7 tips to boost your mood and mindset

As the winter rolls in and the evenings get darker, we feel a sense of change and a natural desire to hibernate, perhaps having less energy than normal. When we know that the end of the year is gently creeping up, some of us feel a shift in our mindset and mood, as the expectation of gloom sets in. A common belief is that as the season's change, so does our mood and any stress can perpetuate this. 


The mind is very flexible and malleable, so it learns to think and behave the way we tell it to. If I said "don’t think of a green dog" your mind would search for a picture of a green dog; it doesn’t understand the word 'don't' but hears only the demand 'green dog'. So imagine if you are thinking negative things or have negative self-chatter looping around your head - how can it possibly be a happy, positive place if you fill it with negative stuff?

Your mindset will depend on how you feel throughout the winter so practice the art of strengthening your mind in ways that serve you more positively. Positive statements and affirmations are a great method to practice and reprogram your thoughts, as is writing out some of the things you want to achieve in 2020 or before. Practise tuning into your thoughts, because the more you are aware of your internal dialogue, the easier it is to implement daily routines to change them.

7 things to boost your mood and mindset

1. Write a gratitude list. When you have a grateful attitude, you will notice a shift in your neurology and mindset.

2. Focus on what goes well during the day, as opposed to what went wrong. If you had a bad day or week, consider what your learnings were. How would you do things differently next time?

3. Embrace the change of the seasons. Having contrast allows us to appreciate those sunny, warm days that always return.

4. Write affirmations and say them out loud with plenty of energy and emotion behind them.

5. Notice your internal dialogue and, when you feel extra miserable, write out all the reasons why you feel miserable, then write out all the useful reasons for staying miserable.

6. Write out some goals or intentions for your month or year ahead. When you write out what you want, your subconscious mind works towards getting it.

7. Brainstorm all the things you are good at and what you enjoy and consider if you should be doing more of it. Make sure you are expressing your creativity as often as you can for inner happiness and fulfilment.

Doing the above will help to lift your spirit and, when your neurology changes, you will feel more uplifted not only in yourself but to those around you too. You have complete control over your mood; we are each individually responsible for our feelings and emotions, and when we are reminded of that, we get our power back.

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Written by Caroline Rushforth, Mind Empowerment Coach
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Caroline is a specialist working with busy women who have a cluttered mind, negative thoughts and at risk of burnout. Caroline’s unique approach transforms fear and anxiety into clarity and freedom through her specially designed three-step system. If you're ready to shift your blocks and power into success book your free 30 minute consultation now.

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