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Unfortunately, after flying the nest to go to university some of us have to bite the bullet and move back home. Perhaps at first it might seem like taking a huge step backwards from living independently, but if you can’t financially support yourself after graduating then moving back in with the rents is a good opportunity to find your feet and do some saving (not to mention the weekly roasts and clean clothes).

With the recession hitting this years graduates hard, statistics have revealed that more students than ever are moving back home after graduating. Unless you stumbled from uni straight into a well paid job then it is rarely a realistic choice to rent or buy a place of your own.

Going from university into the real world is a tough transition to make. It is very likely you will be skint with lots and lots of debt and depending on the industry you want to work in it is highly likely you will have to work unpaid for a period of time as an intern on a placement.

Going from your own rules back to your parents will undoubtedly be difficult but you both have to be willing to compromise. Try having an agreement that you will contribute an amount to the bills or food or that you will make dinners and or lunches, this way you will feel like you have some control and your parents will appreciate the help.

No matter how much your parents wind you up (and they definitely will) try to remember that they are letting you stay with them and obviously their living situation has changed over the past few years in your absence and you might have to adapt to new people or situations.

If you are having trouble finding a job or work experience and your parents are nagging then let them know how hard you are trying and help them to understand. A little consideration will go a long way and remember that your parents need their space and freedom too.

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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