The two complementary ends of the same being

Women and men are the two complementary ends of the same being. 

We all have masculinity and femininity within us. The proportion differs in each of us.

When a person works on their issues with a coach, the changes they decide to make in their life will affect them, but not only them. The changes will also affect their partner and children if they have any. In fact, anybody in their environment will feel some kind of change. 

If you have issues with your partner or with a child; you may choose to work on yourself to bring some changes in the balance of your relation with that person. Let’s be precise - changes in your relation may occur. Not you changing the other person, this will happen only if the person is ready and willing to change.

Sometimes you feel there are too many domains in your life that you are uncomfortable with and you do not know which one you can begin with as you feel overwhelmed. 

Begin with only one domain. It will allow you to focus more efficiently, instead of your ideas running all over your mind and mainly bringing a feeling of helplessness.

You can, and need to voluntarily stop the other invasive thoughts. There are tools for that and you can choose to learn and use them. Let me give you a visual metaphor for the two points I have raised:

Two people hold a rope. The rope is gently stretched. One person gives it a vertical or a horizontal movement, the second person does not need to move to get the movement back at them. 
That is the principle of the waves. It works the same for relationship. For best and worse.

It is not always easy, though it is possible to find a way out.

Have a sparkling day!


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