Seven atttitudes of confident people

Attitudes and intentions

Ever wondered what the attitudes and intentions are of confident people? Here's seven I have learned from highly successful people:

1. Confident people watch their words and are careful with their thoughts. They are aware enough to know they need to define their own reality and not buy into everyone else’s. 

2. Confident people witness their thoughts without judging them, and have self-acceptance. They realise that their perception of others is a reflection of themselves, and that their reaction to themselves is their awareness of themselves.

3. Confident people have found the place within themselves where they believe that nothing is impossible. They don’t demand and don’t assume; if it is meant to be, it will happen. As they say in Scotland, ‘What is for you won’t go afore you.’

4. Confident people understand that the way they think about themselves is not always the way they actually are. Life doesn’t have a remote control; they know they have to get up and change life itself. They are comfortable with building  their dream, as they don't intend to be hired to build someone else's.

5. Confident people are aware that their worth is not determined by power or prestige, but by their moral principles, the courage of their convictions and their sincerity. They are alert to their own needs and have the ability to see good in unexpected places and talents in unexpected people.

6. Confident people keep their minds free from clutter. They are tolerant of others who make blunders, as they know that they learned by making mistakes. They focus on creating, not criticising.

7. Confident people don’t focus on perfection as they know that will distract them from excellence. They are aware that hurrying and being busy aren’t the same as productivity, but rather reveal an exaggerated sense of their own importance.

How is your attitude?

Are you?:

  • Motivated?
  • Flexible in your approach?
  • Willing to take risks?
  • Eager to stretch yourself?
  • Willing to go to any length to make changes? (legally and morally)
  • Positive 24/7?
  • Clear about where you are heading in life?
  • Aware of your core values?
  • Assertive in a non-aggressive way?
  • Accepting of your weaknesses?
  • A champion of others?
  • Uninterested in what others think of you?
  • A strong believer in your own capabilities?
  • Quick to get back up from knocks?
  • Always standing by your convictions and with strong self-belief?
  • Out and about, looking the part without showing off?
  • Possessing excellent interpersonal skills?
  • Always inspiring others by your own behaviour? [/BL]

If, like many people, you are not all of these things, then I invite you to learn the importance of self-confidence and understand that when you ‘build your courage muscles’ you can reframe anxiety, hidden fears and current challenges. I want you to design a strategy for your life to discover your visions, dreams and goals and use effective influence, persuasion and communication skills to create an impact. Practise saying ‘No’ until you can say it with confidence and ease.

Remember, if you need extra support and advice on building your self-confidence, a life coach can help. 

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