The power of embracing uncertainty

I have had many, many curveballs thrown at me by life over the years. Some have been unexpected surprises, some have been utterly devastating. Believe me when I say I have had more comebacks than Tom Jones.

The secret to success is how we deal with what life throws at us and how we learn to embrace change and live life on life’s terms.

By having a robust self-confidence I have learned how to handle tricky curveballs and trust they will come and they will go.

Imagine your life without allowing any negative curveballs to get in the way of your dreams? We always have more strength that we realise when it really matters.

Change is exciting, accept it and move on.

1. Silence your inner ‘know–it-all’. If you think you are so smart, you know it all, think again as that tactic could bring you to your knees when your life is turned upside down. Stay open minded. Change your perspective and put on your ‘don’t know’ cap. This is a great way to approach change – consider all possibilities, see the world afresh. 

2. Stop terrorising your mind. Do you read every gloom and doom article in the press e.g. declaring very few jobs out there and think ‘why bother trying’? Don’t believe your house will never sell because that’s what you read in the paper this morning. Don’t discuss your fears with negative people as that will feed your fear. It’s dangerous to live in the aggregate when trying to figure out your next move.

3. Say ‘it’s possible’ a lot. This is crucial when you speak to Mrs and Mr common sense from sceptic lane in fear city. They will insist you listen to them about the terrible fates that you are about to encounter. Don’t go there... as you may be triggered by their take and/or tempted to stay curled under the duvet all weekend feeling a sense of hopelessness. Say ‘aha, really?’ and be sure to not waste energy and time delving into a debate.

4. Reframe your fear into ‘woop’. When a curveball is thrown at you which feels like everything is tumbling around you, reframe your 'what if' fear thought into ‘OMG, how exciting’ something way better must be on its way.

Get out there, take action and make it happen!

Show up, speak up, have faith, stay positive, kick ass, amen.

Much love and appreciation,


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