A word about self-belief

Today, my friends, I would like to share a secret with you all.  It’s a powerful secret that could change your life.  A secret so powerful that people spend their whole lives working tirelessly to figure it out.  But I would like to share that with you right now.

Would that be ok?

Here it comes.........

Do you know what the biggest difference between those who live a life of abundance and success, and those who sit on the sidelines wondering when their time will come? 

The secret is self-belief.........

You can't get it from a bottle or a pill. It doesn’t come in the shape of a university degree or a fast car or a big house. No, those things are the result of self-belief.....but that secret formula comes from within us....within you.....the secret starts with a decision.

Your decision!!

When you were a baby you had just two fears: 

  • The fear of loud noises
  • The fear of falling

These intrinsic fears were installed in you to keep you safe, and to keep you in the game.

Fear of failure wasn’t important, and nor were any of the other fears, hang-ups and limiting beliefs you may have acquired since then.

Many of those other thoughts and fears we have created over the years and carry around with us, every day, that weighs on our minds are just heavy baggage – limiting our hopes for the future and draining our self-belief. 

Some of that baggage sneakily disguises itself as armour...something that may protect you from disappointment and pain.  But don’t be deceived......those lies will hold you back and drag you down if you let them.

Let me ask you....Have you ever told yourself.... “I’m not worth it” or

Ahhh, forget it!!!!  “It’s too late for me!” – “I’m too old....I’m too young.....I’m not clever enough!”

I’m sure we all have at some time in our lives......But

I’m here to tell you that you are wrong.....you are so wrong!

It is never too late to make a change.  You know more than you know.  You can be more than you even dared to imagine.

You are worth it!

You are still in the game!

In spite of all of the challenges along the way, and as of this precise moment in time, you have a 100% success rate of getting through the difficult times and tough days.

Do you hear me............100% success!

You are still in the game!

I want you to congratulate yourself for that record of achievement. Be proud.  Be grateful.....  Give yourselves a massive round of applause right now.....go on!!

Yes, there were times when you have been scared....yes I’m sure you have been tested..... stretched and punished.

But you are still in the game my friends!  You are still in the game!

Sure, there were times we all might have wished for better outcomes and hoped for bigger rewards and smaller losses.

I’m certain you have had moments where you had wished you had planned better, saved more, studied longer and tried harder and yes....that feeling stinks...... and yet here you are.......a survivor!

But here is the thing.  Your success or failure doesn’t define you.....your state of mind defines you!

Belief in yourself is not a God-given skill...I wish it was.....but it is a decision!    

It is your decision!!

Let me tell you now.....I believe in you. I believe in you!

I believe that every single one of you here today has what it takes to succeed....whatever success looks and feels like for you....I believe you can do it.

You are stronger than you ever imagined you would have to be.

You are more resourceful than you ever thought possible.

You have survived more adversity than you could have possibly expected.

And yet here you are.....a survivor!

You are still in the game!

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.  It is all too often said....but I want you to feel that.  To truly know that right now, and to own that feeling.

There are new opportunities to learn

There are new ways to test yourself and prove what you can achieve.  And you can achieve!!

But right now.....I want you to give yourself permission...today..... to simply celebrate the success of coming this far and being able to look back, reflect, learn and to keep on keeping-on.

No matter what you think of your life achievements so far, be sure to know that it is never too late to start out on a new path, to learn new things, to think new thoughts and to experience life differently.

You can’t change the past, but you can change how you feel about the past.  That change alone could be all that is needed to help you remember your potential and to massively change your life forever.

You are still in the game!!

Make that decision to believe in yourself.....because I believe in you!

Thank you

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