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All of us get caught up in our day-to-day life, in the priorities of work, cleaning, parenting, winding down and so on, that we end up leaving behind that vision that makes our heart tick – the last priority, something that is becoming more of a dream instead of something that can be materialised. 

Now, adults tend to adapt and accept what is. If the current reality is not fuelling you, in a few months or years, you're going to see serious repercussions on your mental and physical health unless you are already seeing the impact. This is only a side effect of knowing what we're capable of but not living up to that level.

I would like you to take a pause right now, forget the responsibilities for a second, and transition your focus to what life will look like in five years if no action is taken. 

Now I would like you to visualise your ambitious and confident self in five years, you have taken action and you're creating the reality that you want. Part of you knows you're capable, you know that it is a possibility. There's yet a part of you telling you, 'Get a reality check, life is not fairies and magic wands'. There is that voice that actually drags us down, and soaks away our ambition. 

Whilst growing up, you might have had a few knockdowns that made you believe you're not capable. I would like you to take a moment to remember the times when with your mental vision, and actions, you've made small or big things happen. If you have time and patience, write them down.

My mum always told me,

What can be done today, do it today. Tomorrow has yet another world of new opportunities, if you set the foundations today.

I have found this an impactful statement in my life whilst learning proper boundaries of when to take a pause to have a breather. 

You are your own master, you know you the best.

You know:

  • when you've succeeded
  • when your nerves took over
  • when thoughts took over when the person in front of you was talking to you
  • when you felt shameful of that one thing you haven't told anyone about
  • when you felt empowered after managing to finish a task you set yourself

... and a million other instances!

I am stating the obvious, but you've got you all the time, and your closest person is you. Nurturing your relationship with yourself like you've nurtured your relationship with your partner/friend/parent can bring a powerful outcome. 

Now, if you know you best, how can coaching help?

Coaching is an approach inspired by multiple therapies but the main purpose is for it to move you forward, and actually create a reality that deep down you've been wanting to create for a long time. Through coaching, we utilise your wants, needs, motivations, strengths, weaknesses, expertise, and knowledge gaps to drive you forward. 

In short: We won't catch a fish for you to have dinner sorted, we give you a fishing rod, to be able to have dinners for the rest of your life. By this, during our time together, you're going to gain a significant amount of self-awareness and opportunities to grow, so that it is impossible for you to stay where you are now. 

I am here to be in your corner when you take the decision to transition your reality! 

You are as important.

If you are still reading, I am offering 15% off my service when booking before 31st January 2024! Let me know when you are talking to me that you've read this article, and the discount is yours if we feel that I am the best coach for you!

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Southampton, Hampshire, SO15
Written by Cristina Gauci, Transformational Coach
Southampton, Hampshire, SO15

6 years ago, she was scared to take action, or for her to be able to see what's possible. She has done changes in her life to be where she is now. She has supported over 300 people to help them create the future that they want. Read 'You are as Important' to get a glimpse of her past struggles.

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All coaches are verified professionals