Instant confidence in six simple steps

Anyone can boost their confidence and self-esteem – find out how with this simple guide. 

For many, self-confidence refers to someone who is outgoing and sociable – someone who rarely feels shy and who can happily talk to new people and take on any challenge. This is not necessarily the case.

Self-confidence essentially means that you feel self-assured and happy with who you are. It is the source of realising full potential and allows you to feel secure, and thus can improve your life on many levels.

Mastering it however can be tricky for some people, so we would like to share these six simple steps to feel instantly more confident:

1. Look in a mirror

On days when you are feeling down and unhappy about the way you look, the idea of looking in the mirror can seem unpleasant. However, experts recommend that you focus on areas that you like about yourself, as this can activate the brain’s reward system – instantly making you look and feel better.

2. Work out

Dragging yourself to the gym is no easy task, but a study published in the Journal of Health Psychology says that even if you exercise for a little amount of time, on a regular basis, your mood can greatly improve. Overtime as your body changes, so will your confidence and self-esteem.

3. Stand tall and sit up straight

Instant confidence in seven simple steps

It’s very easy to slouch, but making the effort to correct your posture can greatly improve how you present yourself to others, and can help you to believe in your abilities a lot more. A recent study found that people who sat up straight while writing down how qualified they were for a job, believed more in their abilities than those who slouched when doing the same activity.

4. Cancel

If you are dreading meeting up with a certain person, you should go with your gut and cancel. You are under no obligation to socialise with people who make you feel bad or bring an air of negativity into your life. Although you shouldn’t abandon your friends and family when they are having a hard time, ask yourself how long they have been acting this way and whether it is fair that you are becoming a source for their troubles to be exerted. If you decide they are being unfair and are affecting your confidence, cancel on them. Find other people to socialise with – preferably those who can help you to feel confident.

5. Travel

Travelling brings an air of freedom, freshness and intrigue. Confidence is all about feeling happy and content with yourself and life, and leaving behind daily routine for an adventure elsewhere can bring much needed escape. Travelling by yourself in particular can be empowering and confidence-boosting.

6. Think about love

Knowing that you are loved and cared for by friends/family/loved-ones is key to self-confidence. If there is no one around to tell you how much they care for you, focus on a time when you were shown a lot of love, such as celebrations. Remembering moments like these can instantly boost your sense of value.

For more ways on achieving confidence in all aspects of life, why not consider life coaching? A coach can provide support and advice in a number of areas, including personal development, travel and relationships

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Written by Tamara Marshall
Written by Tamara Marshall
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