Want to know the 8 Keys to Self-Confidence?

Wouldn't it be great to come across immediately as trustworthy, competent, likeable, confident, credible and approachable?

Having talent, looks and ideas is not enough these days to create an impact. If you get off on the wrong foot, it is hard to turn things around. First impressions are absolutely crucial so you need to display self–confidence in order to gain respect. Not many people understand that you need to flex your confidence muscles daily, the same way you flex your muscles in a gym when you want to get in shape. 

By believing in yourself and demonstrating a quiet inner strength, self-assurance and high self-esteem, you will hold the attention of others.

8 Keys to Self-Confidence

1.        First and foremost you must always smile. In order to shine you must be natural and real. It is crucial to be authentic, so ensure your mind, body and soul are in good shape to help you stand out above everyone else - and above all, act like a leader.

2.        Breathe deeply, speak slowly and calmly and pause and reflect before answering questions.  

3.       Take pride in your appearance as this makes an outward statement about you and expresses who you are. Create your own style to get yourself noticed.

4.        Learn the art of body language so you look relaxed and comfortable. Having a powerful, physical presence signals confidence and competence. Hold your head up, stand tall and keep your arms and hands as still as possible; you will mentally feel more confident and your body language will communicate more confidence. Look people directly in the eye.

5.       Don’t get caught up in drama, gossip or details. Never waffle, always speak in a relaxed, slow, neutral tone and be witty, sharp and original.  

6.       Compliment others in a genuine way. By looking for the best in other people, we bring out the best in ourselves.

7.       Always take compliments gracefully. If someone says ‘I love your dress’ don’t say, ‘it’s old or I got it at a bargain price', just say ‘Thank you’, or ‘How nice of you to say that’.

8.       Ask questions and show interest in others. Be spontaneous, be fun, and laugh at yourself if you make a mistake.

Strut your stuff – it is your time to shine, so stand up and speak up. Go out and make it happen.

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