Creating meaning

The dictionary definition of meaning is 'something worthwhile.' Many of us want to lead meaningful lives. How can we do this? How do we rise from the ashes of despair or meaninglessness, or recover from serious set-backs and rejections? We can do this - in part - by becoming aware of who we are, what gives us life (energy) and what takes away life (energy) from us. This energy can be given or taken from the work we do or the people in our lives. Sometimes we suffer, and when we suffer we don't find meaning in our lives; yet suffering can be transformed with intentional creative energy. 

We can start to express our deep bottled-up feelings and begin to free our life's energy and put things to good use. We can become seekers of truth, beauty and love, and we can start with ourselves. How do we not take things that feel so personal personally? We can express our feelings in a journal where we can vent and then accept that rejection is also a part of life - but it doesn't stop us on our journey. Indeed, sometimes it takes us on a new trajectory!

We can have faith. We can start to pay attention to our dreams both at night and how we fantasise during the day. Is there an art class that we would like to try? Do we have a poem floating in our minds? All these creative visions can be observed and acted upon. C. G. Jung the Swiss psychiatrist talked about the importance of a symbolic life; we can tap into this inner world and discover its riches to empower our daily lives.

Being creative with our ideas is worthwhile. As soon as we put words on a page, paint on a canvas or discover other avenues for our creativity - we can create meaning. 'Our' meaning is subjective and personal to start with, and then it can grow into relevance and meaning for others as we share the fruit of our work and joy.

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