Unitive® Coaching.

PRISM Brain Mapping®  Certified Practitioners' Programme 06/06/2007

Extra Ordinary Minister of Eucharist in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Southwark and Lancaster.

Take a listen below, to an exclusive interview I had with BBC Radio Cumbria, The producer had found me on the Life Coach Directory.  I'm 18 minutes into the 10:00am programme.


Member organisations


Association for Coaching

The Association for Coaching is one of the leading professional bodies for Coaches and Organisations.

The Association is made up of a number of different membership categories, e.g. Associate Member (AMAC), Member (MAC), Accredited Member (AC Accred), with the different categories standing for different levels of training and experience. Accredited Members have achieved a substantial level of training and experience approved by the Association.

The Association has a Code of Ethics & Good Practice and a Complaints Procedure.

Other areas of coaching I deal with

Life Balance - more than just work/life balance

Anxiety and stress - coping with and handling through a better understanding of the neuroscience of behavioural preferences and our adaptive responses.

Change - handling change positively with a smile.

Career Management Coaching - Managing the Career in your Life, from leaving school/University to looming retirement - in and out of a job,  job hunting and managing the career path.

I love my work as a Coach. It gives me a great sense of fulfilling joy to work with my clients, lifting their confidence, reducing anxiety and stress; helping to build strong relationships and set about leading and living an Authentic Life in the Now.

My approach is to work with sensitivity, underpinned through my distinctive and unique Tri-unitive style formed out of :-

My own set of values founded upon and around “Opening the Listening Channels” and “Generosity of Heart”, to help reveal the quiet Charisma of inner confidence, that will help shape your life by offering it freely and without fear. It is grounded in my training as a Professional Life Coach in Unitive® Coaching and reconnecting with reality and the way things really are.

Offering PRISM Brain Mapping®, an internationally acclaimed neuroscience-based, online assessment instrument. This provides the most comprehensive insights into your behavioural and work preferences, Emotional Intelligence, Mental Toughness, Resilience and The Big Five. You obtain through my coaching a more in depth understanding of your PRISM Reports, your personal profile maps and adaptive responses. You will begin to navigate and understand the triggers of how your life is often linked to the reality and nature of your behavioural preferences, your upbringing (nurturing) and personal ambitions adapting to the environment you are encountering. At the same time learning how to avoid the pitfalls of overplaying your strengths that leads to negative perceptions from the world around you.

The Spiritual context of my coaching is deeply embedded into my distinctive Tri-Unitive style with its foundations laid through a Benedictine Monastic education where the "Rule of St Benedict" has its relevant applications in "The Now" of the world we are living in.

In summary, my coaching is holistic that attends to the reality of our thinking, feeling, perception and intuition where all of my coaching starts with

  • Listening with the ear of my Heart.
  • Speaking with the sound of Silence.
  • Seeing with the eye of the Spirit.

To get started or for more information please send me a message here

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Additional information

1. I offer an initial free of charge coaching conversation providing an opportunity to learn more about how we can work together in improving your career journey.

2. I like and want discerning people, who have ambitions to lead a full life successfully and who want and recognise quality in the coaching they will receive from me.

3. Cost is dependent upon the extent of coaching required and is bespoke to the needs and requirements of the Client starting from £79.99 per hour.

Call me on 03330 064219 (standard rate) or send an e-mail and let’s arrange a video call. We can have a conversation about what’s going on with you or your organisation’s life and let’s get you moving in the direction that’s right for you.


Generally during normal office working hours Monday to Fridays 9:00 am to 7:00pm

Further information

Julian Hartley's review on 3 Jun, 2020

The tools and questions which James uses to help you better understand yourself and your values, goals and capabilities, are insightful and powerful. It is impossible to finish one of his coaching sessions without discovering or teasing out some new insight into oneself, and each such insight is gradually pieced together into a jigsaw of who one is which is not just accurate and practical but also strikingly humane.

Velma Lee's review on 31 May, 2020

After I left several jobs in quick succession I was finding it difficult to settle on which direction to take my career. I had previously worked in schools and completed a Masters in special educational needs and psychology. I did not know whether to go down the route of social work, mental health support or psychology.

James Leeper advised me to use PRISM to help me understand my behaviour and work preferences. The questionnaire was easy to complete, but the follow up was excellent.

I found discussions with James Leeper and the use of PRISM tremendously useful when I was feeling anxious about what jobs to apply for and the direction to take my career.

I also liked the vocabulary that PRISM provided, it helped me put words to my actions and the ways I preferred working. It helped me get a better understanding of what I was looking for from an employer as well as what I was looking for in a job.

Nick Hartley's review on 29 May, 2020

I found James through a referral from another client. James used PRISM, a neuroscience-based tool, as a focus for the initial discussions. The PRISM process, the results, and what James was able to help me discern from them were very useful for setting the context of our ongoing discussions. We met for 6 sessions of 2 hours, during which we explored my aspirations and worked on my goals. There was also some valuable feedback on my CV. I left each session feeling energised and inspired, with a new perspective on my career and some clear ideas on how to progress. By the end I felt I had made considerable progress in understanding where my strengths lie, what to look for in my next role, and how to pitch myself for the opportunities I find.

Helen Hartley's review on 29 May, 2020

James helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses better using a neuroscience-based tool and assisted me through a career-switch. In nudging me to take my cognitive preferences into account, James highlighted and advised where I could be bolder in playing to my strengths. I have benefited and expect to continue benefiting from long-lasting changes in my mindset following James' assistance. On a personal level, he is a person of great integrity and generosity who makes the experience as comfortable as possible, even though it is always challenging to identify and confront one's capabilities and natural preferences, given that we often spend much of our lives trying to conform to societal- and self-imposed ideals.

LA10 5NA

Type of session

In person


James Leeper - Executive, Career Management & Change (Life & Spiritual) Coaching

James Leeper - Executive, Career Management & Change (Life & Spiritual) Coaching