The difference between confidence and self-esteem

People don't often understand that there is a difference between confidence and self-esteem and will often say that they lack confidence when they really mean they lack self-esteem.

Confidence is a belief in oneself and ones powers or abilities externally. When people are asked to describe who they are, say in work for instance they feel some kind of power and importance which appears to be driven by the abilities or knowledge they have obtained through training and learning and this empowers them to be 'somebody of value'. This in turn allows them to value themselves in that situation and would score themselves a nine out of 10.

Self-esteem is the value you place on yourself from a stand alone view, internally. When people are asked to describe who they are from a stand alone, internal point of view most tend to talk about their negative aspects (e.g. too fat, big nose etc.)  which in turn appears to make them devalue who they really are. When asked to list the things they love about themselves and the value they place on themselves they struggle and would score themselves a four out of 10.

One way to understand this is to stand in front of a full length mirror and look at the 'you' in your confident situation. Listen to your internal voice and remember the points it picks out.

Then stand in front of the same mirror and look at the 'you' as you. Listen to your internal voice and take note of the points it picks out - then write down five points which you see that you really like and wouldn't change.

Then review how you feel about the 'you' in the mirror. You are bound to feel somewhat better about 'you'.

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