Have you got that Sunday evening dread?

Sunday evening dread is that feeling that pulls you down after a relaxing or exhilarating weekend.

You’ve had about 49 hours since leaving work at 5pm on Friday. As the countdown to Monday morning begins do you get a sinking sensation in your stomach at the pending new work week?

Perhaps you’ve got to have an uncomfortable conversation with someone at work or complete an overdue project. Maybe it’s just the repetitive predictability of the week ahead that’s affecting you.

Whatever it is, you’re not on your own. In a survey by Monster.com of those taking part, 78% said they’d experienced these ‘Sunday night blues’ and 47% said they had them really badly and regularly.

Is there anything I can do about Sunday evening dread?

Yes, there definitely is. Remember that it’s not the actual job or situation that’s making you feel anxious, because you’re not actually there. It’s the thoughts you’re having about it that are creating the feelings.

So those thoughts aren’t coming from the outside in but from the inside out. Knowing that it’s just thoughts you’re having in your mind that are creating your discomfort and that as those thoughts will pass. When new thinking comes up, those feelings disappear.

If you prefer a more practical approach, try these:

  • Plan something enjoyable for the week. This can counter balance the negative feelings you’re having and give you something else to focus on.
  • Set boundaries around working or answering emails during the weekend. This allows you to recharge properly to face the week ahead.
  • Do something relaxing and inspiring. Some time in the outdoors can be relaxing and reading or listening to music inspiring.
  • Plan ahead. Make some time every Friday afternoon to plan for the next week so you are ready to go on Monday morning.

Good luck and enjoy the week ahead.

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