Hannah Melville

Life, Career and Business Coach; CPC; ACC; MBPsS
Carlisle CA4 & Milton Keynes MK11
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About me

My coaching philosophy is based on what has worked for me and countless others: Move to what matters and notice what doesn't (so you can learn from it).  

I provide career, business, life and relocation coaching to those who want to move to what matters to them, however, most clients show up with one goal and uncover other areas to work on too. We'll focus on both by identifying what you truly want from change, take steps to make it happen and understand what is holding you back so you can overcome it.

My career to date reflects an ongoing journey to do what I enjoy most - lead others to their own success.  Drawing from 20+ years experience combining coaching, leadership, change and project management, academic research and consulting means I can intuitively draw questions which help: 

  • understand where you are,
  • build your strengths through conversations that stretch and celebrate you,
  • help identify what success looks like to you,
  • support you to set actions that reach for more. 

It's sometimes been a bumpy path to fulfil these dreams but I hadn't anticipated how much it would mean to me when I started.  Coaching is now part of who I am. Most of my clients come through referrals from those I've already know or worked with as they can see how powerful even just one coaching conversation can be.  Just one quick minute to reach out could start your journey - here's mine.

My journey 

Sometimes new beginnings are more obvious after endings. But endings can be scary - especially when they are outside of your control. I have realised that one door opens when another closes. Through focus, support, hard work - and yes, sometimes pain - comes new life opportunities and dreams that can come true - if we only find space to see it.  Sound too abstract? Here's my story to provide a specific example

After I lost my mother, I also lost myself. My foundations were gone, my values (instilled by them) and my identity were now mine to figure out. The realisation was intimidating and I was stuck, in pain and drowning myself in work to compensate . My sense of self-care and self-confidence had disappeared as had the professional recognition or fulfilment I craved when imposter syndrome kicked in. Picking up the phone to a coach saved my life from an existence of monotony, emptiness and sense of obligation to (it turned out) no-one!
Within 3 months, after some difficult reflection, I had turned that obligation back onto myself - to feel ok in wanting more.  I identified that I didn't need a goal but a process to work it all out - and quit my job to make space for it. 
Closing that door revealed major opportunities behind new ones.
Within a year my employer had offered me a promotion and relocation to New York leading teams in global programs and major international projects, and sponsored my new goal of gaining a coaching qualification while I saved for a long desired degree in psychology and self employment.
Four years later I have built my portfolio from clients who self referred to me and am now accredited by the ICF as an Associate Certified Coach. I have completed a psychology masters, been invited to present my research on burnout, perfectionism and resilience by the Major Projects Association and now advocate for burnout reduction across organisations. I am also financially independent, working for myself and can choose how to spend my time (on what matters). I have supported multiple clients find happiness in new roles, build new social networks and set future business strategies that take the pressure of them.
I now have time to extend this support to clients beyond my existing network.  Could that be you?

Typical clients

My clients typically reach out to me because they are:

  • unclear where they are headed or why.
  • burned out or hit a glass ceiling.
  • looking to change job or career.
  • seeking support to define and fulfil their business strategy.
  • relocating to another area or country where they don't know anyone.
  • feel lonely, or want to expand their friendship circle.
  • want to pursue long lost dreams.
  • struggling to embrace a change that is outside their control (loss, divorce, redundancy and many more).
  • stuck or standing still in a relationship or role and have lost their joy.

Standing still or moving sideways aren't the only options. Coaching can help you:

  • build a life that meets who you are.
  • find ways to invest in a future that leaves you truly happy.
  • negotiate that a role that reflects your potential.

Curious to know where a 2 minute email or phone call to me could take you?... Me Too!

About us

Our coaching relationship starts with a free initial phone call 

  • We'll explore if there's synergy and whether what I can offer works for you.  
  • We're not just working a process, we're building a relationship.
  • My clients are my personal contacts not business customers - let's connect beyond contact info.

You're in the driving seat.

  • We can connect at a frequency that works for you but from experience the first few sessions work best closer together.
  • We'll identify your overall outcome goal and individual goals for each session.  What that is depends on what you show up with.

You'll do the work

  • I will help you to clearly identify and define what you want from change - not just what you think is expected of you.
  • I'll also encourage you to look for things you hadn't noticed before, think differently about solutions, as well as problems. It's a safe place - be bold. 
  • We'll investigate any patterns or choices that could be looked at, or rehearsed differently and I'll support you in trying those out.

We'll move you to what matters

  • We'll work on actions which will be within your reach but also slightly out of your comfort zone. You'll decide what that looks like.
  • There will be homework. Reflection, practicing new skills, and capturing any insights. The intention is to make the most of your learning to move to what matters. 
  • Expect to be held accountable. You're investment in coaching should count for something that feels accomplished.
  • Didn't follow through? We'll explore why so you're next target is meaningful and understand where you're stuck.

Training, qualifications & experience

  • Associate Certified Coach
    (International Coaching Federation) 
  • Masters in Psychology
    (University of Glasgow)
  • Certified Change Practitioner
  • Master Practitioner in the Energy Leadership Index
    (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching)
  • Certified Professional Coach
    (160+ hrs training @ Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching)
  • 15+ years in Change and Programme Management
    leading real estate improvement and public sector operational transformation projects

Member organisations


UK International Coach Federation

The International Coach Federation is the professional association for personal and business coaches worldwide.

Coaches can become accredited by the ICF, who have three grades of membership: Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Master Certified Coach (MCC), with the different categories standing for different levels of training and experience. Master Certified Coach's have achieved a substantial level of training and experience.

Members of ICF are accountable to a professional code of ethics.

Other areas of coaching I deal with

  • Relocation
  • Personal Development
  • Team building
  • Burnout
  • Perfectionism
  • Resilience
  • Cross Cultural Leadership
  • Post Bereavement


£120.00 per session
Free initial telephone or online session

Additional information

I have a range of price points depending on your situation. Below are an indication of plans for individuals. Please contact me for corporate pricing.

Discounts are available for self-funding clients, full-time students / young people or for purchasing multiple sessions. Please contact me to discuss your needs and what works best for you.

  • Initial telephone or online session - Free
  • Individual coaching sessions (approx. 50 minutes) - £120
  • Packages - 
    • block bookings
    • skill focused series of sessions with Energy Leadership Index and tailored topic tools & guidelines
    • group coaching (topic specific)
    • team coaching (pre-existing or new work groups).


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

I am used to working with clients across time zones. These are an indication of typical availability but do flex - reach out if you need an alternate window.


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