You are as important

Do you ever feel like life was once so flavourful, doing multiple things that brought you fulfilment, and making your cup feel full?


You used to find time and energy to actually invest in yourself. Slowly, responsibilities started building up, new people got introduced into your life, and you slowly started adapting to a new kind of reality. Until at one point, you realise that you might have started putting yourself last, and found it important to prioritise other peoples' needs.

If you had to take a look within yourself, and you had to write on a piece of paper what makes you you as a person, what would you write?

How are you honouring yourself and keeping your cup full? 

Your energy, you being you, is really important for this world, to the people around you and mostly to that person in the mirror.

What are you doing to keep that smile on your face?

When I was living in Malta, working as a 3D visualiser and interior designer, I had found myself in a bit of a rut which I didn't realise at the time. My lifestyle was the opposite of my essence as a person. I was working long hours at the mercy of my work desk. I mean deadlines had to be met, my social life and physical activity automatically took a significant dip. 

This voice within me kept saying 'I'm sure there's more to life than this', 'This can't be it', 'This is not what I've spent years and years studying for'. 

During these times of work, family responsibilities, eat, sleep, repeat, a new coping strategy started filling a bit of a void momentarily. I had started turning to food to fill my lack of colour in life. I was eating a lot after work just to try and comfort those emotions that I couldn't really understand. 

After seeing an increase in my weight, and just a lack of energy towards my life, I started looking at gyms and places to volunteer, hoping this would fix it. I have come across a crossfit gym, which I didn't really know what it was but I had read that it works on cardio and also strength.

I signed up and went the following day. The next months to follow I've rediscovered a side of me which I thought I had lost. I started to feel strong, I've started building a community, and I realised how much the environment I'm in influences me as a person. I also had taken a first aid course, and volunteered with Malta red cross ambulance team as a first aider and ambulance driver.

These two spaces had started to give colour to my life again – a sense of confidence, and strength that automatically started putting a smile on my face more often. Being part of two communities, and working on my physical and mental health, was a solid start to what had to follow. I needed myself to be in good health to be able to start looking even further of what I would like to create for the next chapters of my life. 

So, if you are still reading, let's turn this back to you. How are you honouring yourself and keeping your cup full? If you'd like to explore how working with a coach can help you bring colour back into your life, feel free to reach out to me

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Southampton, Hampshire, SO15
Written by Cristina Gauci, Transformational Coach, BA(Hons) & ICF Accredited
Southampton, Hampshire, SO15

Some times we just settle to what feels safe but it is also compromises our wellbeing, our happiness and our life trajectory to what it could be if we did want more of what we're currently living. I have successfully helped people transition to a more fulfilling life, feeling more confident in thems...

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