Are you in overwhelm? Top tips to get you back on track

Have you had enough? Fallen out of love with your business?

Do these phrases mean much to you right now... fear, failure, mind monkeys, "I can’t do this, I am worn out"? Are you working endlessly with no results, lack of money, juggling the kids and work is now harder than ever?

"I just want to stay in bed and not get up", "I want to hide", "time to stop this business stuff and go get a job, life would be so much easier", "I am doing as much as I can and its not enough". You can’t cope, you are not sleeping, maybe not eating, no exercise, no self care, you feel like a failure. You feel snappy, moody, miserable, unhappy, fragile and want to go away and hide under a rock?

Phew! OK so signs are pointing at you, that you are heading for burn out mode. Stop! This is really common among entrepreneurs, business owners, self-employed, however you label your work life. Most of us have experienced this at some level. But it's OK, you can deal with this and move forward. Here are my tried and tested tips to reach ultimate success to deal with burn out:


Taking care of yourself is paramount in success in life and business – sleep well and eat well, rest, recharge, refocus, get out more and definitely exercise. Put you first for a change! 

Do nothing 

For an hour a week at least! Schedule in your diary an hour to walk, run a long bath, have a beauty treatment or read a book.

Time management, schedule and boundaries

Schedule and block out work hours, family hours and free time. Make appointments with yourself to get key tasks done.

Switch it off

Turn off the social media, the mobile and the laptop at a designated time every evening. Step away from it and use that time to spend with your family or just to simply be you!

Say no

It's OK to say no to others when you are feeling under pressure. Be clear, consistent and please, stop giving away too much of your precious time.

Where’s the fun gone?

Have some fun, get out with those you care about and just take some time, or even a couple of hours to watch a film and relax.

Stuck in a rut 

Think about other ways to make your business work. Ask your followers, your clients and comrades in business for some inspiration or hire the services of a coach who can help you get out of the rut.

Why did you start in business and where are you going?

If your head is full up with stuff, busy mind at bedtime and you're full of anxiety over the day ahead, get a piece of paper, pen and scribble your thoughts, plans and ideas onto it - get them out of your head! 

Find your passion

Once you’ve done the mind-dump exercise, you can then see where you are going. Plan and organise with your coach where you are, how to get there and how fabulous you will feel when you’re working towards your goals.

Be realistic and don’t be so hard on yourself!

If any of this has resonated with you, talking to a coach can help. Please don’t feel bad asking for help, everybody needs some support, accountability, hand holding and help at some time in their life. Direction, clarity and focus is key to success in life and business.

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